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Current Conditions

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Current Conditions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lake Symptoms Frequent algae blooms Excessive weed growth Bad smells, rotting weeds, dead fish Closed beaches due to high bacteria count High water levels Undesirable plant and fish species. Current Conditions. The Problem is Phosphorus!. Manure Happens!. Manure Runs Downhill!.

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current conditions
Lake Symptoms

Frequent algae blooms

Excessive weed growth

Bad smells, rotting weeds, dead fish

Closed beaches due to high bacteria count

High water levels

Undesirable plant and fish species

Current Conditions







This is not a new problem

For many years advocates and government have fought to reduce phosphorus use and runoff to our lakes

2005 NALMS

North American Lakes Management Society

2007, 08 YLA Conferences

Yahara Lakes Association

2007 YLLP

Yahara Lakes Legacy Partnership

2010 Yahara CLEAN report

Capital Lakes Environmental Assessment and Needs


Yahara CLEAN report

  • A GREAT initial step in the process
  • BUT…did not answer the 8 critical questions:
    • 1. How do we sell to the public?
    • 2. Clearly stated goals?
    • 3. What, when, how long – to get what?
    • 4. Urban growth policies in place?
    • 5. Political will?
    • 6. How much? How financed?
    • 7. Metrics to track progress?
    • 8. Vision for the future?

CLA is answering the call

The Community can do this!

• We have a goal.

• Creating an action plan using available technology and science that tells us what, when, how, …what do we get??

• Building a Community Table


Our Goal:

50% reduction of phosphorus

runoff to the lakes.

*** This number has been targeted by UW Limnology Scientists Steve Carpenter and Dick Lathrop to provide noticeable improvement in water quality.

The Benefits:

• Fewer toxic algae blooms

• Fewer beach closings

• Slowed growth of weeds

• Clearer water


Community Board



Friends Group Representative Jim Lorman Edgewood College

Recreational Representative Chris Clark UW-Madison

Lake Business Representative Tyler LeeperWingra Boats

Farm Representative Jeff EndresEndres Berry Ridge Farm

Yahara Lakes Association Representative Dick Adler Yahara Lakes Association

Mad-City Water Ski Team Representative Russell Tieman Kelly Financial, Inc.


Business Community Representative David Lumley Spectrum Brands

Business Community Representative John KotheKothe Real Estate Partners

Business Community Representative Kristin Kirkconnell American Family Insurance

Business Community Representative Tim Metcalfe Metcalfe’s Market

Business Community Representative Randy Peterson Lands' End


Monona Representative Bob Miller Mayor Monona

Mendota Representative Mike Gerner Michael S. Gerner CPA

Waubesa Representative Louisa Enz Stark Realtors

Regional Representative Bob Sorge Madison Community Foundation

Kegonsa Representative       Bryon Thompson Friends of Lake Kegonsa


Community Board



Dane County Towns Representative Lyle Updike Dane County Towns Association

Dane County Executive Designee Dave Merritt Dane County

Dane County Office of Land and

Water Resources Kevin Connors Dane County

State of Wisconsin, DNR Lloyd Eagan State of Wisconsin

Lake and Watershed Commission     Melissa Mallot Clean Wisconsin

City of Madison Mayor Designee       Katie Crawley City of Madison

MMSD Representative     D. Michael Mucha Madison Metropolitan Sewerage



Engineering Representative Lars Barber Baird

Technology Representative Tom Groth Thermo Fischer

Communications Representative Brennan Nardi Madison Magazine

Environmental Advocacy Jim Welsh Natural Heritage Land Trust


CLA Vision

That everyone realizes that our lakes

are the center of our community.

Healthy Lakes. Healthy Community.


CLA Mission

The mission of the Clean Lakes Alliance

is to build a community of people, businesses, organizations and government dedicated to continuously improving and protecting water quality in the Yahara Watershed.


Moving the process forward

Strategic Direction Committee

Yahara Pride Farm Conservation Team

Economic Impact and Resources Committee

Friends of Clean Lakes


Uncovering New Opportunities

Eradicating geese to reduce bacteria and keep the beaches open

Winter “Cover Cropping” to reduce manure runoff


Uncovering New Opportunities

Yahara Pride Dairy Products to raise money and awareness of good farm practices

Creating COW POWER and selling it to the community


Harbor Athletic Club

CG Schmidt



Smith & Gesteland

Gordon Flesch

Ho Chunk

Skipper Buds




Kothe Real Estate Partners


Creating the plan

• RFPs to 6 of the leading hydro-engineering firms in the Midwest.

• Strand Associates selected to create business/strategic plan for the watershed

• We will receive:

* Top 10 Action items to reduce phosphorus most effectively

* Priority, price, benefit for up to 70 actions

* A strategy and dollar amount to

reach our goal.


When the plan is completed, we will need:

• Funding

Public, Private, Grants, Foundations…

• Policy Support

Animals per acre

Phosphorus in feed

Winter Manure Spreading

Storm Water Management

Green / Cow Power


Clean Lakes Initiative


March 15, 2012 Report / Road Map Completed by Strand

April 21, 2012 Save our Lakes Summit

- State of the Lakes Report

Summer 2012 Develop outreach plan

Develop fundraising plan

November 2012 Unveil Clean Lakes Initiative

at NALMS conference