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The Pete Rose Case

The Pete Rose Case Pete Rose is one of the greatest baseball players of all time Controversy about whether he should be reinstated for allegedly gambling

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The Pete Rose Case

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  1. The Pete Rose Case

  2. Pete Rose is one of the greatest baseball players of all time Controversy about whether he should be reinstated for allegedly gambling Is it ethical to allow Pete Rose to be reinstated, despite the rule in baseball and all professional sports prohibiting betting/gambling? Observations and Defining the Problem

  3. Identifying Options • Do not reinstate Pete Rose 2. Reinstate Pete Rose conditionally, if he apologizes and admits to betting in baseball 3. Not reinstate Pete Rose, but allow him to be considered for the Hall of Fame

  4. Viewing Pros and Cons

  5. Stakeholder Analysis: Those affected by each option Stakeholder group that’s significantly affected by options: Other professional sports leagues

  6. Hall of Fame Exception – Option 3 Option: • Rose will remained banned from all aspects of baseball, including coaching management, scouting, and consulting • Rose will become eligible to enter to Hall of Fame Effects: • Pros: • Complete Hall of Fame • Resolution • Both sides save face • Cons: • Compromises strength and validity of rules

  7. Effects on Stakeholders: Pete Rose: remains banned but validated by Hall of Fame admission MLB: lingering issue resolved, rules compromised Hall of Fame: complete, integrity questioned Other Professional Sports: integrity and rule enforcement questioned Who is most affected? Other Professional Sports leagues because a precedent will be set Stakeholder Analysis – Option 3

  8. Virtue Analysis – Option 3 Accounted Values: • Justice- for Rose, MLB, its rules and those abiding players • Loyalty- for Rose from the Hall of Fame

  9. Ethics of Respect – Option 3 • Option as a law: • Anyone banned from baseball will not be reinstated, but will remain eligible for the Hall of Fame • Option and the Categorical Imperative: • Violates the formulation of kingdom of ends • Option and the preservation of dignity: • Threatens the dignity of Rose, the rules and the players that abide by them, and Hall of Fame stakeholders

  10. Harms to stakeholders: Weakens rules and questions administrative dedication Rose remains banned Benefits to stakeholders: Resolution for all parties Complete Hall of Fame Utilitarian Analysis – Option 3 Creepy Scenario does not occur with this option

  11. Pros Consideration for Hall of Fame leads to its completion Resolution of this controversy is a win win situation for both the MLB and Pete Rose. MLB can put this situation into the past, and Pete Rose will be eligible for Hall of Fame Cons Undermines players Gives bad reputation to the MLB Conditional Reinstatement based Upon Apology – Option 2

  12. Analysis on Ethics of Respect – Option 2 • Stated as if it was a law, this particular option would be identified as followed: Anyone banned from baseball should not be considered for reinstatement without apologies and admittance of guilt. • In regards to the categorical imperative, there are some formulations from the categorical imperative which are violated: The formula of Universal Law would violate this option because it would include exceptions to the accepted standard. • When considering the stakeholder groups, the dignity of certain stakeholders is compromised with accordance to this option: It threatens the dignity of law abiding players and also those in the Hall of Fame because their honorary position is being discredited upon his eligibility.

  13. Utilitarian Analysis – Option 2 • In regard to these harms and benefits, a creepy scenario is presented to other professional athletic leagues. • This Option also presents the most harms because it has all the harms of not reinstating Pete Rose but allowing him to be eligible in the hall of fame, but also has the added factor of ruining Pete Rose’s image.

  14. Virtue Analysis – Option 1 This chart shows how both Major League Baseball and Pete Rose are affected by the virtues we found to be important.

  15. Analysis on Ethics of Respect – Option 1 • Anyone banned from baseball must not be re-instated. • This establishes a maxim on which to evaluate situations that arise • This violates Pete Rose’s Dignity • This violates the dignity of the Hall of Fame’s stakeholders

  16. Utilitarian Analysis – Option 1 • Groups Harmed: • Pete Rose, Hall of Fame • Groups Benefited: • Major League Baseball, Other sports organizations • Pete Rose is caught in “creepy scenario”

  17. Recommendation Do not reinstate Pete Rose You’re Out!

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