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MSIS Training SY 2009-10

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MSIS Training SY 2009-10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 8-11, 2009. MSIS Training SY 2009-10. It takes a village…. What should I be doing now?. Releasing/Transferring Ownership Requesting MSIS #s Entering MSIS # Student Pg. 3, Alt. ID1 Printing Master Schedule to US Ethnicity/Race Survey SPED Schedules New Personnel Form.

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what should i be doing now
What should I be doing now?
  • Releasing/Transferring Ownership
  • Requesting MSIS #s
  • Entering MSIS # Student Pg. 3, Alt. ID1
  • Printing Master Schedule to US
  • Ethnicity/Race Survey
  • SPED Schedules
  • New Personnel Form
  • Elem. Scheduling
  • Entering Attendance
  • Completing all required fields
  • Student Indicators
    • Gifted
    • Vocational
    • SPED
    • ELL, Migrant, Homeless
    • Title I
then what
Then what?
  • Check with Data Management to see if teacher schedules are entered in MSIS
  • Create and run test MSD files – start no later than Monday, September 15
  • Start correcting MSD errors
  • Expect LARGE error logs in Month 1!
the bad news
The bad news…

There will be no pre-processor for Month 1...

The good news…

MSIS will start accepting files for testing purposes Tuesday, September 8th.

if you are successful before the last day of the month you will have to resend on 9 30 09 as usual
If you are successful before the last day of the month, you will have to RESEND on 9-30-09 as usual.

MIS Summer Conference 2009

There was no conference...

msis record change form
MSIS Record Change Form
  • Required by MDE for documentation for State Auditor
  • Download from Data Management web site
  • Requires original signatures
      • Superintendent
      • Primary Contact
      • Requestor
  • Snail mail
in 2007 08 mde received requests to change edit
In 2007-08, MDE received requests to change/edit…
  • 75 SSNs,
  • 605 Discipline Incidents,
  • 7,408 Ownership Corrections,
  • 140,630 MSIS Ids
student transfers
Student Transfers
  • Request the student the day the student enrolls in your school.
  • Release the student the day the student release is requested. Don’t wait for your file to pass.
  • MS Code 37-15-3 states that schools CAN NOT hold a student’s cumulative record for any reason.
new student ids
New Student IDs
  • Search by name
  • Search by SSN
  • Search on parts of names
  • Use Wild Card character %
  • Use all available data so duplicate IDs are not created
incorrect student ssns
Incorrect Student SSNs
  • Add correct number in student package
  • Contact other district about discrepancies
  • Complete MSIS Record Change Form
race ethnicity
  • Required by USDOE
  • A two part question is mandatory, with the ethnicity part asked first.
  • Ethnicity – Choose one
    • Hispanic/Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino
  • Multiple races may be selected
  • PI – Pacific Islander added to list in student package
race ethnicity cont
Race/Ethnicity, cont.
  • Multiple races may be selected
    • AS – Asian
    • B - Black
    • H - Hispanic
    • NA - Native American
    • W - White
    • PI – Pacific Islander (added in student package)

The Ethnic code selected in the Student Atom, pg. 1 will be reported to MDE.

how do we notify parents and fulfill new ethnicity requirements in our student package
How do we notify parents and fulfill new ethnicity requirements in our student package?
  • Race/Ethnicity Survey
  • Race Definitions SY 2008-09 for clarification/examples
  • Race/Ethnicity Survey Instructions dated 8-4-08
why am i reporting discipline data to msis
Why am I reporting discipline data to MSIS?

All discipline data reported is required by either state or federal legislation.

persistently dangerous school codes
Persistently Dangerous School Codes
  • Incidents that must be reported within 72 hours of occurrence
    • Discipline Incident and Disposition Summary 2008-09 (no changes from SY 07-08
    • Tracked by Data Management monthly
    • Auditable Item
a persistently dangerous school is
A persistently dangerous school is:

A school that, during the past

two (2) years, has continually exposed

its students to injury from violent

criminal offenses and is:


An elementary, middle or secondary public school in which a total of 20 or more violent criminal offenses were committed per 1000 students (2%) in 2 consecutive years.


An elementary, middle or secondary alternative school in which a total of 75 or more violent criminal offenses were committed per 1000 students (7.5%) in two consecutive years

new district behavior specialist learning center




NEW District Behavior SpecialistLearning Center
  • When entering Discipline Incidents:
    • Be as detailed as appropriate
    • Be consistent
    • Provide discipline reports for Behavior Specialist
    • Remind administrators of monthly reporting deadlines

…provides the State Auditor with authority to establish effective and efficient policies and procedures for auditing student attendance and data in local school districts. In particular, the State Auditor will have more flexibility regarding on-site audits and authority to establish specific policies and procedures to audit the processes, accuracy, validity and procedures used by local school districts to submit electronic student data and other data to the State Department of Education.


…requires a juvenile detention center to notify the school district officials on the first school day following a student’s placement in the detention facility. The bill also requires a school district, which is in the county where the detention center is located…shall provide a certified teacher to offer educational services to detainees.

rc juvenile detention center
RC Juvenile Detention Center
  • JD61 added to Disp Cd
  • DSD file required for any

student in attendance

how will we know when students are at the jdc
How will we know when students are at the JDC?
  • Misty Campbell, RCJDC Instructor, contacts Data Management daily stating students in attendance
  • Data Management emails daily attendance to Attendance contacts, and,
  • Contacts schools to create a discipline incident and DSD file to send to the MDE.
  • Required documentation for audit? RCJDC Monthly Summary Attendance Chart

…clarifies the method of providing TANF payments to eligible families and requires DHS to provide information…If a school district fails to provide to the DHS information concerning compulsory attendance within 15 days…Notify Department of Audit…monthly reports…If not in compliance, reduce the district’s MAEP funding by number of students … for one year.

For the future, MSIS!

partnering with school attendance officers
Partnering with School Attendance Officers
  • Legally, it is the district’s responsibility to provide information to the SAOs
  • Summer Activity Clean-up
    • SAOs are responsible for verifying no-shows
    • Schools must provide documentation for students on no-show list
  • Dropout Codes
    • Work with SAOs to ensure accuracy of codes

Summer Activity Screen

    • Populated after Month 1 completed (mid- October)
    • Report shows students not enrolled in a public school in MS in Month 1
    • The reason student not in school must be selected by school
    • SAOs verify reasons selected are accurate
new for 2008 09
New for 2008-09
  • Fax ‘Truancy Reporting’ Cover Sheet developed
    • fill in fields, print, sign, fax
  • Screen shots from student package showing demographics and absences allowable
    • print from Sasi, fax
    • 3 sheets total

Students reported to SAOs as being truant at 5,7,9, and 12 absences

  • New fields assigned in student package to track student absences and dates reported
  • Queries developed, report setups saved to Sasi Desktop

Enter dates students have 5,7,9, or 12 UNX absences.

Faxes sent to SAOs should be within 2 school days of absence to be in compliance.

daily attendance absences reported to truancy
Daily Attendance Absences Reported to Truancy

Save Query to Desktop

Run Daily for

5,7,9, 12


period attendance absences reported to truancy
Period Attendance Absences Reported to Truancy

Save Query to Desktop

Run after Att. In All Day Column for

5,7,9, 12


residency incomplete
Residency Incomplete

30 days from enrollment


Mark for students enrolling with incomplete residency.









Mark whenever student enrolls with Affidavit.

Expiration date one year from date on Affidavit.

student atom additional fields for tracking immunization non compliance

Student Atom Additional Fields for TrackingImmunizationNon-Compliance

immunization non compliance
Immunization Non-Compliance

Mark for Immunization non-compliance

















Be sure to sign

SASI/MSIS User Guides


to ensure you will




Never Lose the Child-like Wonder

Help others

Loyalty is a two-way street

Never Give Up

Show Gratitude

Don’t complain; just work harder.


Get People to Help You

You can’t get there alone

Tell the truth

Be earnest

Apologize when you mess up

Focus on others, not yourself


Be good at something: it makes you valuable

Work hard … “what’s your secret?”

Find the best in everybody; no matter how you have to wait for them to show it

Be prepared: “luck” is where preparation meets opportunity

Excerpts from Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture”


Have a great year


through it all,

Have fun!

before you leave





Before you leave…







phone 601 824 9994 fax 601 825 9612

Diana Knop

Nancy Clark

Crystal Creel

Phone 601.824.9994

Fax 601-825.9612

Angelia Perry

Office of Data Managementand Information

Michelle Williams

Leigh Townsend