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Personality Traits-

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Personality Traits-. Openness Haley Nord. Why do we study personality traits?.

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Personality Traits-

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    1. Personality Traits- Openness Haley Nord

    2. Why do we study personality traits? -Understanding the relationship between personality and behavior can help psychologists and others involved in that profession understand why behaviors occur, which ultimately leads to the ability to cultivate good behaviors and find ways to manage negative behaviors. -Important in the realm of developmental psychology because these traits guide a person through life. As we just learned in our last unit, personality has slight changes, but tends to stay the same throughout the lifespan

    3. Big 5 Personality Traits • Openness • Intellectual curiosity, creativity, and preference for novelty and variety • Conscientiousness • Atendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement • Extraversion • Includes energy, positive emotions, assertiveness, sociability, talkativeness, and the tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others • Agreeableness • A tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic toward others • Neuroticism • A tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily such as anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability • *Definitions from Boundless Online Textbook

    4. Determining Personality Traits • -A range of tests are used to measure an individuals score • -Each person will land somewhere on a spectrum for each personality trait • low scorer high scorer Sample Questions • I see myself as someone who: • -is depressed, blue -is a reliable worker -is generally trusting • -is full of energy -can be cold & aloof -gets nervous easily

    5. Mad Artist?

    6. Creativity & Schizophrenia • -Is there a correlation between the two? • -Openness Creativity • -Openness Schizophrenia/Mental Illness • -Creativity Mental Illness • -They are both simply traits that manifest alongside openness, but do not have a correlation to each other • *Study by Geoffrey Miller: Schizotypy Versus Openness And Intelligence As Predictors Of Creativity

    7. Openness & Intelligence -Intelligence as a personality trait -Openness General intelligence (sometimes known simply as g) -Openness Crystalized ability ( a component of intelligence) -Similarly to mental illness, the correlation between openness and intelligence, but to what extent is uncertain. Researches suggest that much remains to be learned about this relationship *Study by Gilles E. Gignac at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia: Openness, Intelligence, and Self-report Intelligence

    8. Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are • -”A tendency towards greater exploration of all complex recreational practices is uniquely predicted by openness” • - The least is known about openness of the five personality traits • -More research is needed to fully understand its implications and behavioral manifestations

    9. What does this tell us? • -Finding out about one’s personality traits tends to confirm things already know • Can help identify behavioral strengths and weaknesses • Important to realize these are not set in stone, and knowledge can be helpful in strengthening good characteristics, and finding helpful ways to manage negative ones • -Can be helpful in tailoring educational needs, by both parents and educators, and the student themselves • -Helpful in determining a compatible career path • Many HR departments conduct personality tests during the hiring process, so this flows both ways • Openness according to Nettle, “High scorers are strongly drawn to artistic and investigative professions.” • -Openness is a complex personality trait, with much more to learn about, making it an exciting topic in psychology to follow

    10. Selection of Topic • - I think that there is much room for research about personality traits in general, but especially openness • And their implications • -I myself scored very high in openness, so I was interested to see what this might say about me

    11. Sources • Miller, G. F., & Tal, I. R. (2007). Schizotypy Versus Openness And Intelligence As Predictors Of Creativity. Schizophrenia Research, 93(1-3), 317-324. • Gignac, G. (2004). Openness, Intelligence, and Self-report Intelligence. Elsevier, 32(2). Retrieved November 23, 2013, from • Nettle, D. (2007). Personality: what makes you the way you are. Oxford: Oxford University Press. • Big Five Personality Traits. (n.d.). Boundless. Retrieved December 3, 2013, from