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32 Reasons PowerPoint Presentation

32 Reasons

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32 Reasons

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  1. 32 Reasons toNOTdoMeth: The Devastation of METH MOUTH Presented by MITCHTV.NET

  2. “Meth Mouth” is becoming more and more prevalent in current and former users of this extremely addictive drug.  Teeth decay rapidly, causing the destruction known as “Meth Mouth.”  It is the culmination of years of crystal methamphetamine use.

  3. Meet Stacy.

  4. She is just 20 years old…

  5. Persons using crystal meth, tweeking for days at a time, will often stay awake and high for five to thirty days.  During this period, the acrid smoke, decreased saliva flow, poor hygiene, lack of dental care, and those extended periods of continuous activity and sleep take their toll on the user’s teeth.

  6. Here is Kris.

  7. He started using at 13 years old and quit around the age of 21.

  8. Teeth decalcify due to the highly acidic, moist, dark, environment, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and thereby, dental decay.  In “Meth Mouth,” teeth develop decay along the gumline, called cervical caries, which weaken the tooth structure. 

  9. Cervical Caries

  10.     In the early stages of meth mouth, dentists may notice cervical (gumline) cavities and sometimes interproximal caries (cavities between teeth). Teachers or parents will see these cavities as dark spots between the front teeth, a telltale sign of tooth decay. 

  11. As crystal meth use continues, so does the degradation of the enamel, as it is exposed over and over to physical and chemical insults. Even if the individual discontinues the use of methamphetamines, the enamel has been weakened and teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay.

  12. Kris is still in the process of getting ALL his teeth removed. By age 25, no natural teeth will remain.

  13. Decades of abuse.

  14. Let’s take a closer look into Ralph’s mouth.

  15.     Many crystal meth users are unable to hold jobs as they have no short term memory, making it hard for them to learn new procedures, they are unreliable, jittery, and paranoid.  Additionally, severe decay in their teeth, especially their front teeth where the smoke from crank touches the mouth first, is readily apparent when they speak; a 'flashingredlight' of sorts, to any prospective employers.

  16. Patients will, unable to tolerate the pain and unable to locate a dentist willing to work for free, lance abscesses themselves or extract teeth with needle nose pliers.

  17. "I can't stand the pain... Can you save my teeth?" The destruction is deep to the core.

  18. THE NET RESULT OF METH MOUTH = Dentures. WARNING: The next image shows blood.

  19. Ralph’s X-Rays can show the devastation deep to the root and make a clear visual that teeth are being literally eaten away.

  20. We cannot forgetthat “Meth Mouth” is only one of many results of the use ofcrystal meth.  Organ systems affected result inheart failure, strokes, liver failure and loss of memoryat extremely young ages, often in patients as young as22.  “Meth Mouth” is only a visible sign. 

  21. This is Laurie.

  22. Close in age to Ralph, Laurie’s mouth shows the telltale signs of rampant crystal methamphetamine use.

  23. Healthy teeth do NOT look like this!

  24. Teeth look as though they have been dipped in battery acid and, in a way, they have.  The coronal portion of the teeth will decay to the gum line, abscess, and become non-restorable as no tooth structure remains above the bone line. 

  25. Often, the gingiva will grow over the remaining stumps of roots and extractions become extremely difficult, as teeth have been reduced to extremely soft mush by crystal meth use. 

  26. Larry is 25…

  27. …and on the fast track to dentures.

  28. The adult dentition has 32 teeth, 32 reasons to never do crystal meth! In as little as 4 years they can be reduced to rubble.

  29. These are the consequences of using CRYSTAL METH.

  30. Please visit and share MITCHTV.NET for and information. We need to keep our kids off meth!

  31. PowerPoint by Berry Creative Consulting, Copyright MITCHTV.NET 2006 – PLEASE SHARE THIS!