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  2. WASHINGTON WRESTLING WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM • Washington State high school wrestlers will participate in the Washington Wrestling Weight Management Program (WWWMP) prior to any competition BEGINNING WITH THE 2007-08 SEASON. • The program is designed to determine the minimum weight class a wrestler may participate in throughout the season.

  3. WASHINGTON WRESTLING WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM The determination of a wrestlers minimum weight class; • The regulation of a maximum weight loss of no more than 1.5% of the athlete’s total body weight per week. • The development of a comprehensive Nutrition Education Presentation allows high school wrestlers to participate in the sport in a much safer and healthier environment.

  4. RATIONALE • In addition to establishing each wrestlers minimum weight class the WIAA is working with the NWCA provide a comprehensive nutrition education package to guide athletes as they make decisions regarding diet, nutritional and weight management. • We are optimistic the coaches and athletic trainers will recognize the value of Washington Wrestling Weight Management Program for not only getting the best performance out of each athlete but also for educating the athletes on healthy weight control and proper nutrition that will hopefully last a lifetime.

  5. REGULATIONS • The establishment of a minimum wrestling weight no lower than 7% body fat for males and 12% for females is required for all high school wrestlers. • The WIAA does not advocate that a wrestler’s established minimum weight is the athlete’s best weight to wrestle at, but simply the minimum weight at which the athlete will be allowed to compete.

  6. REGULATIONS • The lowest weight class a wrestler may compete at will be determined as follows: • If the predicted weight, at 7% male/12% female is exactly that of one of the weight classes, that weight class shall be the wrestler’s minimum weight class. • If the weight class falls between two weight classes, he/she must wrestle at the higher weight class. • Any male or female wrestler whose body fat percentage at the time of measurement falls BELOW 7%/12% must wrestle at the weight class they are at. No weight loss will be allowed and a Physicians verification is required. • 1 percent variance has been programmed into decent plan.

  7. Time Periods for Measurements • Weight assessment may begin on the Monday TWO weeks prior to the start of the high school wrestling season. (OCTOBER 29, 2007) All wrestlers, including those coming out late, must have their minimum weight established prior to any competition. WIAA Out-of-Season rule waived for WWWMP meetings with team. • Weight decent plan must be completed by Friday of Week 11 of the wrestling season, prior to the post-season tournaments. (January 25, 2008) • A wrestler must weigh in a minimum of one time at weight in order to be eligible to wrestle at that weight class in the post season tournaments. • Results of the measurements will be posted on the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) Website.

  8. Responsibilities of Schools in the Measurement Process • It is the school’s responsibility to contact an approved WIAA Assessor. The list of approved Assessors will be available on the WIAA website at www.wiaa.com under wrestling. • The school must have available at the time of the skin fold measuring: 1) a scale, 2) skin fold data sheets (provided by the WIAA in electronic format), 3) school officials (e.g., athletic trainer, teacher, A.D.) who will assist in obtaining the weight of each wrestler and with the recording of the data. Schools with female athletes will need a female staff to assist with weight assessment. • The school is responsible for the cost of the testing materials for hydration. • The school shall see that all charges for skin fold measuring are paid. (WIAA Assessors may charge up to $5.00 per wrestler measured.)

  9. Weight Loss Per Week • Wrestlers are allowed a maximum weight loss of 1.5% of the total body weight each week until the determined minimum weight class is achieved. • A wrestler will not be allowed to wrestle at the minimum weight until the date specified on the body fat results sheet provided by the WIAA. • A wrestler may not weigh in more than one weight class above the lowest weight class for that week of their weight decent plan. • If they do weigh in more than one weight class above the lowest weight of their weekly decent plan, that wrestler will be re-certified at the higher weight class for the remainder of the season and will not be able to weigh in or wrestle at a lower weight.

  10. TESTING EQUIPMENT AND PROCEDURES • The WIAA will accept measurements using skin fold testing or BODPOD for the initial test. • Skin fold measurements must be taken with the Lange caliper. This is a medium-priced caliper and can be obtained for less than $250.00 from most health care product suppliers. Measurements taken with the Lange calipers must be taken by a WIAA Assessor.

  11. WWWMP APPEAL PROCESS • Any athlete may appeal his/her assessment results ONE time by reassessment using either Method 1 or Method 2 • The cost of any appeal is the responsibility of the student/athlete. • Results obtained through appeal, even if higher than the original assessment, are final and the athlete, family, school or coach may not appeal further.

  12. WWWMP APPEAL PROCESS • METHOD 1: The athlete shall repeat the assessment as described in the regulation using the same or a different assessor. • The reassessment shall occur within 14 calendar days of the initial assessment date unless a written extension is granted by the WIAA before the expiration of the 14-day period. The 14-day appeal period shall start three (3) days following the date of initial assessment. Failure to meet these conditions or timelines is cause for denial. • The student through their member school shall file an Intent to Appeal form to the WIAA prior to appeal assessment. The school will arrange for an assessor to conduct the appeal assessment. • Data shall be recorded on the Data Form

  13. WWWMP APPEAL PROCESS • METHOD 2: The wrestler may choose Air Displacement Plethysmography (Bod Pod) assessment to determine body fat percentage. • The Air Displacement Plethysmography (Bod Pod) Assessment shall occur within 14 calendar days of the initial assessment date unless a written extension is granted by the WIAA before the expiration of the 14-day period. The l4-day appeal period shall start three (3) days following the date of initial assessment. Failure to meet these conditions or timelines is cause for denial. • The school shall file a Intent to Appeal form to the WIAA prior to appeal assessment. When the appeal is granted the school has the responsibility to contact the approved facility to schedule the assessment. • Air Displacement Plethysmography (Bod Pod) units must be approved by the WIAA.

  14. WWWMP APPEAL PROCESS • PENALTY - A wrestler who competes at a weight class allowed by his/her weight loss plan before or during an appeal has accepted his/her most recent assessment and voids all appeal options allowed within this policy. • The appealed body density/fat measurements will be calculated using the body weight of the original assessment.

  15. Air displacement plethysmography (BOD POD) for appeal process

  16. WWWMP Making the Coaches job easier • NO more physician sign off by mid-December. • NO more ½ weigh-ins at lowest weight for post season. • NO more 2# allowance on Jan. 15th.  There will be a 2# allowance for post season (starting 1/26/2008) • NO change in the minimum of 4 matches wrestled prior to post season tournaments. • JV qualifiers ARE a post season tournament. • NO change in 16 calendar dates and 33 match limit.

  17. Falsification of the WWWMP Violations of the WWWMP Process • Any athlete or coach who falsifies any part of the wrestling weight management process will become immediately ineligible to participate for one calendar year from the date of determination of the infraction.

  18. Skinfold Data Collection Form

  19. How to prepare for Specific Gravity Testing • Eat a normal balanced diet emphasizing foods with high water content such as fruits and vegetables. • Avoid foods and/or supplements that may contribute to water loss such as: chocolate, soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and creatine for at least 24-48 hours. • Avoid vigorous physical activities that cause excessive sweating for at least 24 hours. • Consume plenty of fluids; at least eight to twelve 8-ounce glasses per day for several days prior to testing. • Avoid early morning assessment, if possible, due to the effect of not consuming fluids during sleep.

  20. Step 1 – Specific Gravity Testing Instruments Refractometer Urine Test Strips

  21. SPECIFIC GRAVITY TESTING • Specific Gravity Assessment: • Dehydration compromises the accuracy of body composition assessments; therefore, all athletes are required to pass a urine specific gravity test in order to be eligible for the body composition assessment. • Dehydration increases the concentration of particles in the urine thereby, increasing the urine’s specific gravity. • The specific gravity of water is 1.000g/ml and the specific gravity of a hydrated individual is established at 1.025g/ml or lower. • This test is simply a pass/fail assessment based on the specific gravity level equal to or less than 1.025g/ml. • If an athlete fails the specific gravity test the assessment process is ended and the athlete will not be eligible for reassessment for 48 hours.

  22. SPECIFIC GRAVITY TESTING • Urine Sample Procedures: • The following procedures have been developed in order to minimize dishonest techniques to bypass the urine test and to maximize the athletes right to privacy. • Mark each urine collection cup to identify each wrestler. • Instruct each wrestler to enter the toilet or urinal one at a time with nothing but the urine collection cup. • Allow reasonable time for the athlete to provide a sample of urine. • After collection of the urine by the athlete, appropriate personnel should insure that the urine is warm by feel on the outside of the collection cup. If the urine is cold or suspect, reject that sample and require the athlete to provide another sample under closer supervision.

  23. Step 2SKIN FOLD TESTING • Athletes that passed the specific gravity test will proceed to the area where the skin fold assessment is conducted. • This area should be controlled to allow privacy for the athletes and confidentiality of the recorded information. • The key to the success of this program will be our ability to standardize the assessment procedures.

  24. SKIN FOLD TESTINGEquipment • Lange Skin-fold Calipers with calibration block by Beta Technology Incorporated (Suplay/Wrestlers World) • Tape measure preferably made with flexible material. • Water soluble markers • Certified/calibrated scale

  25. SKIN FOLD TESTING • Athletes Attire: • Males must be in shorts and will be required to remove their shirt during the skin fold measurement; • Females must be in shorts and halter or sports bra. • Informing The Athlete: • A brief description of the testing procedures will help athletes feel more comfortable with testing. Be sure to ask the athlete if they have any questions prior to testing.

  26. SKIN FOLD TESTING • Skin fold Test Sites: • MalesFemales • Abdominals Subscapular • Triceps Triceps • Subscapular

  27. SKIN FOLD TESTING 1. Athlete should be standing in the anatomical position with the skin for skin fold sites exposed. 2. Take all skin fold measurements on the right side of the body. An exception might be made where a deformity or missing limb would necessitate using the left side. 3. Make sure the athlete’s skin is dry and lotion-free. 4. Do not measure skin folds immediately after exercise because the shift in body fluid to the skin tends to increase the size of the skin fold.

  28. SKIN FOLD TESTING 5. Carefully identify, measure, and mark each skin fold site (triceps, subscapular, abdominal for males; triceps and subscapular for females) 6. Palpate the site to familiarize both you and the athlete with the area being measured. 7. Hold the skin fold caliper in the right hand while raising the skin fold with the thumb and index finger of the left hand. Position yourself so you are looking directly at the caliper dial to avoid errors from viewing from the caliper dial at a disadvantaged angle.

  29. SKIN FOLD TESTING 8. The skin fold should be grasped one centimeter above or adjacent to the measurement site. Practice is essential to feel the underlying adipose tissue separate from the muscle. Hold the skin fold firmly but not pinch to the point of pain. 9. Measure midway between the surface and the crest of the fold. Allow the caliper jaws to gently come in contact with the skin fold. Release the caliper so that the thumb, index finger, and caliper spring tension is supporting the skin fold.

  30. SKIN FOLD TESTING 12. Record three measurements at each site in rotation order. If the difference between the three values is greater than 1 mm for a single site, the subject will need to wait 20 minutes for additional skin fold reading (this allows the skin to return to normal). 13. In certain cases, even the most highly skilled assessor will be unable to precisely measure the skin fold thickness of extremely obese or heavily muscled individuals. In such cases an alternative method may be assigned.

  31. SKIN FOLD LOCATIONS • Triceps: • The triceps skin fold is measured vertically on the midline of the posterior aspect of the upper arm, over the triceps muscle. • The fold is measured midway between the posterior-lateral aspect of the acromion process of the scapula and the olecrannon process of the ulna. • The elbow should be flexed to 90 degrees to identify the landmark. Use a tape measure and mark the location. • The arm should then be extended and fully relaxed at the side to raise the skin fold.

  32. Triceps Skinfold Vertical fold on posterior aspect of arm, midway between lateral projection of acromion process and inferior margin of olecranon process. Flex the elbow to 90 degrees to identify the landmarks.

  33. SKIN FOLD LOCATIONS • Abdominal: • The skin fold is raised vertically on the right side of the subject’s abdomen three centimeters from the midpoint of the umbilicus. • The athlete should stand with their weight equally distributed on each foot. • Encourage the athlete to breathe normally and relax the abdominal wall.

  34. Abdomen Skinfold Site Vertical fold, one inch to the right side of and ½ inch below the navel. The Jackson-Pollock procedure uses a vertical fold 2 cm to the right of the umbilicus.

  35. SKIN FOLD LOCATIONS • Subscapular: • The subscapular skin fold is raised on a diagonal one centimeter below the inferior angle of the scapula. • With the arms comfortably at their side, palpate the vertebral border with the fingers until the inferior angle is identified. The inferior angle is the lowest point of the scapula. To aid identification of the site have the athlete place their arm behind there back to make the anatomical features more prominent. • Return the arm to their side and be sure the shoulders are level and relaxed while raising the skin fold.

  36. Subscapular Skinfold Diagonal fold just below the inferior angle of scapula.

  37. Step 3 Recording Weight • Athletes Body Weight: • Each athlete’s body weight will be obtained using a certified/calibrated scale to the nearest 0.2 lb. • Males should be weighed in with shorts and females with shorts and a halter top or sports bra.

  38. PURCHASING EQUIPMENT • Equipment may be purchased from any dealer or you may purchase from Suplay Wrestler’s World P O Box 657 45 Marion Rd Elma, WA 98541 1-800-634-4874 e-mail: wworkd@suplay.com Website: www.suplay.com

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