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Internet and Education Authoring & MultiMedia

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Internet and Education Authoring & MultiMedia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet and Education Authoring & MultiMedia Week 9 Andrew Barr & Alan Barnes Lab Tasks You overall task for this week is.  Identify three educationally valuable ways in which children can create multimedia that can be then uploaded to the web or made available over the internet?

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internet and education authoring multimedia

Internet and EducationAuthoring & MultiMedia

Week 9

Andrew Barr & Alan Barnes

lab tasks
Lab Tasks
  • You overall task for this week is.
  •  Identify three educationally valuable ways in which children can create multimedia that can be then uploaded to the web or made available over the internet?
study notes
Study notes
  • Multimedia study notes
  • Examine the notes and think about the following questions:
  • 1. How do you select MM software that is appropriate for your students or yourself?
  • 2. What are some of the MM package strengths and weaknesses and what age levels would you see the program as being useful?
  • 3. How can MM authoring be assessed in your classroom?
  • 4. How does the integration of MM facilitate the learning of your students?
  • 5. What are the problems and issues involved in the integration of MM in the classroom and the curriculum?

What is Multimedia?

Wikipedia defines multimedia as …

“Multimedia is media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing (i.e. text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity) to inform or entertain the (user) audience.”

See Readings on last slide


Multimedia is not new!

• Audio-visuals have been traditionally used by teachers for generations to motivate or gain the students attention:

- posters, diagrams, maps, charts

- slides

- film

- tape and video

• Nowadays, ‘multimedia’

encapsulates computer-based

methods of incorporating

numerous forms of media.


What is Media?

• Is the plural of ‘medium’

• As humans, we are often seeking to convey a ‘message’ that may fulfill a variety of purposes

• ‘Medium’ refers to the means by which something may be ‘conveyed’- a message

• The message may include …

- communicating ideas

- promoting thoughts

- relaying information

- inducing emotion

- encouraging activity

- teaching skills and processes

integrating multimedia on the web
Integrating Multimedia on the web
  • Teachers use MM to deliver presentations
  • Students use MM to learn content
  • Both use MM as Simulations
  • Web pages are the delivery Platforms for
    • CBT (computer based training)
    • Electronic books
    • How–to-guides
    • Virtual reality
computer based training
Computer Based Training
  • Instructional courseware on computers
  • Teach new skills
  • Athletes to practise games
  • Airlines have flight simulators
  • Learners receive instant feedback
  • Testing and self diagnostic features
e books and references
E-Books and References
  • A library on the desktop
  • Microsoft reader/ Adobe Acrobat reader
  • Project Gutenberg many references online
  • Multi-media Encyclopaedias online
  • MM dissections for biology

how to guides
How – to - Guides
  • Step-by-step instructions in risk free environments
  • Design a garden
  • Virtual makeover
  • Websites for schools
mm newspapers and tv news
MM Newspapers and TV news
  • Digital versions delivered on the web
  • Use many types of media
  • Updated rapidly
  • Includes interactive viewer opinions

New York Times

The Globe and Mail

ABC news

Web radio

  • Combine elements of TV and interactivity
  • Computer games
  • Music industry clips
  • Motivation factor
virtual reality
Virtual reality
  • Allows you to explore and manipulate space
  • Architects show clients remodelling
  • Advanced VR requires special gear
  • VR tour of city or museum
  • Virtual worlds
mm on the web
MM on the web
  • Most web browsers can display MM
  • Some browsers require Plug-ins
  • Audio (pre recorded or live)
  • Video (pre recorded or live)
  • Streaming audio and video links
  • Streaming sound or podcast
  • Animations(Flash)
  • Broadband becomes essential
authoring the media
Authoring the media
  • Graphics-jpg,gif
    • Adobe photoshop
    • Fireworks
    • Illustrator
  • Movies
    • Apple Final Cut Pro IMovie, QuickTime
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Ulead
  • Animations
    • Flash

Why do teachers avoid multimedia?

• Lack of access to computer based resources

• Lack of understanding of the language of multimedia

• The need to make fundamental shifts from previous teaching practice

• Acknowledgement that students

may often know more than the

teacher regarding technology

• Lack of understanding regarding

the possibly misuse of technology

• Fears about reliability of the technology

• Lack of confidence in the use of technology


How can I prepare myself for multimedia teaching?

• You will tend to incorporate multimedia when you feel comfortable using it yourself

…. You are using multimedia on a daily basis already (i.e. automatic teller machines, computer games, information booths, VCR machines, televisions, telephones) and contact with computers today is almost unavoidable

• Expand your experience with multimedia through the internet

• Discuss ideas with your colleagues and school ICT specialist

• Become aware of computer and resource access throughout the school

• Undertake training courses in subject specific areas

  • Shelly, G., Cashman, T.,Gunter, G., Gunter, R., (2006) Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the classroom, Thomson Course Technology, Boston MA
  • Lewis, R.,& Luciana, J. (2005) Digital Media, Pearson/prentice Hall, NJ, USA