Prelims 2014
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PRELIMS 2014. EXPECTATIONS AND ARRANGEMENTS. EXAM PERIOD. The Prelims will run from Friday 31 st January to Thursday 13 th February inclusive.

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Prelims 2014



Exam period

  • The Prelims will run from Friday 31st January to Thursday 13th February inclusive.

  • During this Exam period you will have Study Leave which will begin on Thursday 30th January. Arrangements can be made with Subject Teachers to come in for support with revision, usually when you would have a timetabled class. You must sign in/out at Reception and wear school uniform. You will return to school on Wednesday 19 February.

Study at other venues

  • Pupils who travel for courses to Torry Academy or Harlaw Academy, or other City Campus schools, will sit their exams at the school they presently study at.

  • Pupils MUST ensure they attend at the appropriate time. The Shuttle Bus will be running and pupils must ensure they arrive at Torry or Harlaw in time for their exams, and return to Kincorth in time for any other exams that day.

Prelim timetable

  • You have been issued with an exam timetable. Please ensure you have checked your timetable carefully and inform Mrs Henderson if there are still any difficulties.

  • You should have confirmed with your Subject Teachers the timings of your exams, the level you are sitting, the school if not Kincorth, the room number and any special equipment you might need, and noted this on the exam grid provided.

  • Torry and Harlaw timetables can be collected from Reception.

Exam arrangements

  • You MUST ensure that you have the correct equipment with you on the day of the exam, ie pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, calculator, etc.

  • If an exam allows the use of a calculator, especially a scientific calculator, you MUST bring one with you. There are no spares!

  • You MUST ensure that you are present at least 10 minutes before the start of each exam.

  • You MUST ensure you are at the correct room for your exam.

  • You will be instructed by Invigilators where to leave your bags, jackets, etc. You will NOT be allowed to leave your jackets and bags on the back of your chair or under your desk.


  • If you are unwell on the day of an exam, you MUST telephone the school by 8.15 am.

  • A Medical Certificate from your Doctor covering the day of the exam should be given to school on the day of your absence or the following day.If you become ill during an exam, and we are able to confirm this, you will not need to provide a medical certificate.


  • If you are late, due to some unforeseen circumstance, late entry to the exam is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the Invigilator.

  • No pupil will be allowed in late to a languages or other listening exam.

Exam room

  • During the exam you MUST remain in the examination room for the duration of the exam and follow any instructions issued by the Invigilator.

  • If you are finished early in an exam, you MUST sit quietly and not distract others, using the time to check work and ensure you have not left any questions unanswered.

  • All question papers, answer papers and exam materials MUST be left in the exam room at the end of the exam.

Prohibited items

  • Mobile phones, even though they are switched off, are NOT permitted in the examination rooms. Should a mobile phone ring, the pupil will be asked to leave the examination room and will NOT be permitted to complete the exam. You must not have any of the following in your possession during the exam:

  • mobile phone/WAP enabled phone

  • music/MP3 player

  • calculator — except in specified subjects

  • dictionary — except in specified subjects

  • cases — calculator or pencil, etc

  • books, notes, sketches, paper of any kind, or any other prohibited item


  • Any pupil behaving in an inappropriate manner – for example, talking, turning round, failing to follow instructions – will be asked to leave the examination room and will NOT be allowed to complete the exam.


  • Full School Uniform MUST be worn when you are in school – either for an exam or to see a teacher.

  • Pupils studying Art are asked to attend whenever they can during Study Leave to work on Folio pieces.


  • SQA have introduced a new system this year and there are no Appeals. However, should you miss an exam because of Exceptional Circumstances, evidence, which will include your Prelim paper, can be sent to SQA for consideration.

  • A request can be made for your final Exam paper to be remarked (there is a cost) if it is felt that there has been an error. However, this will not be something we do as a matter of course.

End of exam diet

  • The Prelims end on Thursday 13th February. However, Monday 17th February is a Holiday, and Friday 13th and Tuesday 18th February are Inservice Days.

  • You will not return to school until Wednesday 19th February.