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Theory – Misfits

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Theory – Misfits

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Theory – Misfits

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  1. Theory – Misfits By Jack Tiffany & David Henderson

  2. Introduction to the show Misfits is a series that’s been around since 2009 and is currently just going into it’s final series, though it’s starting this new series with none of the original characters from series one and two, which is the main reason it is going to be it’s final series, because of lack of interest as the viewers grew to like original cast and now that they have gone, so has the viewing figures.

  3. Primary Research Out of the 14 people, 11 of those liked Misfits and 3 also disliked it, all the people asked were of the age between 16 and 19, 64% of which are male and 36% which are female. my primary research will not be correct for the country or even Northampton as a town as the people asked were just in my class. The information I gathered was primary research as I found it out myself and its not qualitative as I only asked yes or no questions.

  4. Secondary Research • After  researching I found that ‘Misfits’ was first aired in England on the 12th November 2009, because of previous characters leaving the show less and less interest has been shown by the viewers ever since the end of season three. • Below are three websites iv’e used to get this research from. • • •

  5. Typical Audience Member • Misfits  • The target audience for ‘Misfits’ varies but I have gathered up the character content, firstly the super powers and hero’s tell me straight away this is a fantasy audience, and a dark and dead taste of humor and fight scenes, team work, sex scenes, party’s, drunken behavior, anti social behavior, highly suggests that this is a 16-21 year old age group plus the fact they are in a youth correctional center, where they must work for a period of time to earn their freedom, called (Community Payback) you will get this if you have done a minor crime or have broken something like a bus stop, or any other accountable crimes will resort to this community payback scheme it potentially can also save you from being given a criminal record as well.