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Harvest Education Coop PowerPoint Presentation
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Harvest Education Coop

Harvest Education Coop

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Harvest Education Coop

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  1. Harvest Education Coop November 3, 2008

  2. Overview • Governance • Finances • Coop Leadership • Costs The Coop Option in Context Mission & Strategy What We Know: Teachers and Students Curriculum Daily Schedule Location Benefits How to Reach a Final Decision …

  3. This Option in Context We have a desire to stay together. There are alternatives: Large group Coop Large group to another school Class by class Great idea, but not meant to be … Which option is best? Continuity Cost Location • Curriculum • Risk

  4. This Option in Context The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the Coop as a feasible option, to communicate benefits, and to begin a comparison to the alternatives, to help you make decisions!

  5. Mission The mission of the Harvest Education Coop is, with the maximum number of students, families and teachers possible, to continue with the Harvest Schools curriculum and stay together for 2008-2009 school year.

  6. Strategy The Coop’s strategy is to maintain to the maximum extent possible the attributes of Harvest Academy, including curriculum, teachers, policies, staff salaries, and tuition. We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately. -- Ben Franklin

  7. Strategy – What’s Reality Full tuition required for all students. Tuition rises if less than 65 students. Less than 55 students is not viable. All assuming we maintain average teacher net salary and benefits.

  8. What We Know: Preface We know a lot about this option. We have a thorough spreadsheet, including factors for risk. We have decisions on many things. We have a plan for everything! We can’t know for sure until you decide. We must step out together (one way or another).

  9. Teachers and Students Expressing Interest: 12 teachers 66 students Prospects: Kinder To go forward Seven teachers ~65 students at current tuition <55 students, not viable We have no commitments – if you desire this option, commitments start tonight, with your cash commitment very soon to follow!

  10. Teachers and Students One teacher per class, plus one full-time equivalent allocated for electives: 7 teachers

  11. Curriculum We continue with Harvest curriculum There are no additional fees Electives will be offered where possible

  12. Daily Schedule 8 am to noon – Core curriculum Noon – Lunch, brought by students 12:30 to 3:30 – Electives After-school care – Will be provided, same price

  13. Location Option 1 – Harvest Sigma Location Negotiating now Rent, Utilities, Insurance – accounted for Alternatives Community Bible Church Storefronts Eagle’s Nest Church Realities There are plenty of options It may not be settled by commit time If we have a Coop, we will find space close by

  14. Governance – Why a 501C3 For the Coop “everyone together option,” we must have a 501C3 non-profit incorporation. Why? The fundamental strategy is “share the load.” Uneven class enrollment Differing tuitions / keeping teachers w/ students Unavoidable losses / teacher pay Shared load means a single bank account. We need a non-profit to own and manage the account. Without a 501C3, the only option is “class-by-class.” Some classes will be left behind, but this is a reasonable alternative.

  15. Governance Texas 501C3 Non-Profit Corporation Three Directors Constitution and By-Laws Closes once we’re done Volunteers on board to open, pay fees and serve on the board if elected.

  16. Finances – Things Accounted For Tuition Salaries (current average, FICA & benefits) Rent Utilities Supplies Liability Insurance Conservative assumptions about who comes Bookkeeper Late payments Rainy day buffer Thorough review with Leonard Myers

  17. Finances Thorough spreadsheet developed Accounts for multiple risk factors Not all families will choose to come Loss of students along the way Late payments And a miscellaneous buffer Open books policy Excess split 50/50: Teacher bonus, tuition refund. $0 balance when we’re done.

  18. Coop Leadership Secretary? Board of Directors (can I serve?) President, Secretary, Treasurer Principal, selected from teachers Teaching staff Treasurer? President?

  19. Cost Estimates These estimates assume something close to the current grade level distribution of students. Goal: Maintain teacher average pay rate.

  20. Benefits Available to all classes At or near current tuition Same curriculum, same classes Harvest teachers Reduced pay risk for teachers (compared class by class option) The closest option to “Harvest School”

  21. How We Reach a Decision … Consider this presentation Consider the next discussion on the Christian School Fair Pray and then indicate the viable options for your family Do we have enough to go forward?

  22. Timeline TODAY: Sanity check – do we have a chance? Thursday, Nov 6 – Commit with a check Made to Harvest Education Coop $150 per child Non-refundable For January tuition Friday, November 7: Teachers go/no-go Monday, November 10: EITHER GO: CHECKS ARE CASHED NO-GO: CHECKS RETURNED

  23. Harvest Education Coop Questions and Answers