conwell as a cell najha sealy tierah speights n.
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Conwell As A Cell Najha Sealy Tierah Speights

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Conwell As A Cell Najha Sealy Tierah Speights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conwell As A Cell Najha Sealy Tierah Speights. -Compare And Contrast. Mitochondria. Ribosome's. -Nucleus And Nucleolus. Vacuole. Centrosome. -Cytosol. Centriole. -Golgi Complex. -Lysosome. Endoplasmic reticulum. -Cell Membrane. -Vesicle.

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conwell as a cell najha sealy tierah speights
Conwell As A CellNajha SealyTierah Speights

-Compare And Contrast



-Nucleus And Nucleolus





-Golgi Complex


Endoplasmic reticulum

-Cell Membrane


compare and contrast between an animal cell and a plant cell
Compare And Contrast BetweenAn Animal Cell And A Plant Cell


Both are the basic unit of life and come from existing cell

Plant cell

Animal cell

A typical eukaryotic cell is about 25 micrometers in diameter, but this average hides a large range of sizes.

The most distinctive feature

Of all plant cells is the rigid

cell wall

A eukaryotic cell is a cell with a nucleus, which contains the cell's chromosome.

The basic unit of structure and

function in nearly all plants.

In addition to having a nucleus, eukaryotic cells differ from prokaryotic cells in being larger and much more structurally and functionally complex

The range of specialization and

the character of association of plant

cells is very wide.

nucleus and nucleolus
Nucleus And Nucleolus

Nucleolus- Produces Ribsomes. Nucleus-Contains The Cell Dna And

We choose this organelle because we Has A Role In Process Such As

Know that that is the one of the main parts In Growth, Metabolism, And Repro-

A cell. So there for Mr. Hoffman is 1 of the main duction. We Choose This To Be

Or important people for the head of the school. The Main Office .We Choose

This To Be The Nucleus Because

This Is Were People Can Get All

There Information From.





Cytosol is the fluid that’s in the cell.

We think that the Cytosol is the staff or air because it flows through the cell and helps it just like the staff.

A staff council

golgi complex
Golgi Complex

Golgi Complex-process and transports protein and other materials out of the cell.

We chose the septa because it transports us to an from school , which is what the Golgi body does wit the protein.


Lysosome- digests food particles, wastes cell parts , and foreign invaders.

To us the lysosme is the cleaning staff because the cleaning staff puts out all the waste and the clean out all the things that aren’t suppose to be there.


Vesicle-a small sac that surrounds material to be moved into or our of the cell.

We think this is the parent volunteers because they help the staff and the students.

cell membrane
Cell membrane

Cell membrane- rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and provides support to the cell.

We chose this to be the walls of he school because if we did not have walls we would not have the support we need to be protected from weather and intruders.


Mitochondrion-the power house of the cell and it breaks down food to produce energy.

We chose this to be the electric box because with out an electric box we would not be able to have heat the computers would be shut down and we need all of these things so that’s why we need energy.


Vacuole-stores water and other materials.

We chose this as the lunch room because we need water, food and snacks to keep us going through the day, and that’s what the lunchroom provides us.


Centrosome- holds chromosomes together.

We chose this to be Mrs. Cruz, because she is our dean and she makes sure that we are in class , not playing around, and not getting in trouble , which holds us together.

Mrs. Cruz And Little

Boy By Makin Him Do His

Times Tables Over Again

He Was Bad So He Had To Serve

His Consequences..


Cenrtiole- Made up of microtubules

(thick protein tubes).

We chose this to be the school books because without school books we wont be able to increase our knowledge and our vocabulary .and it helps us learn new words .

endoplasmic reticulum
Endoplasmic Reticulum

Endoplasmic Reticulum- Makes liquids breaks down drugs and other substances and proteins for Golgi Complex.

We think that this is the students that go to Conwell Middle Magnet School because make up the work that they do, they give money to the Golgi Complex.(Septa) . Also we chose this to be the classroom because where would the students go and where would they be taught at, they need the Ribosome's to teach them.

ribosome s

Ribosome's- Put amino acids together to make proteins.

We chose this to be the teachers because they teach us an they make sure we learn what we need to learn. This makes the protein (which is us the students).