Development Diamond Standards (DDS)
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Development Diamond Standards (DDS). SHIFT IN CONSUMER PREFERENCES. New Trends : Organic Foods (Health) FairTrade Products (Coffee, Clothing, etc.) Green (Environmentally friendly, recycled goods including recycled metals) Ethical Products (produced with specific social standards).

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Shift in consumer preferences

New Trends:

  • Organic Foods (Health)

  • FairTrade Products (Coffee, Clothing, etc.)

  • Green (Environmentally friendly, recycled goods including recycled metals)

  • Ethical Products (produced with specific social standards)

Market realignment initiatives responding to consumer preferences
MARKET REALIGNMENT INITIATIVES:Responding to Consumer Preferences

Market realignment initiatives responding to consumer preferences1
MARKET REALIGNMENT INITIATIVES:Responding to Consumer Preferences

Dds producing development diamonds1

  • Responsibly, means mining that is carried out using methods which minimize harmful effects on the environment, and encourages practices among the miners that promote good community relations and development.

  • Safely, means that mining activities should not endanger the health and well being of miners, diggers, and the community.

  • With Respect of Human Rights,means mining activities should be consistent with the basic rights and freedoms of workers. For example, mining operations should neither involve forced labour nor discriminate among workers on the basis of their gender, tribe etc. Labour rights should also be upheld, including the freedom for workers to organize, and the elimination of child labour.

  • WithRespect of communities’ rights means mining activities should respect the culture and heritage of local communities. For example, mining activities should not force communities or individuals off their land. Mining activities should not interfere with the right of local communities to be part of the consultations and decision-making.

Dds producing development diamonds2

  • InConflict-free zonesmeans that mining activities should not be carried out in areas of armed or militarized conflict.

  • With Beneficiation to the community means that individual and small-scale mining operations should promote broad and inclusive consultations for community decision-making on the development priorities to benefit the entire community. These include demonstrable development benefits like infrastructure, schools, wells, roads, providing adequate equipment for artisanal diamond mining, employment and training for artisanal miners on diamond processing activities including diamond valuation, cutting/ polishing, etc, and for environmental remediation.

  • Payment of fair prices to minersmeans that remuneration for artisanal miners and diggers should be an even-handed reflection of their role in contributing to the diamond value chain. The determination of these prices should be transparent.

How dds complements the other initiatives
How DDS Complements the other Initiatives

  • Accessible & doable by small-scale and individual ADMs

  • Designed for ADMs who largely operate in the informal sector, without formalized cooperatives as in the case of FairTrade and organic standards

  • Focuses on Social & Environmental Standards, as well as the conflict-free objectives

  • KP WGAAP governments are active & key stakeholders in proactively establishing DDS

Different points at which government is present in adm production

Ensuring the integrity of “development diamonds” throughout the diamond pipeline

Consultation questions
Consultation Questions PRODUCTION

  • What are the main benefits of Development Diamond Standards to KP WGAAP governments?

  • What is the role of governments in facilitating the application of Development Diamond Standards?

  • Which other government agencies or branches, & stakeholders need to be consulted, in order to establish the Development Diamond Standards?