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Thin Client

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Thin Client. Presented by.. Hetul Patel Network Engineer (American Computer Technology). What Is A Network?. Branch Offices. Windows Terminals and NCs. Remote Computing. WinFrame & MetaFrame Server Farms. Cross- Platform Desktops. Wireless Terminals and Information Appliances.

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thin client
Thin Client

Presented by..

Hetul Patel

Network Engineer

(American Computer Technology)

what is a network
What Is A Network?


WindowsTerminalsand NCs


WinFrame & MetaFrameServer Farms


Wireless Terminals and Information Appliances


  • A group of computers working together.
  • Peer to Peer Network, Client/Server, Internet, etc.
  • Most common Technology in Networking:- Client/Server .
what are different types of clients
What are Different Types Of Clients.
  • Client:-is a computing device/software that retrieves information from a server.
  • Thick Client:-is a computing device that includes a software operating system, a powerful processor and a wide range of applications that can execute on the computing device.
  • Thin Client:-is a low-cost computing device that works in an application server environment. It does not require state-of-the art, powerful processors and large amounts of RAM and ROM.
what is a thin client
What Is A Thin Client?


  • An emaciated Library Patron.
  • A Program To Purge Expired Patron.
  • An Anorexic Library Budget.

So Then What Exactly Is A Thin Client?

  • A Hardware/Software that runs application on a server, not on desktop.
  • Key strokes and mouse click are sent over network to the server to process and give back the result…… (screen).
  • Clients can be a low powered PC or a Thin client device.
  • They Don’t Have HDD, FDD, CDROMS, Cooling Fans, Very Low Processing Power.
what makes a thin client network
Power Full Server with dual processor,1gb Ram,10 MBps Network.

(Compaq Proliants, HP Netserver & IBM NetFinity )

Thin Clients (IBM,Neoware,WYSE, SUN , Compaq,NCD etc..) OR

A Low Processing PC.

Citrix Meta Frame software

Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Services.


Windows CE,XP,NT.

What Makes A Thin Client Network?

Ideal For 30-40 Clients running common OPAC`s,Internet,Office software,etc



how does a thin client work
How Does A Thin Client Work?
  • About 1/3 Size Of PC.
  • Works In A Same Way And At Same Speed As Desktop PC.
  • Supports GUI And Windows Environment.
  • Can Be Configured On As Low As 16Mb Of RAM.
  • Same Feel As Working On Any Windows Based OS.
  • Remote Computation….Server Takes Care Of All The Processing.
  • Works On either Citrix`s ICA Or Microsoft's RDP Protocols (Both Require Only 20Kbps Speed Over Network To Work).
  • User Logs On TO The Server Via Web Portal And A Familiar Windows Base Environment is Replicated On TO Users Screens With Access To Application, Internet, Mail, Drives, Printers, Etc.
who are the main players
Who are the Main Players ?
  • Microsoft – NT/2000/2003 Terminal Services (RDP)Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Citrix – MetaFrame(ICA)Intelligent Console Architecture



advantages over desktop pc s
Advantages Over Desktop Pc`s
  • Dramatically Decreases The TCO by 54% to 57%.
  • Decreases IT Cost By 80% Through Reduced Staff And Centralized Software Management. (Does not Crash, NO Help DESK)
  • Greatly Simplifies The Software Upgrade Over The Network.
  • Eliminates The Hardware Upgrades On Client Side.
  • Increases End User Productivity. (Limited Access To Authorized Applications & Storage)
  • Increased Life Time Of Client. (NO Moving Part ,Less Power Usage)
  • Provides Higher Security. (Authentication, virus protection, data on server, theft).
  • No Access To HDD, FDD, CD-ROMS. (Avoids Downloads, installations, Junk Data on to the HDD)
  • Thin Clients Are Virus Proof. (Since No OS And HDD Resides On It)
  • Reduced Power Consumption.
  • Centralized Backup. (Home Directory Mapping)
  • 286,386,486 PCs Can Be Converted To Thin Client And Can Work At Speed Of 800Mz Celeron Processor.
potential disadvantages of thin clients
Potential Disadvantages of Thin Clients
  • Entry costs are high for servers and installation expertise.
  • More bandwidth is required; multimedia, project-based learning applications run very slowly.
  • Thin-client doesn’t allow the flexibility to load software on the spot, constricting the “teachable moment.”
  • PC’s are coming down in costs, and many educators believe users need the fully-functioning capabilities of a desktop.
Comparison ..

Personal Computer Solution

Thin Client Solution





Win2000 Server Software Academic


Win2000 Server Software Academic:


Win2000 Client License Academic


Win2000 Client License Academic:


Win 2000 Terminal Server Client License Academic:


Security & antivirus software


Lexitech Browser: (using free Public Web Browser would eliminate this cost)


Mid range network ready PIII PC with 15” monitor


IBM NetVista N2200W with 15” IBM black monitor


Total cost per unit for 1 user (not including server) With:Total cost per unit for 1 user Total cost per unit for 15 users Total cost per unit for 25 users


7,295 1,700 1,540

Total cost per unit for 1 user (not including server)with:Total cost per unit for 1 user Total cost per unit for 15 users Total cost per unit for 25 users


9,116 1,649 1,436

comparison cont
Comparison cont..

Key usage factor/unmet need

Thin Client


(User Benefit)

(Centralised Approach)

(Distributed Approach)

Low total cost of ownership


Rapid Application Deployment


Support for windows applications and graphics



Easy for end-users to use



High security


Low initial cost


Support for legacy applications


Support for java applications



what services can we deliver through thin clients
What Services Can We Deliver Through Thin Clients.
  • Access To Internet Through Common Browsers Like IE.
  • Access To Subscription Database.
  • OPAC Browsing.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Audio.
  • Several Application Software.
  • Printing.
what services are not suitable for thin client
What Services Are Not Suitable For Thin Client
  • Streaming Video.
  • Video Games.
  • DVD Movies.
look feel
Look & Feel….

Only restricted application can be used

Internet Explorer

what does a thin client look like
What does a Thin Client Look Like?

Conventional PC

Thin Clients

what kind of expertise is needed to set up a thin client implementation like this

A librarian with good technical skills will be able to maintain the system, as long as there is support from a Microsoft Certified Professional if problems arise.

  • A Microsoft Network Administrator is needed to build a Thin client network.
  • Once the network is developed it take only one person to take care of (installation,hardware upgrade,Software upgrade,helpdesk) 100`s of PC.Common PC skill would be enough to manages the whole network
What kind of expertise is needed to set up a thin client implementation like this?
major developers of thin client technology
Citrix and Microsoft partnership

WinFrame and MetaFrame

National Semiconductor

Sun Microsystems

Wyse Technology






Major Developers of Thin Client Technology
list of thin client users

Other Libraries Thin Client Implementations



Contact Person

Email Address

W.E.B. Du Bois Library Umass Amherst     

Sun Microsystems Sun Ray appliances

Marilyn B. Hanley

J. Bourne Public Library                        


Dianne Ranney

UMass Dartmouth Library

Citrix/NT Boundless Technologies

Charlie McNeil

Memorial Hall Library

Citrix/2000 server

James Sutton  

List Of Thin Client Users

Bond University

NAME: Stephen Tonna


Griffith University

NAME: Paul Kirn


Central Queensland University

James Cook University

Queensland University Of Tech

NAME: Sarah Fredline


Southern Cross University

NAME: Neville Moon (Systems Support, Library)


State Library of Queensland

University of Queensland

NAME: Michael Manning


University of Southern Queensland

NAME: Mark Bizzell (Systems Administrator)


University of the Sunshine Coast

growth of thin client popularity
Growth OF Thin Client Popularity
  • Growth Of Last Years Market by 18% where else Desktop Pc`s remain flat round the world.
  • Standard Growth Of 3% Of Over All PC in market,expected to reach to 5% by next year.
  • If Technology is so good why do people don’t use it?
  • A Lot more people know about its existence.
  • May extend Life of Current PC’s by 2-3years
  • Large upfront costs – Infrastructure and Network Costs (possibly Licensing)
  • Management, Support, Application Deployment, Security, etc. far easier
  • Will reduce Base Line Support costs over 3 to 5 years
supporting information references
Supporting Information References
  • The Skinny on Thin-client Technology
  • Thin Client Computing Defined
  • Thin Clients