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8 December 1941 PowerPoint Presentation
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8 December 1941

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8 December 1941 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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8 December 1941
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  1. 10 December 1941 Two British warships were bombed and sunk by Japanese warplanes off the coast of Kuanta. These ships, the Prince of Whales and the Repulse, were sent by the British form the Singapore Naval Base to fight the Japanese. After these ships were sunk, British no longer had warships to stop the Japanese soldiers from landing along the coasts of Malaya. 11-12 December 1941 At Jitra in Kedah, the Japanese used tanks to move quickly through the jungle. The British did not have any tanks there. The Japanese soldiers were also well-trained in fighting in the jungles. Many British soldiers were also well-trained in fighting in the jungles. Many British soldiers were killed and the rest were forced to retreat. 8 December 1941 Many Japanese soldiers landed on the east coast of southern Thailand. The Japanese soldiers also landed at Kota Bahru in northern Malaya. By evening that same day, the Kota Bahru airfields was in hands of the Japanese.

  2. 7 February 1942 To missed the British, the Japanese attacked PulauUbin. The British thought that the Japanese would attack Singapore from the northeast. The British mover their defences to the northeast. 17 December 1941 In Penang, bombs fell in the crowded streets. Half city was on fire and hundreds of people were killed or injured. The Japanese took small boats from Penang and used them to land on the west coast of Malaya. 31 January 1942 Johor Bahru was captured by the Japanese. Within 55 days, Malaya was captured by the Japanese. The British soldiers then moved back to Singapore. They blew up the Causeway that linked Malaya and Singapore. They hoped to slow down the Japanese entering into Singapore. 11 January 1942 The British abandoned Kuala Lumpur to defend Johor. Japanese soldiers captured Kuala Lumpur easily.

  3. 8 February 1942 However, Japanese soldiers then landed on the northwest coast of Singapore. They used rubber boats and rafts to cross the narrowest point of the Johor Strait to reach Singapore 9 February 1942 The Japanese repaired the Causeway that was blown up by the British soldiers on 31 January 1942 and crossed into Singapore. 11 February 1942 The Japanese reached the Bukit Timah area where fierce fighting took place. The British kept their food and weapons there. Some Chinese volunteers helped the British soldiers to defend the area. In the end, the British lost the battle. Both sides suffered heavy losses. 12 February 1942 Fort Siloso at Sentosa was attacked by the Japanese. The British soldiers there succeeded in sinking one of the Japanese ships.

  4. 13 February 1942 A fierce battle was fought at PasirPanjang. Together with the British soldiers, the Malay soldiers led by Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi fought bravely against the Japanese. These soldiers were outnumbered by the Japanese soldiers. 14 February 1942 The Japanese soldiers marched into the British Military hospital, now the Alexandra Hospital, and killed the doctors, hospital staff and patients.