are you ready for 2000 n.
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Are You Ready for 2000?

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Are You Ready for 2000? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are You Ready for 2000?. Art Hendela, President Hendela System Consultants, Inc. Home of the SCANALYZER Year 2000 Solution Lyndhurst, NJ 1-888-SCANY2K WWW.SCANY2K.COM Where are you Dec 31, 1999 at 11:59 PM?. Times Square watching the ball drop?

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are you ready for 2000

Are You Ready for 2000?

Art Hendela, President

Hendela System Consultants, Inc.

Home of the SCANALYZER Year 2000 Solution

Lyndhurst, NJ



where are you dec 31 1999 at 11 59 pm
Where are you Dec 31, 1999 at 11:59 PM?
  • Times Square watching the ball drop?
  • The Millennium Gala with champagne?
  • The Concorde going around the world?
  • Home with your friends and family?
  • At your PC hoping your computer applications work in one minute?
what is the millennium bug
What is the Millennium Bug?
  • A $600 billion problem (Gartner Group)
  • A resource headache (4 million years of work for 2 million programmers)
  • A hit on your company’s bottom line
  • A deadline you can’t slip
  • A stress test every day at work
  • A time for real good tools to help you
how did this happen
How did this happen?
  • Conserved computer resources with 2 digit dates during 1960’s, 70’s.
  • Copied established techniques from old code.
  • Believed systems would be replaced by now.
  • Eased data input. People like to input less digits for dates.
what should you check
What should you check?
  • In-house developed systems
  • Third party developed systems
  • Facilities management systems
  • PC and Mainframe hardware, operating systems, and software
  • Staffing levels
legal worries
Legal Worries
  • Directors and upper management are personally liable for problems.
  • SEC Fines for under reporting Y2K impact.
  • Client damage awards for product failure.
  • IRC 482 of the IRS code may limit corporate wide solutions.
operational worries
Operational Worries
  • Manufacturing systems fail.
  • Doors won’t open because security system can’t process the date as valid.
  • Fire systems cut off because maintenance has not been performed.
  • Can’t call to place an order - the phone system doesn’t work.
  • Reports sorted incorrectly.
  • Budget programs don’t work so you aren’t funded.
  • Disk files listed with wrong dates.
  • Bills not calculated correctly.
how do you fix the problem
How do you fix the problem?
  • Identify resources to help in all phases.
  • Assess the size of the problem.
  • Select tools to help fix the problem.
  • Prepare a triage plan.
  • Remediate the source code.
  • Test the fixes in separate environment.
  • Implement the fixes.
where do you get more information
Where do you get more information?
  • Websites:
    • WWW.YEAR2000.COM
  • Magazines:
    • Year/2000 Journal - 214-340-2147
  • NJ Y2K User Group - Mike Cervine,
  • Reviewed the history of the problem and how it occurred.
  • List potential Legal, Operational, and Inconvenient.
  • Outlined how to perform a Y2K project and select tools.
  • Gave sources for more information.
who is hendela system consultants
Who is Hendela System Consultants?
  • Consulting and software company based in Lyndhurst, NJ.
  • Established in 1988 as a custom program shop.
  • Clients include many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
  • Developed SCANALYZER software to aid Year 2000 analysis for major international bank.