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Crystallizing understanding:. Reading and writing multi-genre research. What is a multigenre paper?.

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crystallizing understanding

Crystallizing understanding:

Reading and writing multi-genre research

what is a multigenre paper
What is a multigenre paper?
  • “A multigenre paper is composed of many genres and subgenres, each piece self-contained, making points of its own, yet connected by theme or topic and sometimes by language, images, and content. In addition to many genres, a multigenre paper may also contain many voices, not just the author’s. The trick is to make the paper hang together” (Tom Romano, 2000).
big questions
  • What happens when readers and writers explore a topic through multiple genres?
  • What might multi-genre research afford us as writers, readers, and thinkers?
  • How might this kind of work translate into an elementary or secondary setting?
  • Third space – people, culture, (rhetoric and genre) cross over traditional borders and flow together to create hybrids, new forms.

(HomiBhabha, The Location of Culture, 1994)

  • In the postmodernist mixed –genre texts, we crystallize. We recognize that there are far more than “three sides” from which to approach the world (Laurel Richardson, 2000, p.934).
  • It would follow that a child who has mastered a repertoire of genres has a number of lenses with which to view experience: genres, while constraining, are also cognitive instruments for making sense of the world (Donald Murray, 1995).
what might be written about this event
What might be written about this event?
  • How might audience and purpose determine a writing’s rhetorical elements? What might be the most logical genre?
  • How might each writing (genre) shape our understanding of this event?
examining student work
Examining student work

The Assignment: Identify something you have inherited in some way, no matter how concrete or abstract. Illustrate this inheritance in a multi-genre paper, in which you weave narrative of the inheritance with other forms of writing, such as poetry, prose, and non-linguistic representations.

  • We read some theory about multi-genre research/papers (Patti Stock, Tom Romano).
  • We examined some multigenre texts (published and student works).
  • We generated a set of “negotiated criteria” for our assignment based on our studies.
  • We worked with small writing groups to make plans and share our work.

Pointing – Underline passages that provide you with some understanding of this topic and this author.

  • What happens when readers and writers explore a topic through multiple genres?
  • What might multi-genre research afford us as writers, readers, and thinkers?
  • How might this kind of work translate to an elementary or secondary setting?
  • How might you assess this work?
assignment requirements
Assignment requirements
  • · Your piece needs to contain a variety of genres that are collectively coherent. Each piece will demonstrate and add to your understanding of your selected topic.
  •  · You need to include at least 4 pieces, 4 different genres.
  • Consider: What are the generic expectations of each? -How will each piece meet the needs of your audience? (To learn, understand, and appreciate this inheritance of yours.)

What is the purpose of each piece/how will each genre contribute to your (and the reader’s) understanding of the topic?

  • · You need to include a “preface letter” to explain your topic and provide a rationale for each piece.
  • · You will write a reflection (completed after submission and comments) outlining the process you went through to complete the piece(s). You might reflect on the ways in which you selected your topic and genres, the ways in which you revised, the models you consulted, etc.
  • · A “works-cited” page, and APA formatting.
  • · Include at least one poem (inspired by our reading for this week). A video poem is great!
  • We will look at a variety of possible “portfolio” platforms for this work, including some digital ones.
  • We will workshop these pieces in class, so you will have “benchmark moments” built into your schedule.
negotiated criteria
Negotiated Criteria

- Creativity: (imaginative, unexpected, artistic, multiple perspectives with resonance and depth, creating new perspectives)

- Personally meaningful (This might be expressed in the letter, justifying why I picked this topic.)

- Variety (each piece works with a unique set of conventions)

- Evokes an emotional response from the reader and viewer. - Pieces are of an appropriate length (demonstrating a level of commitment and the convention you are using).

- Polished - There is an order that makes sense

–flow- - Overall project is coherent and connections are clear.

– Sustains interest.