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Are You Happy with Your Businesses’ Current Music Source Provider PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You Happy with Your Businesses’ Current Music Source Provider

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Are You Happy with Your Businesses’ Current Music Source Provider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are You Happy with Your Businesses’ Current Music Source Provider Are your customers? Quebbie ® Music Systems Introducing the Most Revolutionary Background Source Music Available Giving You Complete Control of the Music & Messaging for Your Business What in the world is a Quebbie?

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Are You Happy with Your Businesses’ Current Music Source Provider

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Music Systems

Introducing the Most Revolutionary Background Source Music Available

Giving You Complete Control of the Music & Messaging for Your Business


What in the world is aQuebbie?

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Quebbie Music Systemsare the Complete Solution for Businesses Seeking Total Controlofthe Music Ambience& Message Marketing in their Operations


Health & Fitness Clubs


Bowling Centers



As well as these types of venues

Airports * Shopping Centers & Malls * Funeral Homes

Stadiums & Arenas * Party Rental Centers * Country Clubs

School Systems * Hospitals & Medical Centers

Service Stations * Corporate Headquarters

Specialty Stores & Shops * Office Complexes * Coffee Cafes

Auto Dealerships * Convention Centers

Day Care Facilities * Youth Centers 

Skating Rinks * Adult Entertainment Clubs

DJ'S * Houses of Worship

Anywhere music and marketing are important!!!


These Quebbie Clients are in Control of their Music & Messaging

International Concepts Development

Thousands of clients in the US & Europe and Growing Everyday


Absolutely Yes!

Musicis one of the key elements in creating aspecific atmospherefor any business.

It is of course one of the

five senses.


If you strive to provide a quality product, clean and safe establishment as well as excellent customer service, shouldn't the quality and controlof your musical atmosphere be just as important ?


Customer’s buying decisions are greatly effected by their mood. Controlling the music that influences your customers buying decisions is easily achieved using Quebbie Music Systems


Quebbie Standard Music Categories:

These music genres are delivered on each Quebbie Music System

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Additional Available Categories:

These Genres can be easily be added to your Quebbie Music System

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Quebbie’s Music Design Team

Quebbie’s music programming and research teams are located in Europe and throughout the United States. They have been working in the background music industry since 1979 and have over 100 years combined in designing music concepts for almost every type of business.

Quebbie's music programmers monitor today’s ever changing face of music and continue to develop new ideas for enhancing your individual businesses needs.

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We offer our clients the flexibility to choose music styles that fit their individual needs. The Quebbie Music System lets you choose the music and formats you wish and the order you wish to have them play.

Quebbie music categories are designed to compliment any business environment and we are dedicated to continually updating and adding choices to meet and exceed your individual business needs. We not only provide the best music in content and quality, we also offer you more choices than any other music service in how you use it.

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Q Music USA producestwo Music Systems to Choose from

The Quebbie Pro (Single Zone System)

The Quebbie Multi Zone ( Four Zone System)

Lets take a look at the

Quebbie Pro System


Standard Rack Mount System

Easily controllable with touch screen or any standard computer monitor

quebbie pro system programs screen24
Quebbie Pro System - Programs Screen

Here you have control of up to 10,000 music selections & over 60 genres of music as well as one touch access to Search, Music Library, Audio -Promo, Settings, Timer and much, much more

quebbie pro search screen26
Quebbie Pro - Search Screen

Both the Quebbie Pro & the Quebbie Multi Systems are fully searchable

You can effortlessly search by song title or artist, add songs to the play list, insert songs as next selection or even play any song instantly with one touch or click


Quebbie Pro - Timer Selection Screen

The Timer Program Screen allows you to schedule Music & Messaging

You can easily schedule formats by the Week, Day, Hour and Minute

Quebbie affords you the comfort in knowing your music formats change automatically when you decide they should


Quebbie Pro - Timer Overview Screen

Easily Check and Adjust Your Complete Music Scheduling Line Up


Quebbie Pro - Audio Promo Screen

Quebbie’s Audio Promo Function allows you to advertise sales, daily specials, upcoming events etc.

It also gives you an excellent opportunity to create a revenue stream by selling time to vendors and non- competing businesses


Quebbie Pro - DJ Player Screen

The Quebbie Pro System comes with a fully Functional DJ Mixer Screen


Quebbie Pro - Settings Screen

Here you can easily control the functionality of your Quebbie System

Adjust Crossfade time & sensitivity

Set up your system to generate a second zone of music

Control the appearance of screens, shuffle, auto start, passwords , monthly update functionality and much more

Now lets take a look at the

Quebbie Multi Zone System


Quebbie Multi Zone - Overview Screen

Complete Overview of all

Four Zones

View and Control for example the Bar, Restaurant, Patio and Banquet room all from one screen


Quebbie Multi - Programs Screen

Four Separate Program Screens

One for each zone to easily program music, messaging search and timer functions independently of each other


Quebbie Multi - Settings Screen

Control the Functions of Each Zone Individually

Shuffle, Crossfade, Auto Start & Timer

Also Access Audio Promo, Zone Connections and Many Other Functions


Quebbie Multi – Zones Screen

On the connect zones screen you can easily change the music format played in each zone as well as set all four zones to the same format for large events


Quebbie Multi - Timer Program Screen

The Timer Program Screen allows you to schedule Music & Messaging separately for all four zones

You can easily schedule formats by the Week, Day, Hour and Minute

Quebbie affords you the comfort in knowing your music formats change automatically when you decide they should


Quebbie Help Screen

No Manuals to lose

Each Quebbie program button has a simple, easy to use help screen

Your staff can be operating your Quebbie Music System in about 10 minutes


Key Benefits of Using Quebbie

  • Complete control over all music and audio promos
  • Initial library of over 6500 music selections to fit your business
  • Quebbie stores up to 10,000 songs
  • Updated monthly with over 150 new songs
  • Digitally encrypted CD quality music format
  • Timer Program allows for seamless operation
  • Easily add audio promos to advertise your business and create revenue stream
  • Quebbie is completely self contained. No satellite dishes, cable or internet needed
  • Easily installs into existing audio system
  • Single or Multi Zone Systems
  • Excellent addition to Music/Messaging on phone systems

All music selections are recorded at the same level, no ups and downs in volume

  • Automatic cross fade means seamless musical transitions
  • Mix categories together (i e: 70’s Gold, 80’s Archive and Classic Rock)
  • Auto Shuffle means never hearing music selections in the same order
  • Quebbie music library is fully searchable by song title or artist
  • Instant requests for special guests and events
  • Create & save custom play lists for parties, special events and staff etc.
  • Password protection to limit access control
  • Standard ASCAP, BMI & SESAC background license included in monthly update
  • Solid track record for quality & reliability – Proven product on the market over 5 years
  • Quebbie lets you control the atmosphere you want for your business!

“What Quebbie Clients are Saying”

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“We think the Quebbie system is fantastic.  We love the Island Cocktail as it fits our theme to a T.  We also love how flexible it is so if there are songs we want  to add it is very simple.  In short Quebbie is the best commercial music system I have ever used." 

David Farley, General Manager Splash Restaurants - West Palm Beach, FL

“We are so pleased with our system. It offers us the flexibility to change our music throughout the day. Our members love it.”

Ester Burgess YMCA Fitness Director – Salisbury, NC

"Quebbie has allowed Harborside Event Center the flexibility that we need with programming music for our events. We can have a client listen to Smooth Jazz during their dinner, while playing Hot Tracks in another part of the center for a dance event. We typically would not have had such a music library on site or would have to pay multiple licensing agreements through music providers, but with Quebbie we can quickly design custom music plans for our clients in one easy to use interface."

Andrew ThompsonBusiness Manager Harborside Event Center - Fort Myers, FL

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What separates Quebbie from other music source providers?

Quebbie not only gives you complete control over the music for your business, you also have the option to easily add audio commercials and announcements for you business to play with your music. With Quebbie you can easily program different styles of music to play at specific times of the day and week.

Quebbie’s onsite music library is fully searchable by song or artist. You can effortlessly build custom play lists for everyday listening, private parties or special events.  The first and only integrated music background system in the United States, Quebbie does not require a satellite dish, cable or internet connection. It installs easily into any standard audio system.

Quebbie is not a force fed streaming signal of music of which you have no control over. Simply put, Quebbie is the easiest, most effective source of music for your business available.

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Do I have complete control of the music that is available on Quebbie?

You have FULL control over the music for your business. You can build your own custom play lists, mix music categories to play together at the same time i.e. 70's 80's & 90's, easily set your music to play what and when you want, add audio promos and announcements, search the music library for instant requests and even delete artists or songs you do not wish to have on your system.

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Does Quebbie come with music or do I have to purchase that as well?

Quebbie comes pre-loaded with over 6500 songs in 37 genres of Music. Additional categories of music are available as well. Quebbie has over 60 styles of music.

I have my own tastes in music. What if there are songs I just do not want?

Quebbie gives you, the client, complete control of your music library. If there are songs and/or artists you just don't like, you can simply remove them from your system. 

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How do I get more music for my Quebbie?

Each month you will receive a CD ROM loaded with 150-180 new songs for your Quebbie, approximately 10 hours of music including the latest hits in Urban, Hip/Hop, Dance, Rock and Country as well as hits from the past to keep all of your music categories fresh. Quebbie's music to has access to many of today's future hits even before they are available to the general public which keeps your business on the cutting edge of what's hot in today's music trends. 

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What if I need special styles of music for my business?

Quebbie's Music Design Team, along with your Quebbie Dealer, can help you with choosing additional music styles to fit your individual type of business. For example, if you operate a spa or wellness center, you can choose to receive New Age and Sounds of Nature. These do not come standard on a Quebbie System but you can easily have them for your Quebbie at no additional charge. Or perhaps you are in responsible for the programming at a house of worship, you may choose to omit certain styles of music that would not be appropriate and add categories such as Gospel, Christian, Alternative Christian and Kid's Club if you have a nursery.  

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Can I add my own audio promo announcements

You can easily add up to (50) promos, commercials and announcements to your Quebbie. You can choose to have these spots play in a rotation from every song up to every 25th song. Each spot may be up to (90) seconds in length and can be easily created on any computer. Quebbie also can provide you with a list of Audio Promotion Companies should you wish.

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What about selling advertising to other businesses and  vendors?

Absolutely. Here is a revenue stream for your business that is unlimited and very easy to do. Imagine playing commercials of vendors and  non-competing business on your Quebbie and generating a excellent income. You can even work out trade agreements with local hotels, restaurants, salons, specialty stores, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

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Do I need a satellite dish or special equipment to operate Quebbie?

Unlike most of today's music services, Quebbie does not rely upon satellites, cable or internet connections. You will never again have annoying bad weather interruptions of your music. Quebbie easily installs into any standard audio amplifier with simple RCA connectors. That's it. Its as easy as hooking up a CD player or cassette deck.

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Is the music legally licensed through the propercopyright associations?

All of the music on your Quebbie system, as well as music added via updates, is covered under a standard background music license with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

What if I use a DJ or have live performances?

The music licensing with your Quebbie system is for background music. If you plan on having a DJ use the Quebbie for dancing, are charging a cover charge or use the music for "live performances", you will need to contact ASCAP, BMI  and SESAC  to seek the proper information and additional charges that may be necessary to keep your business in full and legal compliance. Please contact Quebbie if you have any questions regarding music licensing.

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I have a restaurant with a bar & a patio area. Can I play different types of music in these areas?

Quebbie's Multi-Zone System allows you to play different styles of music in up to four different locations in your establishment. You can easily have Classic Rock playing in your bar, Adult Contemporary in your restaurant, Island Cocktail on your patio and the Wedding Album in your banquet room.

Can Quebbie be used for music on hold in my phone system?

Yes, both the Quebbie Single and Multi-Zone Systems can easily be added to enhance your music on hold. It is also an effective way to use your own commercials  for promoting your business to your customers while waiting on hold.

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Simply Put

If Music Ambience and Message Marketing is an important component of your business, Quebbie Background Music Systems offer you unmatched control, ease of use and flexibility

Are You Happy with Your Current

Music Source Provider?


For more information onQuebbie Music Systems Please contact


1-866-Quebbie ( 783-2243)