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Mentor Ethics presentation

Mentor Ethics presentation

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Mentor Ethics presentation

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  1. MentorEthics presentation December, 2016

  2. Assumptions • Educators hold a position of trust • According to the State of Alabama, we are to make every child a graduate and every graduate prepared • Educators are role models • Time is our most limited resource

  3. Proposed mindset • All of our actions must be purposeful • We must have a sense of urgency

  4. Proposed Definition Ethics • doing the right thing • Right Now

  5. Educators code of ethics • Standard I: Professional Conduct - An educator should demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards. (Maintain high standards personally and professionally) • Standard 2: Trustworthiness - An educator should exemplify, honesty and integrity in the course of professional practice (Role Model) • Standard 3: Unlawful Acts - An educator should abide by federal, state, and local laws and statutes. (Law and rule follower) • Standard 4: Teacher/Student Relationships - An educator should always maintain a professional relationship with all students, both in and outside the classroom. (Reality Check)

  6. Reality check • Remember: • As educators we hold positions of trust – legal ramifications • As educators we are role models – professional and legal ramifications • Children will: • Students will become enamored of teachers • Students will attempt to flirt with you • Be prepared • Educators must: • Understand the above • Know it is normal and developmental • Realize that it has nothing to do with the them personnaly • IF IT BECOMES ABOUT THEM - RUN

  7. Educators code of ethics • Standard 5: Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use or Possession - An educator should refrain from the use of alcohol and/or tobacco during the course of professional practice and should never use illegal or unauthorized drugs. (Just a second) • Students Know you; and Notice EVERYTHING • You are a Role Model; they have put you and will put you on a pedestal • SO…. • Regardless of your Political, social, ethical, religious or other beliefs DO NOT promote the use of above through • Clothing • Discussion • Personal obvious use

  8. Educators code of ethics • Standard 6: Public Funds and Property - An educator entrusted with public funds and property should honor that trust with a high level of honesty, accuracy, and responsibility. (Treat it like it’s yours but know that it is not) • Standard 7: Remunerative Conduct - An educator should maintain integrity with students, colleagues, parents, patrons, or businesses when accepting gifts, gratuities, favors, and additional compensation. (Be professional, do not tutor your own students for cash ) • Standard 8: Maintenance of Confidentiality - An educator should comply with state and federal laws and local school board policies relating to confidentiality of student and personnel records, standardized test material, and other information covered by confidentiality agreements. (Includes social media) • Standard 9: Abandonment of Contract -An educator should fulfill all of the terms and obligations detailed in the contract with the local board of education or educational agency for the duration of the contract. (Be a professional)

  9. Educators Code of Ethics • Professional Conduct (Maintain High Standards) • Trustworthiness (Role Model for students) • Unlawful Acts (Follow the laws and rules) • Teacher/student relationship (Enough said) • Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Use or Possession • Public Funds and Property (Treat it like it’s yours but know it’s not) • Remunerative conduct (No side businesses involving students as customers) • Maintenance of Confidentiality (no gossip including social media) • Abandonment of contract (be a professional) Adopted by Board December 20, 2012 for ALL EMPLOYEES All of us are mandatory reporters to local, state board or the state certification office

  10. Reality check re-stated • If not you …..Who? • <Purposeful Action> • If not now…..When? • <Sense of Urgency>

  11. Finally • Ethics • Do the right thing right now • Professional Ethics • Improve by 1% tomorrow

  12. Hang in there