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Indian Nation

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Indian Nation. A Webquest. Indian Nation: A Webquest. Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion. Introduction. You are an anthropologist hired to construct an ethnology comparing two Indian cultures of North America.

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indian nation

Indian Nation

A Webquest

indian nation a webquest
Indian Nation: A Webquest








You are an anthropologist hired to construct an ethnology comparing two Indian cultures of North America.

An Ethnology compares and analyzes the origins, distribution, technology, religion, language and social structure of more than one particular culture.


Your task is to prepare a PowerPoint presentation

that compares and contrasts two Indian subgroups of North America.

Choose two of the following culture areas and answer the questions on the Process slide:

Arctic Great Basin

Subarctic Southwest

Northwest Coast Plains

California Northeast

Plateau Southeast


The internet is an extensive resource.

Be cautious when choosing web sites for your sources. The following sites are a good place to start your search:

Use your favorite search engine to find specific information on your cultural area.


Your PowerPoint presentation, which you will present to the class, should contain the following information with a thorough description of each:

  • Regions of the country your cultural areas belong to, including a map. – Include a description of the surrounding geography.
  • Language group
  • Housing – structure and materials.
  • Clothing (Did materials used change with the seasons?)
  • Food (both plant and animal) – does the variety change with the season?
  • Tools and/or technology
  • Religious customs and/or ceremonies
  • Art

For each slide, please provide bulleted information

and pictures for each category.

Document sources in a bibliograpgy using APA format.


A rubric will be provided to score the PowerPoint and presentation.

(See handout)


In this process, you have researched two differing Indian cultures of North America. You have created a PowerPoint, which you have shared with the class, showing the similarities and differences among the cultures.

I hope you have developed an appreciation for the diversity of Native North American tribes.