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Asia Amritapuri Site Regional Contest December 11 & 12, 2010 Saturday and Sunday PowerPoint Presentation
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Asia Amritapuri Site Regional Contest December 11 & 12, 2010 Saturday and Sunday

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Asia Amritapuri Site Regional Contest December 11 & 12, 2010 Saturday and Sunday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asia Amritapuri Site Regional Contest December 11 & 12, 2010 Saturday and Sunday hosted by Primary Sponsor Amritapuri Campus in Clappana, Kollam in Kerala & Ettimadai C ampus in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Governance Partner

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Asia Amritapuri Site Regional Contest December 11 & 12, 2010 Saturday and Sunday

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Presentation Transcript

Asia Amritapuri Site

Regional Contest

December 11 & 12, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

hosted by

Primary Sponsor

Amritapuri Campus in Clappana, Kollam in Kerala &

Ettimadai Campus in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Governance Partner

acm icpc mission
ACM ICPC Mission
  • Provide college students with opportunities to interact with students from other universities
  • To sharpen and demonstrate their problem-solving, programming, and teamwork skills.
  • Provide a platform for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), industry, and academia to encourage and focus public attention on the next generation of computing professionals as they pursue excellence.
  • Two-tiered programming competition among teams of students representing institutions of higher education.
  • Teams first compete in regional contests held around the world from September to December each year.
  • The winning team from each regional contest qualifies to advance to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals.
amrita university
Amrita University
  • Private University with 5 campuses across 3 states in South India.
  • More than 15000 students and 2000 staff
  • 100+ programmes in 15+ schools.
  • Hosted ICPC Asia Site Regional Contest for the past 5 years in a row.
  • First two years – 2005 & 2006 at Ettimadai & since 2007 at Amritapuri. This year contest is Multi-provincial – Amritapuri & Ettimadai.
how is the contest organized
How is the contest organized?

World Finals

with 100 teams

contest details
Contest Details

World Finals

with 100 teams

sponsors and organizers
Sponsors and Organizers
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • IBM
  • Baylor University, Texas, USA – main organizer worldwide
  • Platinum Sponsor – Infosys
  • Governance Partner- Infosys Campus Connect
  • Gold Sponsor- Directi
  • Local Organizers – Amrita University
    • Each Regional Contest organized by a different university
    • Two regional contests in India
team composition
Team Composition
  • A participating team consists of:
    • Coach (University Staff or Faculty)
    • Three participating contestants
    • One reserve contestant (optional)

All from the same university. A coach can have multiple teams.

stages of contest
Stages of Contest
  • First internet round in October
    • Five-hour contest, free for all registered teams
  • Next round held in Amritapuri and Coimbatore simultaneously in December
    • Five hour contest
    • Participating teams selected from First Internet Round teams
    • Registration fee – Rs. 3000 per team
  • Teams from all over Asia come to Amritapuri and Coimbatore
double site amritapuri and coimbatore
Double-site – Amritapuri and Coimbatore
  • Why double-site?
    • Easier travel for some people
    • More on-site participation possible
  • How to pick a site?
    • You will be asked to select a site after your invitation to the onsite contest
    • You can pick only one, prefer one, or no preference
contest problems
Contest Problems
  • Problems are set by experts such as previous participants at the World Finals
  • 8-10 problems to be solved in five hours
  • Problem solutions consist of source code submitted to automatic judge by contestant teams that solve a described problem.
  • Judging application compiles and executes source code with secret input, and verifies correctness of output against golden solution’s output
  • Contestants notified in seconds of result of judging
    • Allows multiple solutions until correct solution is obtained
  • Heavy on algorithmic knowledge
contestant eligibility rules
Contestant Eligibility Rules

Basic Requirements

  • A student must be willing and able to compete in the World Finals.
  • A student must be enrolled in a degree program at the sponsoring institution with at least a half-time load. This rule is not to be construed as disqualifying co-op students, exchange students, or students serving internships.
  • A student may compete for only one institution during a contest year.
  • A student who has competed in two World Finals is NOT eligible to compete.
  • A student who has competed in five Regional Contests is NOT eligible to compete.
period of eligibility
Period of Eligibility
  • A student who meets the Basic Requirements and FIRST began post-secondary studies in 2006 or later is eligible to compete.
  • A student who meets the Basic Requirements and was born in 1987 or later is eligible to compete.
  • More information in
conduct of regional contest
Conduct of Regional contest
  • In consultation with the judges, the Regional Contest Director determines the winners of the regional contest.
  • The regional contest director and judges are empowered to adjust for or adjudicate unforeseen events and conditions.
  • The programming languages of the regional contest will include C/C++/Java.
how to participate at asia amritapuri
How to participate at Asia-Amritapuri
  • Coach + 3-4 contestants ‘find’ each other and form a team
    • Each coach can have multiple teams, all from his/her college
  • Teams go to Amritapuri ICPC website to read rules and procedures
  • Coach registers teams for Asia-Amritapuri contest at Baylor University site
  • Teams with Accepted registrations receive information on participation in a 5-hour internet contest in October
  • Teams qualifying from the above internet (online) contest receive invitations to the on-site contest in December
  • Teams travel to Amritapuri or Coimbatore in December to participate in the ICPC Regionals, Asia-Amritapuri site
  • Winning team(s) are invited to the World Finals in Egypt, Feb 27, 2010
checklist for coaches faculty members
Checklist for Coaches (Faculty Members)
  • Find three or four interested students who work well together, and form a team. Form as many such teams as you can.
    • Faculty coaches and students can be from any department.
    • Sometimes MTech students are eligible – check our site’s eligibility rules.
  • Register each team at, and make ‘reservations’ for the Amritapuri Online contest.
    • Ask your student teams to complete their registrations promptly
  • Ask the university to provide computer facilities for the students to practice and to participate in the contest stages.
  • Help your teams prepare. Guide them.
  • Keep the students informed as to the contents of emails you receive from ICPC.
  • If you can, travel with them to the on-site contest.
  • If they do well, publicize their success at your university.
  • Recruit your colleagues to coach teams.
  • Apply to the university and us for funding for registration, travel.
checklist for competitors students
Checklist for Competitors (Students)
  • Find two or three students and form a team. Get a coach.
    • Make sure you are eligible by checking our rules.
    • You can be BTech or MTech.
  • Register your team at with your coach’s help.
  • Work with your coach to get your college to provide computer facilities to practice and to participate in the contest stages.
  • Practice regularly at different sites, read books, etc.
  • Work with your coach to get funding for your registration and travel from your university.
  • Tell your friends about ICPC. Put it on your blog.
  • Come and take part, and enjoy yourselves. Give us feedback.
checklist for university college management
Checklist for University/ College Management
  • Encourage your students to participate by putting up our posters etc.
  • Publicize your students’ successes.
  • Give duty leave to your coaches and students for participation and travel.
  • Provide machines and facilities for your student teams.
  • Provide funding to your teams (students and coaches) for travel and registration.
  • Recognize that this is a valuable part of their education.
benefits of icpc participation
Benefits of ICPC Participation
  • For top-level teams
    • Honors, prizes, certificates
    • Chance to take part in the World Finals
  • For weaker teams
    • Improve programming skills
    • Focus on practice and learning algorithms
  • For everyone
    • Meet students from all over India and other parts of Asia with common interest in programming
    • Sightseeing, socializing, great food, fun, challenges
    • Employability
      • Many employers (Google, Facebook, Directi, IBM) look very favorably on contest performance and participation.
benefits of icpc participation contd
Benefits of ICPC Participation – contd.
  • For coaches and universities
    • Students learn stuff outside their curriculum, and pass knowledge on to other students, sustaining a chain
    • Students meet potential employers (from sponsors)
  • For sponsors
    • Interact with the smartest brains in the country
    • Help raise the programming skills of their potential employee pool
events at amritapuri and coimbatore during onsite contest
Events at Amritapuri and Coimbatore during Onsite contest
  • Programming contest
  • Excursion to scenic areas, beach
  • Yoga class
  • Cultural programs
  • Sponsor presentations
  • Prize-giving
  • Banquet
how you can help
How you can help
  • Tell your faculty and students about ACM ICPC – point them to our website
  • Form teams and participate
  • Encourage your college management to fund your registration and travel, and give you duty leave for participation
  • Ask us for flyers, posters, and PowerPoint presentations, and show them to your students
important contact info
Important Contact Info
  • Main ICPC website
  • Asia-Amritapuri site for ACM ICPC
  • Email:
  • Twitter: icpcamritapuri
  • Facebook Page: ACM ICPC Asia Amritapuri

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