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  1. Misfits

  2. Introduction to the show • The first showing of misfits was on 12-11-2009 • It was created by Howard Overman who also worked on: • Merlin. • Vexed . • Dirk Gently and more. • The reason we decided to research this particular T.V. show mainly because we enjoy it and have a common interest as well.

  3. Results of our Primary Research • We asked fourteen people their opinions on our show ‘Misfits’ of which we took down the information in a tally (quantitative form). • Our results were fairly reliable, although would have been more so if we had asked more of a diverse range of people. • From our research, we found that Nathan was the most popular among the shows characters.

  4. Results of our secondary research • We found our information on the website www.barb.co.uk. • BARB (Broadcasting Audience Research Board.) this is a organisation that provides information to people with an estimated calculation of how many views a certain program like “Misfits” had got per week for each episode. • Misfits episode one was aired on 12/11/2009 it had 574,000 viewings. • The third Misfits episode was aired on 26/11/09 is had 592,000 viewings. • The sixth and last episode of the second season was aired on 17/12/09 it had a viewing of 592,000. • The last episode of the second season of misfits was the Christmas special it was aired on 19/12/10 and it had over 1,420,000 views. • The last episode of the third season of misfits was aired on the 04/12/11 is had a viewing rate of 1,246,000 views on that day. • Sources: • http://www.barb.co.uk/report/weekly-top-programmes? • http://thetvdb.com/?tab=seasonall&id=124051&lid=7

  5. Stereotypical Audience Member • The target market for this show is for young males, from adolescents to early adult hood (16-25) as the theme of the show appeals to them. • Misfits has an audience of a lower to a middle social class, generally. The reason being is because they can relate to the characters more. • There is no specific stereotype of viewers ethnicities or sexual orientation, as it could possibly appeal to all ranges of people as the characters are of a diverse mix.