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On The Road To Graduation and Beyond

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On The Road To Graduation and Beyond - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On The Road To Graduation and Beyond. Kari Kite, A-C Cheryl Chenet , E-J Rebecca Andrews, K-N Eric Chancy, R-U Melissa Schwartz, D, O-Q, V-Z John Hayden, Dean of Students Michelle Pittelli , Student Assistance Program Coordinator Steve Sapienza , Social Worker

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on the road to graduation and beyond
On The Road To Graduation and Beyond
  • Kari Kite, A-C
  • Cheryl Chenet, E-J
  • Rebecca Andrews, K-N
  • Eric Chancy, R-U
  • Melissa Schwartz, D, O-Q, V-Z
  • John Hayden, Dean of Students
  • Michelle Pittelli, Student Assistance Program Coordinator
  • Steve Sapienza, Social Worker
  • John Evans, Career Development Coordinator
high school differences
High School Differences
  • Block Scheduling
  • FRC Graduation Requirements
  • Promotion based on credits earned
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Athletic Eligibility
block scheduling
Block Scheduling
  • Attendance is vital – one period is equal to two days
hs graduation requirements
HS Graduation Requirements
  • Complete the “Future Ready Core Graduation Requirements:”
    • 26 credits required for class of 2015, 2016
    • Pass 3 EOC assessments
      • Common Core Math I
      • Biology
      • English 10
future ready core requirements
Future-Ready Core Requirements

Courses Credits

  • English: English I, II, III, IV 4
  • Math: 4
    • Math Courses to be aligned with post high school plans
  • Science: Earth/Environmental Science , Biology, and a Physical Science 3
  • Social Studies: World History, Civics & Economics, US History (2 credits) 4
  • Foreign Language: German, French, or Spanish 0
    • 2 credits required to meet min. admission requirements for UNC
  • Healthful Living 1
  • Electives: 2 Elective credits of any combination from either: 6
  • Career and Technical Education, Arts Education, Second Languages
  • 4 Elective credits strongly recommended: Career and Technical Education, Arts Education (e.g. theatre, music), Any other subject area (e.g. math, science)

Total 26

promotion requirements
Promotion Requirements
  • To go to 10th grade:
    • Complete 6 credits
    • English I
    • 2 out of 3 in Math, Science, or Social Studies
    • 3 additional credits
retention concerns
Retention Concerns


  • (English, math, science, or social studies?)
  • It must be retaken before graduation.
  • Summer options exist.
grade point average gpa
Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • What does GPA stand for?
  • What are quality points?
  • How do I calculate it?
quality points
Quality Points

Standard, Honors, Advanced Placement (AP)

Grade (Standard) (Honors) (AP)

A 4 5 6

B 3 4 5

C 2 3 4

D 1 2 3

F 0 0 0

how to calculate your gpa
How to Calculate Your GPA
  • Add the number of quality points earned for the final grade in each course
  • Divide the total number of quality points by the number of courses taken
  • The result is the grade point average—GPA
athletic requirements
Athletic Requirements
  • 85% Attendance required during the semester prior.
  • Under 19 on or before October 16th
  • Must have passed 3 of 4 courses during the previous semester, and pass English each year
  • Must maintain overall 1.5 GPA
  • Must not be convicted of a felony
registration process
Registration Process
  • Course Offerings
  • Timeline
course qualifiers
Course Qualifiers
  • Courses for specific grade levels
  • Courses with prerequisites
  • The Program Planning Guide (online)
  • Course Offerings (online at apexhigh.com)
english courses
English Courses
  • English 9
  • Honors English
  • Intro to Communication & Mass Media
  • Speech I
  • Trends & Movements in Young Adult Literature
math course offerings
Math Course Offerings
  • Foundations of Algebra & Introductory Math
  • Common Core Math 1A & 1B
  • Common Core Math 1
  • Special Topics in Math
  • Common Core Math 2
  • Honors Common Core Math 2
  • Honors Algebra 2

Math Sequencing Recommendations

Apex High School 2013-14

science courses
Science Courses
  • Biology (H)
  • Academic Earth Science
  • Earth Science (H)
social studies courses
Social Studies Courses
  • World History
  • World History (H)
  • Geography
healthful living courses
Healthful Living Courses
  • Healthful Living
foreign language courses
Foreign Language Courses
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II *
  • French I
  • French II *
  • German I
  • German II *
second languages
Second Languages
  • The UNC college system requires a minimum of 2 credits in the same foreign language. Three credits are recommended. (Honors credit is earned for Level III and above). Level III is an immersion class.
  • Levels I and II are taken the same year whenever possible.
  • Unless students are continuing the study of a language from middle school, or wish to take second language each year of high school, they are advised to wait until Grade 10 or 11 to begin their foreign language sequence.
visual and performing arts
Visual and Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts I
  • Art History
visual and performing arts1
Visual and Performing Arts
  • Choral Ensemble (Girls) (fall and spring)
  • Concert Chorus (Boys) (fall and spring)
  • Band I (fall and spring)
  • Orchestra (Strings) (fall and spring)
  • Guitar I
  • Guitar II **
  • Guitar Ensemble **
  • Theatre Arts I
career and technical education business information technology courses
Career and Technical EducationBusiness & Information Technology Courses
  • Microsoft IT Academy (H) (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher)
  • Microsoft IT Academy (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Computer Engineering Technology I

(Alg 1 Prerequisite)

career and technical education marketing courses
Career and Technical EducationMarketing Courses
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Principles of Business & Finance
career and technical education family consumer science courses
Career and Technical EducationFamily & Consumer Science Courses
  • Apparel Development I
  • Teen Living
  • Foods I
  • Interior Design I
career and technical education trade industrial courses
Career and Technical EducationTrade & Industrial Courses
  • Construction Tech I (Must have 8th grade certification)
  • Drafting I (Recommended pre-requisite—Algebra I
  • Automotive Service
if you plan to take a course anywhere other than apex hs you must
If you plan to take a course anywhere other than Apex HS you must:
  • Speak with your counselor first and make sure that we will be able to add that course to your AHS Transcript
  • Fill out the Dual Enrollment Form. Return to counselor. We will request approval from Principal.
  • As soon as your course is completed, you must bring an official copy of the grade report to your Counselor- If you do not do this, we will have to add an “F” to your AHS Transcript.
postsecondary planning
PostSecondary Planning
  • Tests
  • Useful Websites
  • Academic Preparation
looking ahead what do colleges look at
Looking Ahead: What do Colleges Look At?
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Difficulty of Course Load
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Class Rank
  • HS and community activities, involvement
  • Recommendations
  • Writing -- Essay
please check your information
Please check your information
  • Look at the demographic information in SPAN and PLEASE update any incorrect home and/or mobile phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses.
  • Apexhigh.com
  • Cougar notes – on AHS website
  • Twitter - @AHSCounselors
  • Phonemaster (not helpful if your phone number is incorrect)