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Ancient China

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Ancient China - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient China
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  1. Welcome to our presentation. Ancient China By Joshua Chiao Pen, Stephen Qiao, WoongGyu Jin

  2. Preface England routed China in the Opium War because England had better technology than China. England made a lot of unfair rules after the war. China had to agree because they lost to England. England had so much power that in a court, there were two judges, a Foreign judge and a Chinese judge.

  3. In this presentation… Let the show begin!!! We’re comparing the lifestyle difference between Chinese and Foreign after the Opium War. We’re comparing General Lifestyle Difference, Religion, Technology, Clothing, and Food. We are telling you how things could be a potential cause of conflict.

  4. General Lifestyle Difference Western A Chinese person is pulling a rickshaw and a Western is sitting on the back. Chinese When Chinese people had time, they went to see Chinese Operas in a theatre but Western people went to the ballroom and danced. Chinese people work for the foreign people after the Opium War. For example, a Chinese is pulling a rickshaw, and a foreign person is sitting on the backseat. You can see basically how Chinese people work for foreign people. This could be a potential cause of conflict because the Chinese could get angry about how only they work for them but the Western doesn’t.

  5. Pictures Chinese Foreign A Chinese blacksmith is working. Two Western couples are riding a bicycle.

  6. Religion Chinese people changed religions from their original religion to a foreign religion. They did this for food because the missionaries offered food if they changed their religion. At this time, a lot of Chinese ran out of food This could be a potential cause of conflict because some Chinese people will get angry because some Chinese people are changing their religion only for food. And, religion was important in China.

  7. Technology Technology played a big role in the Opium War. The main reason that China lost was that England had far better technology than China. England defeated China in the Opium War in 1842 and entered the mouth of the Yangtze with more than 20 warships.

  8. Pictures China Foreign This is a Chinese ship. It is a whole lot smaller. This is a western ship. It is big and fancy.

  9. Clothing The Chinese used cotton and silk for clothing. Cotton growing in China was greatly promoted by new text style tools. The western wore silk and in that time. The Chinese people’s clothes weren’t as fancy compared to the western’s. Western people wore formal clothing, for example, bow-ties, neckties, and sometimes, tuxedos. A Chinese person could get angry because they are the ones that are working but they get the bad clothes. This could be a potential cause of conflict.

  10. Pictures China Foreign A Chinese person is gathering the cotton they got shipped. This is a western person in a restaurant. He is formally dressed.

  11. Food Shanghainese called western food “fancai” (foreign food) “oucai” (European food) and “dacai” (big food) and later, “xicai” (western food). The first western restaurant was called Yi Ping Xiang. This could be a potential cause of conflict because the food is very different and they could fight over it.

  12. Pictures Chinese Foreign The first western restaurant, Yi Ping Xiang. These are dumplings. They are called JianBao.

  13. THE END Thank you for listening to our presentation. Hope you learned something. THE END