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The Tale Of Genji

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The Tale Of Genji. Cory Kiper Rebecca Patterson Christina Pollan.

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the tale of genji

The Tale Of Genji

Cory Kiper

Rebecca Patterson

Christina Pollan


Genji was born to the Emperor of Japan, Kiritsubo, and his concubine, Lady Kiritsubo. Not long after he was born, his mother died and he was sent to be raised by a grandmother. The Emperor becomes distraught and asks for the boy to be sent back to him. Not long after returning to the palace, Genji’s grandmother died. Korean ambassadors then predict a brilliant future for the young boy. The Emperor then obtains a new concubine, Fujitsubo, who reminds him of Genji’s mother.


So You Want to Create the Perfect Woman???


3 parts Loyal

2 parts Cultured

1 part Passive

1 part Willing to feign ignorance when the situation requires

Bake on a low until desired temperature is reached


Years later, Genji his brother-in-law, and some friends get together to discuss the merits of a perfect woman. They come to the conclusion that the recipe given on the previous slide is the recipe for a perfect woman. One of the men present then suggests that there may be a gorgeous young woman hidden away because her family has fallen on hard times. As Genji sleeps, his companions discuss the different types of women, women whom Genji will meet later in the tale.

Genji then travels home to visit his wife, but she is distant and cold. Genji is then invited to a friends house, where he overhears his friend’s young wife discussing himself. Later when all are asleep, Genji breaks into the young wife’s room and carries her off to his room (you can guess what happens here). Genji then employs the young wife’s brother as a page in order to send messages to the boys sister. The lady rebuffs him, leaving Genji to write a poem about her and sleep with her young brother instead (weird, I know).


Genji is hurt by the rejection of Utsuemi (the young wife), but refuses to give up hope. Utsuemi’s brother resolves to help Genji sneak into his sisters room. Genji sneaks into her room and prepares to surprise her, but she smells him and flees the room, leaving a robe behind. Genji then returns home pouting, and writes a new poem about her.


Later, learning that his old nursemaid is close to death, Genji goes to visit her. He goes to visit her and her biological son, Koremitsu. It soon becomes apparent that his old nursemaid cares more for Genji than she does her own son. When they are leaving, Genji grows curious about the house with yugaoflowers growing and asks his old nursemaid’s son, Koremitsu, to find out who lives in the house. He later informs Genji that a woman lives in the house, and of course, man-whore that he is, Genji has to meet her. Disguised, he manages to meet her through her maid.

Yugaois frail and submissive, and Genji, attracted by this, vows to steal her away. Yugauis unable to resist Genji’s charm and runs off with him, along with her maid. However, during the night as they lay sleeping, Genji sees an ghost hovering over Yugau’s side of the bed. When Genji checks on her, it is already too late – she’s dead. Genji is too horrified over the previous events that he doesn’t return to court.

During his journey, he becomes sick with an illness that lasts for quite some time. The chapter ends with Genji finding out that Yugao was actually his brother in law’s mistress. He pleads with Yugao’s old maid to find her daughter so that he can adopt her.


Over the next nine years, Genji meets a young child whom he grooms to be his future wife and he remains devoted to her. Although Genji and his first wife did not get along well, she did bare him a son Yugiriand dies soon after. During the period of mourning, Genji and his child bride consummate their marriage. Throughout this time, despite being ‘devoted’ to his new wife, Genji continues to window shop – though he does occasionally get happy with some people. During this time, he manages to impregnate Fujitsubo, his father’s wife. The emperor, unaware that the child is not his, is thrilled at the idea of a new heir – a son, elevating Fujitsubo to the rank of empress.

Genji also becomes obsessed with the sister of his mother’s rival, Oborozukiyo. When his mother’s old rival finds out that Genji is doing the dirty with her sister, she decides that she will rid the court of Genji at all costs. Genji’s father then dies and his mother’s rival’s son, his half brother and the heir, becomes emperor. Fujitsubo, finally gaining a conscience, begins to feel remorseful over sleeping with her husband’s son and becomes a nun.


After the death of Fujitsubo, Genji’s life begins to decline. Genji is about 40 years old and although his political status does not change, his love life and emotional life slow dramatically. He marries again, the third princess who is known as Nyosan. Genji’s nephew forces himself on Nyosan and she bears a son, Kaoru.

Genji reflects on how fleeting life is after experiencing an illusion.

“Vanished into the Clouds,” the death of Genji.


Uji Chapters

This follows Kaoru and his best friend, Niou, who is Genji’s grandson. Kaoru is known as Genji’s son but is actually Genji’s nephew’s son.

The stories left in The Tale of Genji are about Kaoru and Nious’ adventures over women, specifically those of the Imperial Princess stature over in Uji.

The tales end abruptly with Kaoru wondering if Niou is hiding his lover.

The story ends in mid-sentence and still today, there are debates over whether or not the ending is completed or if the author had died while writing the final chapters.


Ro RoRo the Kujo

Gently down Japan’s stream!

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Genji screws every woman he sees!