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22 nd AGM
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22 nd AGM

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  1. 22nd AGM The Mission of SSI: “The prevention and cure of blindness & eye cancer, particularly in children and older Australians.” “SIGHT FOR LIFE” Save Sight Institute University of Sydney Director’s Report Professor Frank Billson August 27th 2007

  2. 1.GOVERNANCEThe Save Sight Institute Board Appointed Members Mr Ken Coles, AM Professor Frank Billson, AO Professor Ramzi Fayed Mr George Harris Professor John McAvoy Mr Ben Meek Mr Peter Ketley Mr John Davies AM (retired) Jean-Claude Legrand * Mr Kerry Williams * Mr Syd Hyett * Mr Greg Dunn * Ex Officio Members Hon Judge Kim Santow Emeritus Professor Ann Sefton, AO Professor Gavin Brown AO Professor Don Nutbeam Professor Andrew Coats Professor Bruce Robinson

  3. 2.INTEGRATIONUniversity of Sydney-The Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney -Sydney Eye Hospital / Sydney Hospital-Discipline of Ophthalmology, Faculty of MedicineFoundations-Lions NSW Eye Bank-Foresight Australia-Sight For Life FoundationUniversity of NSW-Department of Ophthalmology, Prince of Wales Hospital

  4. 3.FOCUS To achieve its mission, SSI focuses on developing new knowledge in research, teaching and service RESEARCH -communitybased studies: epidemiological-clinical: studying eye disease in patients & testing new therapies in patients through clinical trials-laboratory: studying mechanism, normal & abnormal -translational: from new knowledge to practical. Our IP underpins 2 companies TEACHING AND SKILLS TRANSFER-next generation of doctors-next generation of ophthalmologists-health professions and health workers including remote and rural areas SERVICE-through the organisations on site with which we are integrated-programs overseas including the island nations which surround Australia“Research is organised curiosity” – Winston Churchill

  5. 3. Focus4.TEAMBoardAdministrative staffScientistsMedical personnelFund raisersStudentsDONORS and All who share our mission - Sydney Eye / Sydney HospitalCommunity-New collaborators

  6. 4.TEAM *Professor Minas Coroneo & University of N.S.W. -MOU to work together -Value add to Public sector eye care of patients in the community -Teaching next generation of Eye health professionals -Sharing collaborative research *School of Applied Visual science

  7. 3. FocusGovernance Integration Focus TeamFinance report 2006Save Sight Institute accounts showed a good position with a surplus of $1,063,387.Total Income is $4,482,777 including $2,805,274 in Research Grants.The total accumulated funds carried forward to 2006 are $1,300,030.First motionThe acceptance of the director’s report for the annual general meeting.Second motionThe acceptance of the finance report of the Institute for 2006.