Professional advisory board canadian celiac association pab activities 2006
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Professional Advisory Board Canadian Celiac Association PAB Activities 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Advisory Board Canadian Celiac Association PAB Activities 2006. Dr. Connie M. Switzer MD, FRCPC, FRCPC Clinical Professor of Medicine University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Chair CCA PAB. Canadian Celiac Association. Mission Statement

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Professional advisory board canadian celiac association pab activities 2006 l.jpg

Professional Advisory BoardCanadian Celiac AssociationPAB Activities 2006

Dr. Connie M. Switzer MD, FRCPC, FRCPC

Clinical Professor of Medicine

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta


Canadian celiac association l.jpg
Canadian Celiac Association

Mission Statement

  • The CCA is a national organization dedicated to providing service and support to persons with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis through programs of awareness, advocacy, education and research

Role of pab l.jpg
Role of PAB

  • Accountable to CCA through BoD

  • Membership by nomination at the discretion of the BoD on recommendation of PAB

  • Advisory role to BoD and CCA

  • Assist BoD and CCA in mandate of promoting wellness of persons with CD & DH

  • Advocacy role

    • For pts with CD/DH

    • For the CCA through variety of contacts

  • Research role – reviewing grant applications and awards also in facilitating research

Members of celiac pab l.jpg
Members of Celiac PAB

Dietitian Members

  • Shelley Case, BSc, RD

  • Mavis Molloy, BSc, M. Ad. Ed., RD

  • Marion Zarkadas, BSc, MSc

    Cereal Chemist/Grain Expert

  • Dr. Vern Burrows C.M., PhD, FAIC, PAg

Members of celiac pab5 l.jpg
Members of Celiac PAB

Physician Members

  • Dr. D. Butzner

  • Dr. M. Rashid

  • Dr R. Warren

  • Dr. Connie M. Switzer (Chair)


  • Dr T. Murray, Alexandra Anca

    BoD Liaison: Jean Eldershaw

Pab education awareness l.jpg
PAB – Education & Awareness

  • >40 - Educational presentations

    • Local Events

    • National Conferences & Symposia

    • International Conferences

    • Participation in CAG Consensus on Wait times

  • Media presentations

  • Many peer reviewed publications including CCHS

  • Posters at 12th International Celiac Symposium

Role of pab research l.jpg
Role of PAB - Research

  • Resource experts

  • Advise CCA on current research directions

  • Advise CCA: aspects of Research Awards

    • Dr. J.A. Campbell Research Award

    • Young Investigator Award

  • Encourage research initiatives

  • Advise CCA re: options for research funding

  • Publication of Canadian Celiac Health Survey

  • Advise CCA re: innovative approaches to share researchinformation

Canadian celiac health survey l.jpg
Canadian Celiac Health Survey

  • Adult paper now published in “Digestive Diseases and Sciences”

  • Health survey questionnaire requested by several international research groups

  • Several abstracts at major meetings

  • Oral presentations at National CAG Consensus on waiting times related to Celiac disease

  • Presentation of CCHS at research days and forums for physicians

  • Numerous citations of CCHS data at several meetings including CAG CDDW 2006

On pubmed round the world l.jpg
On “Pubmed” round the world

“Beautiful paper, long due.  I am pretty sure that this contribution will have a terrific impact on celiac disease awareness. Congratulations to you and all the other authors!”Alessio (Dr Fassano) February 25th, 2007 e-mail to Shelley Case

Slide10 l.jpg

Celiac disease:

Evaluation of the diagnosis and dietary compliance in Canadian children

Pediatrics 2005 Dec; 116: e754 - e759

Article available to public at

Slide11 l.jpg

The impact of a gluten-free diet on adults with coeliac disease:

results of a national survey

J Hum Nutr Diet 2006 Feb;19:41-49

Pab projects l.jpg
PAB Projects disease:

  • “Oats and Celiac Disease – Guidelines for Physicians and Patients”

  • Review of “Hidden and Dangerous” pamphlet

  • CCA response to CODEX

  • Draft review of HC position statement on Oats and Celiac Disease

  • Lobbying for improved food labelling – you can help too –

  • Pocket dictionary – 2nd printing

  • “Ask the Expert” column CCA newsletter

  • Content input “Blood tests for Celiac Disease”

  • CCA Health Professionals Resource Kit

Pab advisory role l.jpg
PAB Advisory Role disease:

  • Advise the CCA on “pure & uncontaminated oats”

  • Advise CCA on PAVENA trademark

  • Review/advise the CCA on information projects

  • Create guidelines for Celiac Disease Diagnosis and Treatment for provincial medical associations

  • Review Research grant applications

    • Young investigator Award

    • Dr. JA Campbell Award

Celiac disease screening tests are they being used appropriately l.jpg

Celiac Disease Screening Tests: Are They Being Used Appropriately?

Kelly E McGowan*, Rachael W McKenna, Martha E Lyon, J Decker Butzner

ASG Sept 2005


*CCA Young Investigator Award Winner 2005

Pab communication l.jpg
PAB Communication Appropriately?

  • Liaison with BoD/CCA

    • Kenn Tuckey

    • Jean Eldershaw

    • Jim McCarthy

  • Meetings

    • Regular teleconferences - committee work

  • Annual Meeting

    • National Conference Toronto 2006

    • National Conference Moncton 2007

Cca pab summary l.jpg
CCA PAB Summary Appropriately?

  • In the rear view mirror is 2006:

    • Busy year

    • Innovative year

    • Productive year

  • Through the front window is 2007:

    • Many projects in evolution

    • Look forward with enthusiasm to new challenges and opportunities

Thought for 2007 l.jpg
Thought for 2007 Appropriately?

  • “Together……We’re making a difference

  • Ensemble…..Nous ferons la différence”

  • Delta Beausejour Hotel….May 27th, 2007

Thank you and see you in victoria 2008 l.jpg

Thank you and Appropriately?See you in Victoria 2008