Webcast webinar strategies for advocacy
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Webcast & Webinar Strategies for Advocacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Webcast & Webinar Strategies for Advocacy The Internet Advocacy Roundtable Get Your Message Above the Noise Vodium at a Glance Based in Washington, D.C., 16 th & K Founded in 2000 GSA IT-70 schedule holder Association, Corporate and Government clients

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Presentation Transcript
Webcast webinar strategies for advocacy l.jpg

Webcast & Webinar Strategies for Advocacy

The Internet Advocacy Roundtable

Get Your Message Above the Noise

Vodium at a glance l.jpg
Vodium at a Glance

  • Based in Washington, D.C., 16th & K

  • Founded in 2000

  • GSA IT-70 schedule holder

  • Association, Corporate and Government clients

  • Education/Training, Conferences & Strategic Communications

  • Live Webcasts, Media on Demand, and Knowledge Management applications

Webinars with webconferencing l.jpg
Webinars with webconferencing

Event that is typically:

  • Live collaborative discussion using telephone for audio and Internet for slides

  • Smaller audience size

  • Reservationless service

  • Only requires a browser & an Internet connection

  • Well suited for interactive discussions and information sharing

Slide5 l.jpg

Webcasts - Vodium MediaPod®


Synchronized Slides

Event that is typically:

  • Highly produced

  • In any single location, often at a hotel or in a professional studio

  • Generally range from a single 1 hour presentation to multi-track conference

  • Sometimes audio, but much more effective as a video presentation; also can incorporate slides, graphics, transcripts, documents, testing & certification

  • Most effective for complex communications

  • Can be live and/or on-demand

  • Users ask questions via email or chat

  • Knowledge transfer is from speaker to audience (one-to-many), though can be interactive through polls and surveys

Table of Contents

Video Search

Polls, Surveys & Testing

SynchronizedTranscript or Live Captions

Uses of these communication formats l.jpg
Uses of these communication formats

Primary Drivers

  • #1 - Easily Broaden Your Audience

  • Engage your audience

  • Transfer Knowledge

  • Empower & Motivate

Useful Activities

  • Drive Membership

  • Fundraise

  • Effect Policy Changes

When is a webcast appropriate vs webinar l.jpg
When is a Webcast Appropriate vs Webinar?

  • Is your presentation a less formal topically oriented discussion (webinar) or a more formal presentation (webcast)

  • Webcast tends to be larger audiences – few hundred to thousands – better outreach capability

  • Can you use video to enhance the message?

    • Who’s the messenger? Known/highly respected or dynamic personality

    • Demonstrations using vignettes or scenarios will improve viewer comprehension

    • Talking head personalizes the experience; viewers connect with speaker (70% of communication is non-verbal); helps ensure that audience is engaged

Dr. Oz Demonstration…

Live or on demand l.jpg
Live or On Demand?

  • Webcasts are either live and archived or archive only

    • Live is more costly, and more risky; is only necessary in 2 cases

      • Time-sensitive information and/or

      • Desire for user interactivity such as live polling or Q&A

    • Archive is typically more valuable

      • Improved cost-effectiveness

      • Easier to produce in advance and avoid glitches (more professional in appearance)

      • Viewers prefer to watch on their own time, often at home

      • Archive can be navigated so users can skip ahead as needed; focus on specific segments – knowledge resource

DOL FairPay Demo

Engage your audience l.jpg
Engage Your Audience!

New ways to spice up your webcast…

  • Use Flash®

    • Games

    • Demos

    • Simulations

    • Eye-catching graphics

    • (FDIC demo)

    • (Smithsonian Demo)

  • Add Search

    • MediaMosaic Library

    • MediaTracker

Mediapod producer l.jpg
MediaPod Producer

Self Service Web Authoring Tool

  • On-Demand Video

  • Synchronized Slides

  • Registration & Reporting

  • Polling & Quizzing

  • No Technical Background Needed

  • Completely Reservationless – Only a Browser Required

Discussion concepts use cases l.jpg
Discussion Concepts/Use Cases

  • Build a Community of Interest around the content

    (Drive audience up the “ladder of engagement”)

  • Build a Resource Center – allow content repurposing/sharing

  • Gather information from your audience – tether them to the experience using chat, polls, surveys, feedback

  • Virtual Press Events (library of press conferences in addition to press releases)

  • Conferences

  • Lobby Days (prep audience in advance with presentations so discussions are more valuable)

  • Activist Brainstorming sessions using Webinars

  • Build Training Libraries

Vodium case studies l.jpg
Vodium Case Studies

  • DOL Fairpay

  • Discovery Channel

  • California Dental Association – Distance education for medical & dental professionals

  • Department of Interior – Conflict management training

  • Library

Summary l.jpg

Video Webcasts can be a very compelling way to engage your audience and deliver knowledge, but viewers get bored easily so make sure your message is focused, crisp and well delivered – and don’t forget to gather information from your audience.

Vodium l.jpg

Backup Slides

Slide15 l.jpg

Vodium MediaTracker

Powerful Video Search

  • Enabling Powerful Video Search Functionality through popular browsers such as Google

  • Easy as 1 - 2

  • Unlike other video search capabilities, Vodium MediaTracker takes the user directly into the targeted search in the video and the transcript

Next generation webcasts l.jpg
Next Generation Webcasts

  • Flash® based solutions; flexible & dynamic interfaces

  • Much higher quality production values

  • Easily incorporate graphical simulations and gaming with video

  • Content Analytics, interactions reporting

  • Example: Smithsonian Galapagos lecture

Turn training into knowledge l.jpg
Turn Training into Knowledge…



Vodium’s Platform


Searchable Rich Media Libraries


Vodium services l.jpg
Vodium Services

On-demandHosting &Delivery












VideoCapture, Editing, Encoding & Delivery

Polling &


Captioning and Text Streaming


Registrationand AccessControl


Video Search &




Slide19 l.jpg

Knowledge Management

View Presentations

By Topic, Speaker, Date, etc

Search across Video modules by spoken word

Sort Results

By Popularity, Relevance,


Arrange all presentations in a easy to access library

Slide20 l.jpg






Vodium Applications

Slide21 l.jpg






Vodium Markets

Slide22 l.jpg

Polling and Quizzing

Polling and Quizzing

  • Responses to Questions

  • Graph Results

  • Keep the Audience’s Attention

  • Personalize Communications

Slide23 l.jpg

Vodium Chat Manager

Chat Management Software

  • Embedded into live webcast

  • Supports 9 SMEs

  • Drag-and-drop questions into chat folders

  • Respond to one or many

  • Moderator screens incoming questions and decides which ones to display to audience


Slide24 l.jpg

Registration System

On-line Registration

  • View Attendance Information on each Event

  • Capture Valuable Information on Attendees

  • Customizable Fields

  • Generate Customized Reports

  • Client Branding


Slide25 l.jpg

Reporting System

On-line Reporting

  • Username & Password Protected

  • Downloadable to Excel

  • Summary of:

    • Number of views

    • Average Viewing Duration Per Attendee

    • Attendee List

  • Feedback

    • Viewer Satisfaction

    • Comments / Suggestions

  • Polling

    • Responses to Questions

    • Graph Results


Slide26 l.jpg

Audience Recruitment

Audience Builder

  • Automatic Registration Confirmation

  • Scheduled email or phone reminders and thank yous

  • Those unable to attend are redirected to on-demand presentation


Slide27 l.jpg

Vodium Production Process




Capture & Encode

Incorporate & Associate Content


Live webcast

Internet access to live and on-demand events

Pre-recorded video

Synchronize in one interface:

Streamed audio/video


Table of contents


Key word search


CD info pack



Host & Distribute

Globally host and distribute content and applications