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Teradyne ICT Support Life Cycle

Teradyne ICT Support Life Cycle. Product Support Life Cycle. Last Production. No Software Enhancements. Reasonable Effort. Active Life. End Of Life. Full Support. Limited Support. SSA. ASA. Software Support Agreement. Application Support Agreement. Product Support Life Cycle Map.

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Teradyne ICT Support Life Cycle

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  1. Teradyne ICT Support Life Cycle

  2. Product Support Life Cycle Last Production No Software Enhancements Reasonable Effort Active Life End Of Life Full Support Limited Support SSA ASA Software Support Agreement Application Support Agreement Product Support Life Cycle Map

  3. Active Product Life Category • Active Life is the time during which Teradyne is actively selling new units of the product. During this time, full support is available for the product.

  4. Last Production Date / Full Support • Last Production Date (LPD) is the date the product is no longer available for sale as new. • LPD systems are still considered fully supported by Teradyne's Assembly Test Division. • The latest software releases, software patches, and new product features are still verified to work on testers that are in the full support category • Products reaching the LPD are fully supported by Teradyne's global service and support organizations

  5. Limited Support Category • Products in the Limited Support category receive no further R&D investments or product enhancements. • Software support for these products will be limited to critical bug fixes only. • Hardware, application, and maintenance services to support these testers can still be obtained from Teradyne's global support and service organizations.

  6. End of Life Category • End of Life (EOL) is the date after which Teradyne can make no commitments for parts availability or support of any kind. Teradyne no longer officially supports testers after this event. • The latest Teradyne software releases and product enhancements are not supported on testers that have reached EOL. • Hardware, application, and maintenance services are generally not offered for EOL testers, but Teradyne's service organization will use “reasonable effort" to satisfy customer requests.

  7. Current TestStation and 228x Product Support Status TestStation (Standard, LH, LX and TSR) Stinger TestStation TSM TestStation 8x Accelerate 228x i Series 228Xe w/ ICA 228Xe Series 228x (Unix and VMS based systems) 2285 2289 2282 2288

  8. TestStation/228X Support Status Effective Q1, 2005 TestStation (Standard, LH, LX and TSR) TestStation TSM Stinger TestStation 12X Accelerate TestStation 8x 228Xi Series 228Xe w/ ICA 228Xe Series 228X (VMS and Unix based systems) Note: Release 5.8.0 is the last software version for TestStation 8x and 2228x i Series systems.

  9. Accelerate Status • Accelerate Series Testers enter Limited Support Category in Oct 2004 • Last Software Update for Accelerate Series Tester is TestStation Version 5.8.0 • Estimated End-Of-Life Date for Accelerate Series Testers is October 2006 • Teradyne will provide “reasonable effort” to support Accelerate Series testers after End-Of-Life date • Indirect Replacement for Accelerate Series Testers is provided by Teradyne TSR Series (TestStation Rackmount)

  10. TestStation Software and Hardware Release Information Software Versions 5.6.1, 5.7.0, and 5.8.0

  11. Continuous Product Enhancements... • Valuable Features have been added to the TestStation software in the last three Releases • Choice of GR228X Monitor Pages or new Navigate Development environment • Some older GR228X tester models are no longer supported • Refer to TestStation Product Support Status Document on the web • PC- Upgrade and Trade-In Programs Available

  12. TestStation Software Release Information Software Version 5.6.1

  13. TestStation Version 4.6.1 / 5.6.1 Released in March of 2002: • Features-At-A Glance • Optional Navigate Development Environment • Integrated D2B/Alchemist CAD Preparation Software • Test Quality Tools • ICA Auto-Calibration • New modeling tools and model updates • Over 125 miscellaneous software improvements

  14. Optional Navigate Development Environment • Intuitive User Interfaces • Fixture, Product, and Message Databases • Node-Based Test Program Development • Test Project Management Features • Automatic Conversion Software

  15. Integrated D2B CAD Preparation • CAD Translators • Board and Schematic Viewers • SmartBOM Importer • Automatic Component and Package Identification • Powerful Data Editor • Fast and Accurate Probe Placement Solution • Test Equipment File Exporters

  16. Test Quality Toolset • Test Quality Tools • Autodebug - Automatically Adjust Test Parameters • Adjust Limits - Automatically Shift and Widen Test Limits • Analyze (Allfault) - Record Analog Statistics and Digital Fault Information • Throughput Optimizer - Adjust Test Parameters and Runtime Settings to Decrease Test Time • Customizable based on user defined quality criteria • User specifies metrics for both accuracy and stability per test type

  17. AutoDebug Test Quality Tool • Selects Solution Based On Quality Of Results • Debugs Passing as well as Failing Components • New Guarding Algorithm • Intelligence Added To Command File Format • Optimized Speed

  18. Adjust Limits Test Quality Tool • Automatically Adjusts Test Limits according to Test Quality Criteria

  19. Analyze Test Quality Tool • Analyzes Test Program Quality • Reports Analog and Digital Fault Coverage • Reports measurement Stability and Accuracy • Identifies measurements that Pass when UUT is Lifted • Identifies tests that require excessive Backdrive Currents

  20. Throughput Optimizer Test Quality Tool • Optimizes Throughput • Reduces sample counts • Reduces settling time • Selects fast Shorts Test • Reduces program Delays • Minimizes Autoranging

  21. Test Quality Tools - Example Results Results • Pre-Adjust Limits • 91.3% Passing • 08.6% Marginal • 00.2% Failing • Pre-Optimizer • 51.71 seconds PCB Statistics • Components: 3034 • Nets: 4027 • Technology: • 6 different power voltages (5V, 2.5V, 3V, 5V, 12V, 48V DC) • 6 DC-DC Regulators • 54 Digital Logic components • 965 Resistors, 332 Resistor Packs, 1578 Capacitors, 11 Inductors • Post-Adjust Limits • 98.5% Passing • 01.5% Marginal • Post-Optimizer • 39.32 seconds (24% time savings)

  22. AutoFLASH Tool Automatically generates Hybrid Test Models to program and test FLASH devices

  23. NS16C552 PC16C552 93C46 93C56 PCF8574 PCF8574A PCF8594 TC59S1616AFT MAX303 82371AB 82371EB 82443GX 82443MX 82555 82558A 82801BA 82810 82441 82442 82093 TDK78Q2120 New Device Library Models AMD AM29DL162DB AM29DL162DT AM29DL163DB AM29DL163DT AM29DL164DB AM29DL164DT AM29DL322DB AM29DL322DT AM29DL323DB AM29DL323DT AM29LV017D 28F004S3 28F004S5 28F008S3 28F320B3TA 28F320C3TA AT45DB041 AT49LV002 AM29LV116DB AM29LV116DT AM29LV160DB AM29LV160DT AM29F002 AM29F010 AM29F016 AM29F040B AM29DL163 28F160SX 28F016SX AM29DL324DB AM29DS323DT AM29F010B AM29F016B AM29F016D AM29F017D AM29F032B AM29F080B AM29F800BB AM29F800BT AM29LV400B 28F320J5 28F160BXB 28F160FXB 28F160BXT 28F160FXT National Semiconductor Intel Philips Intel Toshiba TDK Maxim Atmel

  24. TestStation Software Release Information Software Version 5.7.0

  25. GRNavigate Release 4.7.0 / 5.7.0 Released in January of 2003: • Features-At-A Glance • Support for TestStation LH Tester Models • Retest-On-Fail Runtime Feature • Automatic Runtime Overvoltage Detection • Automatic ICA Calibration • Single Fault Coverage Report Tool • Support for Windows XP Operating System • Over 250 miscellaneous software improvements Note: 4.7.0/5.7.0 is the last TestStation software release that supports non-ICA testers!

  26. TestStation LH - New for 2003 A new member of Teradyne’s family of In-Circuit Tester products... • 20-40% lower price than equivalent TestStation 12X/LX tester models • 52% smaller footprint • Scalable test features • Up to 4096 test points • Test program and fixture compatible with most GR228X and TestStation 12X tester models • Combines HSC, MTG, CST, DSM, and FTI boards on single System Control Card • Dedicated Accessory board slot for CFB, DSM, or AFTM

  27. TestStation LH Software Enhancements • Increased Memory Behind the Pin • Support for 64K unique test vectors per Burst in both low-speed and high-speed test modes • Supports Windows XP Operating System • Windows NT or XP Operating Systems are supported • Mandarin User Interface option • Increased convenience for Chinese Production Test Operators • Enhanced Programming Language • System Frequency Test Module programmable using standard test language commands

  28. Automatically re-tests components if they fail Can be applied globally or to individual tests using RTOF command Option to cycle fixture before re-test Option to capture Retest-On-Fail statistics Helps eliminate false failures due to intermittent fixture contact or marginal tests Retest-On-Fail Feature

  29. Automatic Overvoltage Detection Option • Automatically detects On-Board Voltages that could damage tester pin electronics • Protects tester pin boards and reduces repair costs • Safe Voltage range for non-UltraPin testers is -6V to +10V • Safe Voltage range for UltraPin testers is -2.5V to +5.5V

  30. Automatic ICA Calibration • Automatically calibrates ICA when ambient temperature changes by more than 10 degrees C • Reduces measurement drift due to environmental conditions • Improves system to system measurement compatibility • Option set by Running 228Xcfg.exe • Test system must contain MXI-2 Card

  31. Fault coverage information stored in database Contains Combined Fault coverage information from ATG, BSCAN, ALLFAULT, and Vectorless tests Users can customize report content Information can be viewed with HTML browser Single Fault Coverage Report Generator

  32. TestStation Software Release Information Software Version 5.8.0

  33. TestStation Version 4.8.0 / 5.8.0 Released in May of 2004: • Features-At-A Glance • New TestStation LX Tester Model • Support for D2B Version 3.2 • Program Prep Support for SafeTest Features • Improved Vectorless Test Capabilities • New Test Program # INCLUDE Keyword • Support for Intel® Socket Test Technology Solution • Enhanced Power and Capacitor Discharge Routines • New Hybrid Test Models • Support for new TestStation Licenses • New TestStation LH Fixture Converters and Adapters Note: 4.8.0/5.8.0 is the last TestStation software release that supports non-UltraPin Combo-based testers!

  34. New TestStation LX for 2004 Updated Design for TS12X and TS12XL Tester Models... • New mechanical frame and smaller footprint • Up to 7680 test points • Test program and fixture compatible with allexisting GR228X and TestStation12X tester models • Consolidated System Controller • New Frequency Test Instrument • Shipments begin July 2004 • Current TestStation 12X frame effectively discontinued in July 2004

  35. TestStation UltraPin Product Family TesStation LH 16 Card Chassis 2048 pins TSLH 128 TSLH 124 TSLH 121 4096 pins TSLH 128L TSLH 124L TestStation LX 30 Card Chassis 3840 pins TS128 TS 124 TS 121 7680 pins TS 128L TS 124L Ultra Pin 128 128 pins 2:16 Mux Pin Card Options Different Multiplexing Options to match your product technology requirements, development preferences, and test equipment budget... Ultra Pin 124 128 pins 2:8 Mux Ultra Pin 121 128 pins 1:1 All Real Ultra Pin 128L 256 pins 2:8 - 2:16 Mux Ultra Pin 124LX 256 pins 2:4 - 2:8 Mux

  36. New TestStation LX Enhancements • Latest Windows XP Operating System • Windows NT Operating System is still supported • Consolidated System Controller • Five board control set (HSC, MTG, CST, DSM, and FTI) reduced to a single System Control Card • Same System Controller as used in the TestStation LH • New System/Frequency Time Measurement Instrument • Programmable using standard test language commands • Lower cost alternative to AFTM and FTI instruments • Smaller Footprint and Ergonomic Design • 66” Width x 44.5” Depth x 33.25” Height • Faster Repair and Maintenance • Dedicated Accessory Slot • Maintain pin capacity when adding optional CFB, AFTM, or DSM instruments • Increased Memory Behind the Pin • Supports 64K unique test vectors in both low-speed and high-speed test modes

  37. New TestStation LX: Protects your Investments... • Same 3840 pin Standard and 7680 pin Large Receiver Interfaces • Accepts all small, half-size, standard, and large GR228X and TestStation fixture kits • Same System Controller as used on TestStation LH • Proven compatible test execution • Simplified support and spares • Same UltraPin D/S Boards as used on TestStation LH and 12X • No fixture or program changes required • Same ICA (In-Circuit Analog) Instrument • High quality compatible analog component measurements • Accepts Older Optional CFB, AFTM, FTI and DSM Instruments • No fixture or program changes required • Selectable Programmer and Operator Software Environments • Use traditional GR228X or new Navigate development environments

  38. Support for D2B Version 3.2 • Create Panels from a Single Board • Enhanced electrical probe placement rules • Support for Tecnomatix CAD Translators • D2B/ECO software compares fixture, design, and BOM data • FLEXlm supports floating, node-locked, and WAN licensing

  39. Program Prep Support for SafeTest • Technology Data Library • Stores key parametric information • Voltage logic levels, slew rates, and output currents • Updated Test Library Models • TECHNOLOGY keyword associates device pins with Technology Names in the Technology Data Library • New Assign Logic Test Generator • Automatically creates ASSIGN LGC statements with accurate voltage, current, and slew rate settings for each net on the board • Backdrive Current Learn and Create Commands • /LEARN option learns the maximum backdrive currents associated with each logic lamily and automatically updates Burst • /CREATEoption creates a backdrive data file that contains the maximum backdrive current measured on each net of the board

  40. Technology Data Library and Technology Model Keyword • Common Technology Types Defined in System Technology Data Library • User defined Technology Types defined in Site and User Technology Data Libraries • Technology Data Editor allows user to view and modify technology data • Digital and Hybrid Models associate device pins to defined Technologies .HEAD; … /* Default Pin Technology is AHCT */ .TECHNOLOGY AHCT; .TECHNOLOGY RSL(5,18,22,24); .END HEAD;

  41. New Assign Logic Test Generator • Analyzes technologies on each net and assigns compatible logic levels • Optionally uses Backdrive Learn Data File to assign Backdrive limits • Generates Assign Logic Program and Report • Assign Logic Program automatically merged with Digital, Hybrid, and BSCAN test programs • Warning and Errors written to Report file

  42. Sample Assign Logic Files /*Assign Logic Program generated Thursday, April 01, 2004 14:57 */ GLOBAL_ASSIGN_LOGICS: ASSIGN LGC VCDH=1.45 VCDL=0.40 VCST=0.92 VTT=0.92 VOHA=2.40 VOLA=0.40 VIHA=3.50 VILA=0.40 SLEWA=100.00 BDIA=100.00M BDTA=10.00M LVLA(A20GATE,ANAGND,APIC,AUD_LINK,AUD_LINK_RST...) VOHB=2.00 VOLB=0.60 VIHB=2.46 VILB=0.12 SLEWB=50.00 BDIB=50.00M BDTB=10.00M HIACCURACYB LVLB(CK_M_133M,CK_MN_DDR1…) VOHC=2.40 VOLC=0.40 VIHC=3.25 VILC=0.25 SLEWC=100.00 BDIC=50.00M BDTC=10.00M LVLC(CORE_HS,CORE_VS,GLUE4_3V,GLUE4_CSDA_3V...) VOHD=1.28 VOLD=0.11 VIHD=1.45 VILD=0.08 SLEWD=100.00 BDID=50.00M BDTD=0.18M HIACCURACYD LVLD(GMCH_FSB,HI0,HI1,HI2,HI3,HI4…) VOHE=1.15 VOLE=0.60 VIHE=1.50 VILE=0.20 SLEWE=100.00 BDIE=50.00M BDTE=0.05M HIACCURACYE LVLE(G_AD0,G_AD1,G_AD11,G_AD12…) VOHF=1.30 VOLF=0.80 VIHF=1.50 VILF=0.20 SLEWF=100.00 BDIF=50.00M BDTF=0.05M HIACCURACYF LVLF(H_ADSTB0_,H_ADS_,H_A_10…); /* Backdrive Data File: GRdemo.bdd */ /* OBC File: D:\8X\Tests\grdemo\binary\TS124sys\GRdemo.obc */ /* Date: Thursday, April 22, 2004 15:52 */ /* Node Name Imax Backdrive Burst Label */ CLK 76 mA; /* U12_FUNC_DIGITAL */ RESETL 129 mA; /* U10 */ P5V 401 mA; /* U12_C2 */ PCENAL 212 mA; /* U12_FUNC_DIGITAL */ CERAML 56 mA; /* U12_FUNC_DIGITAL */ MISO 52 mA; /* U4 */ MOSI 521 mA; /* U10 */ IMEAS 321 mA; /* U16 */ NC9 89 mA; /* U4 */ RXV 93 mA; /* RAM32KX8 */ SCK 58 mA; /* U4 */ SS 388 mA; /* U9 */ TXD 64 mA; /* U5 */ VFILTER 110 mA; /* U8 */ VGAIN 123 mA; /* U7_C2*/ VPEAK 137 mA; /* U4 */

  43. Improved Vectorless Test Capabilities • New FrameScan Capacitive Opens Technique • Active Probe improves pin coverage of low measurement signals • New User Interface simplifies Vectorless Test Debug Activities • Also Supports Opens Xpress and Junction Xpress Techniques

  44. Test Language #INCLUDE Keyword • Allows test programs to be stored as separate files • Separate files can be combined into single OBC by Translator • Simplifies test program management and debug activities • Reduces editing time of large test program files • Simplifies support for multiple board revisions • #INCLUDEs replaced with WRITE message and FAIL bit if not selected /*Main Test Program*/ U16A: CLEAR CLOCK; SET CLOCK /* CLOCK NAME IS TCK */ AT(CDA=2) NINC=10,5 TINC=100N SIGNAL(CDA=L0),(CDA=L0,H2,L4) DST(D1,S4),(D0,S4) VCDH=4.0 VCDL=0.2 OFF; /* Start of Burst for U16_A */ U16_A: #INCLUDE "burstu16a.txt" /* End of Burst for U16_A */

  45. Intel® Socket Test Technology • A special module for testing Intel mPGA478 and LGA775 processor socket and ball-grid array interconnect components • Designed by Intel • Licensed to Teradyne • Special test model created by Teradyne • Allows testing for open solder joints of all balls of the mPGA478 or LGA775 processor sockets • Including signal, power, and ground balls • Ensures that all CPU connections through the socket to the circuit board are electrically correct across all three primary pin types • Historical test solutions have only provided coverage for signal pin connections • Module is an array of N-Channel FET pairs • Module plugs directly into the Board Under Test Processor socket • Processor must be removed from the Board under test

  46. Enhanced Power and Capacitor Discharge Routines • Analog Test Library and Power Supply Editor have new Capacitor and Power Discharge code • Support for older non-ICA power supplies (UPS, SVS, PVS, HCS) removed from Discharge routine • Discharge time is 28% to 53% faster compared to code generated in previous software release • Less relay stress during discharge increases longevity of pin board relays • Requires users to re-generate their Analog and Power Test Programs using 5.8.0 and paste into their existing programs

  47. L293 L298 L6203 MAX202 MAX206 MAX22 MC145406 TS2P8V Created by Teradyne application engineers to demonstrate how the analog and digital subsystems can be used together to test Digital/Analog devices that exceed the voltage range of the UltraPin sensor (voltages greater than 5.5 volts or less than -2.5V). New Hybrid Device Models Hybrid Models

  48. New TestStation Licenses • 580 License allows users to run TestStation 5.8.0 software • CST License allows TSLH testers to execute Bursts that use Clock and Trigger resources • Backdrive License allows tester to use Backdrive Measurement and Control features • Backdrive and CST licenses are optional for TSLH testers, standard on other TS

  49. New TSLH Fixture Converters and Adapters • New fixture converter makes it possible to run existing TestStation 12X 33 slot fixtures and programs on the TestStation LH 19 slot receiver • refer to the TSLH Standard Size Fixture Converter document located in the C:\Teradyne\228x\applications directory • A new Adapter is also available for TestStation L/LX large 33 slot receivers. This adapter can be used to put a large TSLH 19 slot fixture on the TestStation L/LX large 33 slot receivers

  50. Summary:Benefits of 580 Features... • TestStation 12X Enhanced Controller Testers • Smaller Footprint and ergonomic design • Consolidated control cards and Accessory slot increase tester pin capacity • Lower cost built-in DSM and Frequency Test instruments • Increased memory behind the pin • D2B Version 3.2 • Improved Probe Placement Solutions • Support for all Tecnomatix CAD Translators • D2B ECO software simplifies Board Revision changes and fixture modifications • Floating software licenses support cost-effective collaborative program development • SafeTest Program Prep Support • Automatic generation of ASSIGN LGC statements saves hours of development time • Automatic selection of optimum Backdrive Current and Duration limits • Reduces chances of exposing components to Electrical Over-Stress conditions • Improved Vectorless Test • New FrameScan technique with active probes improve fault coverage of low signal pins • Simple user interface allows faster Vectorless Test generation and debug

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