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Internet Advertising

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Internet Advertising. Group #8 Bethanee Byarlay Kristi Hamilton Abid Hussain Robert Longley Mary Salm Ryan Salm Michael Stagner. Advertising on the Internet. Types of Advertising Banner Ads Rich Media Streaming Commercials Comet Cursor Opt-in Email Types of Firms

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internet advertising

Internet Advertising

Group #8

Bethanee Byarlay Kristi Hamilton

Abid Hussain Robert Longley

Mary Salm Ryan Salm

Michael Stagner

advertising on the internet
Advertising on the Internet

Types of Advertising

  • Banner Ads
  • Rich Media
  • Streaming Commercials
  • Comet Cursor
  • Opt-in Email

Types of Firms

  • Banner placement (including ad servers)
  • Full service (marketing and campaign management)
  • Niche (Inexpensive, serving smaller clients)
advertising on the internet1
Advertising on the Internet

The Industry:

  • Growth of internet advertising is remarkable:
    • 1999 Internet ad spending approximately $3.1B
    • 2003 Internet ad spending estimated at $13.3B
  • Internet ad spending only 1.4% of total ad spending in 1999, will expand to 7% by 2003
  • Currently, banner advertising makes up over 80% of ads, but decreasing click-thru rates will force alternative media
in depth information can be found on group 8 s web site at http www utdallas edu bart21 new
In-depth information can be found on Group #8’s Web Site at:


  • Unique central ad serving model
  • Simplified online ad campaign management tools
  • Neutral business model
  • Exclusive focus on campaign management
  • Low overhead and fixed costs


  • Focused only on ad management
  • Lacks flexibility of alternative types of ads
  • Few relationships with large clients


  • Sets the standard for internet marketing, tracking, and measurement
  • Very large network of publisher sites
  • Flexible marketing program that allows advertiser interaction
  • Has developed large consumer database to aid in ad targeting


  • Constantly battling privacy concerns
  • Company has become too large to continue to be innovative
  • Diminishing returns on internet advertising hindering growth
24 7 media
24/7 Media


  • Numerous options for message delivery (email, banners, streaming content, etc.)
  • Serves both publishers and advertisers
  • Available online management and auditing tools
  • Consulting services for advertisers and agencies
  • Global offices
24 7 media1
24/7 Media


  • Not a full service firm (end-to-end solution)
  • Lacking Fortune 500 clients
  • Many competitor firms in same space
niche companies eads adclub adventure
Niche CompanieseAds, AdClub, AdVenture


  • Low risk – small initial investment
  • Low cost solution for both publisher and advertiser
  • No exclusivity agreement required for publisher
  • Scaleable and flexible for publisher
  • Low overhead costs and low involvement site maintenance
niche companies eads adclub adventure1
Niche CompanieseAds, AdClub, AdVenture


  • Offer few features for tracking and measurement
  • Limited targeting abilities
  • Not a “one-stop-shopping” solution
  • No stickiness to the site
  • Few opportunities for up-selling of additional services
n2n net ads www n2n com
N2N Net

What we do:

  • N2N acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers in order to provide an end-to-end solution

Our Value:

  • N2N maintains a vast network of potential publishers and act as a single point of contact for advertisers
  • N2N manages a large database of network audience, site hit rates, accepted forms of media, and visitor demographics
n2n net ads www n2n com1
N2N Net

Why N2N?

  • Unlike our competition, we specialize in supporting multiple media types: banners, streaming video, audio, pop-up windows, push technology, and other rich media
  • Advertisers tell us the target market and choice of media, we package and implement the solution
  • Optimization engine --- if sites are under-delivering impressions, we can move them around to different sites and at different times per day.