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Fourth Grade 2008 - 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fourth Grade 2008 - 2009

Fourth Grade 2008 - 2009

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Fourth Grade 2008 - 2009

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  1. Fourth Grade2008 - 2009 Memorial Elementary 2600 Avenue R Plano, Texas 75074 Phone: 469.752.2500 Fax: 469.752.2501

  2. Fourth Grade Team Jenny Owen – Teacher 469.752.2544 Mayra Trejo – Bilingual Teacher 469.752.2542 Lileana MacCallion - Bilingual Teacher 469.752.2543 • Anita Smith – Teacher 469.752.2540 • Tara Brandenburg – Teacher 469.752.2544 • Erin Krombach – Team Leader 469.752.2541

  3. Fourth Grade Schedule • 12:05-12:35 Lunch • 12:35-1:05 Recess • 1:05-2:35 Integrated (Science, Social Studies, and Health) • 2:35-2:45 Pack up and Dismissal • 7:30- 7:45 Morning Procdedures • 7:45-7:55 Math • 7:55-8:50 Specials (Art, Music, and PE) •  8:50-10:10 Math • 10:10-12:05 Language Arts

  4. General Information Homework/Class Work Each student will receive an agenda planner. Each day, the students will be responsible for writing down any assignment they need to complete at home. We are asking that parents/guardians check the student’s assignment for accuracy as well as completion at the end of each school day. In addition, we request that you sign the agenda every night. As a rule, homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. The teacher will use the agenda as a means of keeping in touch with parents about events of the day.

  5. Make Up Work It is the student’s responsibility to request missed work from his/her teacher upon returning from an absence. Per district policy, make up work will not be given until after the 3rd day of absence. Students are given 1 day for each for day absent to make up the work.

  6. Take Home Folders Each student should have a green take home folder that will be taken home each evening with any homework. On Thursday they will receive important notices and graded papers. Parents are asked to read over the important information each Thursday.

  7. Progress Reports/Report Cards It is essential that ongoing communication between parent and teacher take place to ensure your child’s success this year. Progress reports will be distributed at the midpoint of each 9 week grading period. Report cards will be sent home at the end of each nine weeks. Report card envelopes should be signed and returned to school the following day.

  8. Homework • Students will complete homework on a daily basis. The completion of homework is reflected in the students’ work habits grade on their report cards. • Each week day your child should be reading for 20 minutes and recording their progress on their reading log. Collectively, your child should be reading 80 minutes each week. Also, on Thursday night, parents must sign each child’s reading log, which will be turned in on Friday.

  9. Discipline Policy Fourth grade students are required to follow the district wide Citizenship and CharacterTraits ( and school-wide ROARS Program (Respect, On-Task, Active Learning, Responsibility, Safety). If school rules are not followed, a student will practice the desired behavior as well as conference with the teacher. A plan of action will also be developed by the student. All students receive positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout the school day. Students will also receive “Bobcat Bucks”, coupons which can be redeemed for various prizes and rewards on a weekly basis.

  10. Important Dates Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS tests) March : Writing TAKS test April: Math TAKS test April: Reading TAKS test Visit the following website for more information: September 10: Back to School Night 5:00pm September 8 - 12: District Diagnostics (math, reading, writing and science) October 17: Parent/ Teacher Conferences October 23: Outdoor Learning Center Field Trip

  11. Positive Behavior Support • Ask your child to tell you all about • ROARS, • DINES, • FLUSHES, • SLIDES, and • WALKS

  12. Math • In the fourth grade, the students will expand their skills in computation, geometry, probability, algebraic concepts, graphing, and problem solving. • They will learn how to multiply and divide three-digit numbers, name the attributes of three-dimensional figures, use letters to represent missing numbers in equations, create graphs to show data, and solve two and three step problems.

  13. Integrated • We have a fascinating, information-packed year ahead of us with Science, Social Studies, and Health! • In Science the students will learn about our solar system, our atmosphere, the rock cycle, and our circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. • In Health, we will study safety in the house and neighborhood, the food pyramid, and the benefits of exercise and healthy eating.

  14. In Social Studies, the focus will be on the great state of Texas -- from the time that the first Conquistadores arrived up to the present day. Areas of study will include the various cultures which have influenced the people of Texas, transportation, politics, and the development of agriculture and business.

  15. Literacy • Literacy includes Reading, Writing, and Language Arts (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, etc.). • Our goal in Reading this year is to increase students’ fluency and comprehension.

  16. Writing • The students will focus on writing papers with a logical sequence that grab a reader’s interest. To meet that goal, they will study the Six Traits of Writing: Ideas, Organization, Fluency, Word Choice, Voice, and Conventions.

  17. TAKS • TAKS, Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, is one way our students show the state how much they have learned during the year. • The Writing TAKS Test will be in March this year. • The Reading and Math TAKS Tests will take place in April.

  18. All of us are excited to begin the 2008 – 2009 school year. We look forward to teaching your children and are committed to providing them the best education possible. • We ask only that all of us (parents, teachers, and students) work together as a team to achieve this goal. • Together, we will Build the Future One Child at a Time.