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Business Ethics Final Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Ethics Final Presentation

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Business Ethics Final Presentation
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Business Ethics Final Presentation

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  1. Business Ethics • Final Presentation

  2. Group Members • SaqibManzoorAbbasi 11385 • Paras Ali Raza 11436 • AmjadIqbal 11141 • Abdul Wali

  3. Occupied Wall Street movement • The occupied Wall Street movement is a working class people movement. This movement is against financial inequality, unemployment, greed, unequal distribution of wealth, large corporations and their influence on government. The theme of the movement is income inequality and distribution of wealth among wealthiest 1% of population compare to the rest 99% population.

  4. Cont… • The assets of 1% wealthiest are growing multiplies and on the other hand the buying power of rest of the population is decreasing. The gap between rich and power is at highest rate in the history of America. It was against the strong power of banks and multinational corporation influence on government over the democratic process. The corporations are influencing government in a way that government represents more corporation then people.

  5. Cont… • The banks are promoting credit economy and cause the greatest recession in the history. The richest 1% is seating economy in a way that will destroy the future of else 99%. The movement began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally.

  6. Cont… • This is a leader less movement. People manage the movement by themselves. The movement is organized by the collective decision making forum known as people assembly.

  7. Aims and Demands • End the influence of corporation on government. • Ensure the more balance distribution of wealth • The taxes of people should spend on them • The system should promote the welfare of human being instead of greed

  8. Cont… • The problem of unemployment should tackle on priority basics • The health and education should be top priorities of government • The income should increase according to the increase in the prices of utilities

  9. WAYS TO EXPRESS AIMS/DEMANDS • Protesters were mostly young • The average age of the protesters was 33

  10. Why Support OWS • Working class movement for working class people • They want justice • Most Industries and factories are closed that’s why No jobs

  11. Government job • Government job is to give facilities to their peoples but what they are doing is opposite, they are giving facilities to the corporation and in return getting money from them and also what they are doing wrong with their people is they are taking money from their peoples also no matter which society it belongs and in return nothing

  12. Aim • They know what’s happening everywhere and know nothing is going right, what the movement wants is quality of life, security of their life. They want house for their family • They want that government change their policy for the future of the youth. They wanted that government must remove the problems and perform on equality base system

  13. Cont… • The movement is for helping those peoples who are homeless and they are trying to get those peoples on their feet • Many people think that they are doing for their own profit but the answer is NO because they are doing it for everything, for the future of their country, they are doing this for the betterment of their peoples life

  14. Links to other important/influential movements globally • Arab Spring The Arab spring and occupy Wall Street are linked said by many media person. The Arab spring movement was against the undemocratic leaders who are leading from decades. Wall Street movement is against financial inequality, unemployment, greed, unequal distribution of wealth, large corporations and their influence on government.

  15. Cont… • Spain In Spain people protest like occupy Wall Street protest. Peoples of Spain come on roads and protest against unemployment. This protest was in those days when new assembly elections are very close. Around 6.5 million peoples protest on the roads. The Spain youth unemployment rate is 45%. An economy crisis is very critical so the peoples of Spain protest against government and demand to reduce unemployment as soon as possible

  16. The present spread & Future of the ows movement • The movement is more likely to spread around different parts of the world as the protests at different places shows. The OWS protest is advancing day by day that is they are bringing up new ways and tactics to deal with things in a different and attractive way

  17. Cont… • . They include volunteers which help and bring people to the front who really wants to do something, as the new protesting method is also introduced which is called the “direct action”. • So if we take a look in to the movement, it is not fast enough to bring changes in a short period of time and at the other hand it looks like the protesters are not bothered and they will carry on with it as they are aiming high for better future in the long run

  18. Cont… • Another observation shows that this movement is not just limited to this government but they are more likely to bring the change in the whole system, as a whole. Also observed and said by some independent journalists that it has no such link with the coming elections, it is not an election to election movement but is a long termed slow but solid movement.

  19. Cont… • The OWS movement is still in process and the people are wishing for the best and trying new ways to protest and bring things in the way they want. It does not look like that the movement may stop somewhere, its going ahead and may bring some outrageous changes.

  20. CONCLUSION • Wall Street movement is the reaction of working class whose life becomes miserable of high prices and recession. That is the main reason that a leader less movement got such huge response. In this system only strong can service

  21. Cont… • This system is just like jungle and do not show any human value. As a whole world need a new economic system which ultimate goal will human prosperity not greed.