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Membership. District Leadership Weekend 09 – April - 2011. Rotary in 1911. 1911 – Rotary launches the National Rotarian. The 12-page periodical includes an essay written by Paul Harris about the purpose of Rotary clubs. .

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District Leadership Weekend

09 – April - 2011

Rotary in 1911
Rotary in 1911

  • 1911 – Rotary launches the National Rotarian.

  • The 12-page periodical includes an essay written by Paul Harris about the purpose of Rotary clubs.

District Leadership Weekend

Past ri president clem renouf addressing the 1978 convention in tokio
Past RI President Clem Renouf addressing the 1978 convention in Tokio.

“We take individuals into our clubs — good, new, potentially active members— and think that we are increasing our membership. But unless we motivate them, unless we engage them in challenging programs, it is inevitable that many of these members will just quietly drop out.”

District Leadership Weekend

Past ri president james conway at the honolulu convention in 1969
Past RI President James Conway at the Honolulu convention in 1969.

The age level of Rotarians has crept up. Each year, on average, Rotary loses 10 percent of its membership. In order to offset these losses and strengthen our clubs, we need to bring in thousands of good, high-quality younger Rotarians so as to create a better age balance.

District Leadership Weekend

Past ri president everett hill edinburgh scotland 1921
Past RI President Everett Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1921 1969.

Many people have entered Rotary in the past, not knowing the true meaning of the organization. As a result, many Rotary clubs have weakened themselves by the admission of new members who have not become educated as to Rotary.

District Leadership Weekend

Membership concerns
Membership Concerns 1969.

  • Retention Rate

  • Inducting Younger Members

  • Education of our New Members

District Leadership Weekend

Statistics 1969.

  • June 30, 2003

    • 1,215,083 Members

    • 31,351 Rotary Clubs

  • June 30, 2010

    • 1, 215,309 Members

    • 34,103 Rotary Clubs

  • 2,552 New Rotary Clubs

  • An increase of 226 Members

    • Since 2003 1.1 million Members have been Inducted

District Leadership Weekend

Rotary as a business
Rotary as a Business 1969.

  • Members are our Customers

  • Currency – Time and Money

  • What Value do we Give our Customers in Return for their Payment of Time and Money?

  • Unsatisfied Customers take their Business Elsewhere

  • Unsatisfied Members leave to seek Fulfillment Somewhere Else.

District Leadership Weekend

The rotary brand
The Rotary Brand 1969.

  • “A brand is an expectation, a promise — a promise you make and keep in everything that you do. An effective brand separates the organization from its competitors. If a brand is strong and clear, the organization is healthy and competitive. If a brand is confusing or has no distinctive elements, the product or service is nothing more than just another commodity. If Rotary’s brand were succinct and inspiring, our membership would become more vibrant. Pride to be a Rotarian would become even more contagious. Visiting prospective members would feel the energy. They would want to be a part of it. They would want to join the club. They would stay.”

District Leadership Weekend

Club identity
Club Identity 1969.

  • Identify who we are

  • Seek our Men and Women who Share these same Characteristics.

District Leadership Weekend

Costs and benefits
Costs and Benefits 1969.

  • Costs:

    • Time, Money, Energy

  • Benefits:

    • Networking, Fellowship, Personal and Business Growth,

    • The Opportunity to Serve

District Leadership Weekend

John c smarge
John C. 1969.Smarge

  • “Recruits will not join, nor will they stay, unless benefits exceed costs. We can help the younger group discover how satisfying it is to replace Facebook with real-face time. We can watch as their expressions change when they experience the energy of a firm handshake and a friendly smile compared to an impersonal digital text or tweet.

District Leadership Weekend

John c smarge1
John C. 1969.Smarge

  • To change the path we have traveled for decades is by no means easy. It starts with our clubs taking a good hard look at all components of their organization — keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t. It might require doing away with outdated traditions or resurrecting a successful project from the past. Rotarians have always been resourceful. Today, we need to challenge each club to be realistic.”

District Leadership Weekend

Our need to change
Our Need to Change 1969.

  • There are People who are Ready for Change

  • There are People who Fear Change.

District Leadership Weekend

Past ri president saboo
Past RI President 1969.Saboo

  • "Change is essential to our evolution as an individual and as an institution. It is necessary for our survival. Ordinary leaders fight it; visionary leaders delight in it. Ordinary leaders imitate; visionary leaders innovate. Change is the factor that offers new opportunity, new horizons and new leads to progress."

District Leadership Weekend

Our need to change1
Our Need to Change 1969.

  • Keep the Foundational Elements

  • Change the Surface Elements

    • Meetings times and structure

    • Meeting location

    • Member involvement

    • Committee formats

District Leadership Weekend

Demographic numbers
Demographic Numbers 1969.

  • Traditionalist (65+ years old) & Baby boomers (ages 47 to 65)

    • represents 70% of all Rotarians.

  • Generation X (30 to 46 year olds)

    • represents 28% of our membership

  • 2% of Generation Y (millennials under 30) is in our clubs.

District Leadership Weekend

Recruit members early
Recruit Members Early 1969.

  • Youth Programs

    • Youth Exchange, RYLA

    • Ambassadorial Scholars

    • Interact, Rotaract and Earlyact

District Leadership Weekend

Why we need to change
Why we Need to Change 1969.

  • 2% of our Members are Under 30

  • 11% of our Members are under 40

  • 68% of our Members are over the age of 50

    Are we appealing to the Younger Age Group?

District Leadership Weekend

Katie ischkin a 27 year old rotarian
Katie 1969.Ischkin a 27 year old Rotarian

  • Three Points we Need to Look at:

    • Keep the Core of Rotary but Change the Surface Elements

    • Non-Traditional Club Structure

    • Expectations vs Realities

District Leadership Weekend

Rotary club of south metro minneapolis evenings
Rotary Club of South Metro Minneapolis Evenings 1969.

  • Evening Club

    • No meals

  • High Turn Over Rate and Expected

  • Use of Skype for those who Cannot Attend Physically

  • Regular Meeting Every Other Week

  • Happy Hour/Networking Meeting

  • Hands-on Volunteering Opportunity

District Leadership Weekend

Understanding the realities of the new generation
Understanding the Realities 1969.of the New Generation

  • We Need to Manage Expectations vs Realities

  • Always on the Go and Truly Connected

  • Involvement While Maintaining Work-Life Balance

  • The New Generation is as Dedicated and Passionate About Rotary as the Next Member.

District Leadership Weekend

Take the time to adapt
Take the Time to Adapt 1969.

  • Do Expectations Align with Whom you want to Attract?

  • List What you can Change

    • Take baby steps towards those changes

  • Open your Mind to New Ways

District Leadership Weekend

Membership break out
Membership Break-Out 1969.

  • Identifying New and Innovative Ways to Attracting New Members

  • Hosted by:

    • Sue Croft –

      • Chair District Membership Committee

District Leadership Weekend

Rotary is our future
Rotary IS our Future! 1969.

District Leadership Weekend


Thanks for promoting membership in District 7010 1969.

District Leadership Weekend