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Methods and Work Measurement

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Methods and Work Measurement. Hanna Lestari, ST, M.Eng Departement of Industrial Engineering Islamic University of Indonesia 2009. Course Outline.

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methods and work measurement

Methods and Work Measurement

Hanna Lestari, ST, M.Eng

Departement of Industrial Engineering

Islamic University of Indonesia


course outline
Course Outline
  • Objective : To give general understanding on work measurement concept, methods and the application for work system design (technology, psychology, work physiology)
  • Teaching Methodology: Lecture, Group Presentation, homework and Quiz
  • Evaluation:

- Mid Term Exams 35%

- Final Exams 35%

- Assignments 20%

- Attendance 10%

text books
Text Books
  • Sutalaksana, Iftikar. Teknik Tata Cara Kerja. Jurusan Teknik Industri ITB. 1979.
  • Barnes, R. Motion and Time Study. John Wiley & Sons. 1988.
  • Wignjosoebroto, Sritomo. Ergonomi Studi Gerak dan Waktu. Guna Widya. 2000.
  • Niebel, B.W. Motion and Time Study. IRWIN.1988
  • Meyers, F.E. Motion and Time Study for Lean Manufacturing. Prentice Hall. 1999
weekly topics
Weekly Topics
  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Work Productivity and Quality
  • Week 3: Measurement Model of Productivity
  • Week 4: The General Problem Solving Process
  • Week 5: The Operations Process Chart
  • Week 6: Motion Study and Micromotion Study
  • Week 7: Quiz and Group Presentation
  • Mid Term Exams
  • Week 8: The Motion Economy
  • Week 9: Work Measurement with Stopwatch Time Study
  • Week 10: Work Sampling
  • Week 11: Standard Data
  • Week 12: Predetermined Time Standards System
  • Week 13: Measuring Work by Physiological Methods
  • Week 14: Quiz and Group Presentation
  • Final Term Exams
contact and discussion
Contact and Discussion
  • : +62813.2807.2992
  • :
  • : Hanna Lestari-Ismail
methods and work measurement6

Methods and Work Measurement

Lecture 1 :

Introduction to Motion and Time Study and Measurement of Work

13 February 2009

historical development
Historical Development

Industrial Revolution

(akhir abad 18-awal abad 19)

Istilah ini diperkenalkan oleh:Frederich Engels dan Louis Auguste

historical development8
Historical Development

Frank (1868-1924)

Lilian Gilbreth (1878-1972)

F.W Taylor


Known as a parents of motion study

Known as a father of scientific management, IE, and Time Study

  • Method study or Motion study is one of principal techniques by which work content in the product manufacture or process could be decreased.
  • It is a systematic method of investigating and critically examining the existing methods, to develop the improved ones.
  • Method study is, then, a technique to reduce the work content mainly by eliminating unnecessary movements by workers and/or materials and/or equipments.
  • However, even after that, there could be substantial unnecessary time taken for the process because of lack of management control and/or inaction of worker
  • Work measurement or time study is the application of techniques designed to establish the time for a qualified worker to carry out specified jobs at a defined level of performance.
  • We have seen how total time to manufacture a product is increased by:
  • adding undesirable features to product,
  • bad operation of the processes, and
  • ineffective time added because of worker and management.
  • All this leads to decreased productivity.
  • The design and measurement of work and the problem solving process are fundamental to modern industrial organization.
  • Why use it ? :

- Productivity

- Improving equipment utilization

- Conserving materials and energy

- Reducing human effort

- Advancing the goals of the organization on many fronts

  • A person working with motion and time study will study an individual job or series of jobs to learn the details of what works and make details.
  • Changes may be small, but improvements must be made continually to keep the company competitive.
  • Quality and price are the most important considerations for staying competitive
  • Motion and time study concentrate on reducing cost but must never lost sight on quality
motion and time studies are used to
Motion and time studies are used to :
  • Develop the best work method
  • Develop motion consciousness on the part of all employees
  • Develop economical and efficient tools, fixtures, and production aids.
  • Assist in the selection of new machine and equipment
  • Train new employees in the preferred method
  • Reduce effort and cost

Work Measurement:

Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, Improve Profits

scheme of the study
Scheme of the study

Work Design




Motion Study

Work Measurement




Direct Work Measurement

Work Sampling

Stop watch Time Study

Indirect Work Measurement

Regression Analysis

Standard Data/Formula


Motion Time System

General Approach

Functional Approach

(for specific purpose)

  • MTM
  • MOST
  • MTM-M
  • MTM-C
  • MTM-V