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AIDS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AIDS. Deaths cause by AIDS. Symptoms of aids.

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symptoms of aids
Symptoms of aids
  • At the early stages when the HIV virus is present it is unlikely for the individual affected to exhibit any specific aids symptoms and therefore at this stage the only way to determine if the virus is present is by performing an HIV test. It is however possible for the individual to exhibit some aids symptoms a few weeks after the infection enters the system, which include: a flu-like condition, increased temperature (pyrexia), headache, enlarged lymph nodes, sore throat (pharyngitis) and red spots or a rash on the skin.

The second stage of HIV infection is termed the asymptomatic stage and is characterized by a significant amount of the virus being present in the blood of the individual infected. At this stage the immune system will respond by producing antibodies and this stage of the infection may go on unnoticed in the body for up to 10-12 years. It is at this time that the HIV virus can develop into Aids if no treatment is undertaken. The individual affected may also start to exhibit further aids symptoms, such as: loss of appetite, night sweats, significant weight loss, loss of appetite, mouth ulcers and persistent coughing. The most common aids symptoms would be mouth ulcers and significant weight loss

the history of aids
The history of aids
  • In 2008 2 million deaths from aids
  • Since 1981 25 million people died worldwide
  • In africa more than 14 million childern are labeled aids orphans
  • Fatal disease threatening people all over the world has infected over 65 million people and killed 25 million since the disease was first identified in 1980s
how to get aids
How to get aids
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
aids crisis
Aids crisis
  • Since 1980s two presidents have each released a national plan for responding to the aids crisis
first plan
First plan
  • Was released under president reagan who in 1987 created the president dential commission on the hiv epidemic
  • Increased the testing for hiv stronger legal protection for people with hiv prevented and treatment of substance abuse
  • Cross sectional survey of nurses was undertaken in spring 2006
  • Study aimed to describe and compare nurses knowledge of aids and attitudes towards plhiv in three counties: finland, estona, and lithuania.
This present study showed that nurses knowledge about aids
  • Across the three countrys was 68% of correct anwser
  • The middle of the means of betweens 55% and 75% found in the other studies
Knowledge that nurses mobility is increasing because of economical differences between neighbouringeucountrys and with the aim of maintaining a good level of nurses care
The current study was designed to assess the level of aids knowledge and its relationship with personal stigma toward people living with aids
Many of the aids orphan children who had lost one or both of their parents to hiv and vulnerable children