save crowe s nest farm n.
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Save Crowe’s nest Farm PowerPoint Presentation
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Save Crowe’s nest Farm

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Save Crowe’s nest Farm

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Save Crowe’s nest Farm

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  1. Save Crowe’s nest Farm

  2. Our plan is… • Too have a water tower close to Crowes nest farm and run pipes to several lakes and if they run low on water they can get water from the water tower • We also have the plan of having a greenhouse so the animals that eat plants don’t run out of water.

  3. The problem is… Drought • a drought is longed period of time with out water which Is caused by global warming. • There are five stages of drought and they are abnormally dry, moderate drought , severe drought, extreme drought, and exceptional drought and right now Texas is in severe drought and we’re about to move to stage 4.

  4. This is a picture of drought

  5. What is a producer and consumer? • A producer is a plant because they can make their own food. • A consumer is a animal because it can’t make it’s own food

  6. Animals of Crowes nest farm • Bobcat • Corn snake • Red tailed hawk • Pony • Leopard gecko • Sand turtle

  7. Our producers are… • Prickly pear cactus • Feed • Hay

  8. Prickly pear cactus • If the drought continues there will be no more prickly pear cactus and it will rarely grow any more • The prickly pear is important because it is a natural resource to animals

  9. Hay • Hay is important because the animals eat it is also important for horses and cows because it saves horses and cows to an diet of grass. • If the drought continues there will be no hay for animals to eat and animals will die

  10. Feed and grains • Feed and grains are important because it helps animals get there vitamins and minerals

  11. Our Consumers are… • Bobcat • Corn snake • Pony • Red tailed hawk • Land turtle • Leopard gecko

  12. Bobcat • Bobcats eat between a amount of 1.5 and 2.5 of pounds of food. • If the drought continues the bobcat will have no more food

  13. Corn snake • The corn snakes eat meat, small rodents and birds if the drought continues the small rodents and bird will die and the snakes will have no food

  14. Pony • The pony’s need water, grass , and hay to survive and if the drought continues the grass will dry up and the hay will not grow.

  15. Red tailed hawk • The red tailed hawk needs between 4 and 5 ounces of meat and water. If the drought continues there will be no food or water and they will die.

  16. Land turtle • The land will dry and crack and it will become to hot for the turtle and it will die and if the drought continues there will be no bugs for the turtles to eat and the turtles will die

  17. Leopard gecko • Leopard gecko’s eat crickets and mealworms and they usually eat 4 or 5 a day and that mean it will become to dry and the bugs will die and it will not have food

  18. Pictures

  19. Pictures

  20. Credits • Jeremiah Thompson • Aaliyastovall • Andrea gaspar • Alejaundro Juan