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fuel cells and hydrogen cars l.
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Fuel cells and Hydrogen Cars PowerPoint Presentation
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Fuel cells and Hydrogen Cars

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Fuel cells and Hydrogen Cars
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Fuel cells and Hydrogen Cars

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  1. Fuel cells and Hydrogen Cars By:8th Grade Student

  2. It is the lightest of all elements. How will hydrogen power replace fossil fuels?

  3. It carries clean energy, unlike fossil fuels.

  4. It is also the most plentiful element in the universe.

  5. Reducing our oil imports will change our relationships with countries in the Middle East because we won’t have to pay them to ship oil and gasoline to us if we start using hydrogen cars. How will reducing our oil imports change our relationship with the countries in the Middle East?

  6. If we don’t have to pay for oil and gasoline, then we won’t have to depend on their oil and we can save our money for more important things.

  7. Where will we get hydrogen to power cars? We can buy hydrogen from other countries in the Middle East if they can make it.

  8. We can also manufacture our own hydrogen instead of getting it from other countries.

  9. How can we make our own hydrogen? We can make our own hydrogen by separating water from domestic resources.

  10. Scientists have discovered that some algae and bacteria give off hydrogen so we can supply hydrogen from these two items.

  11. Ford ( a U.S. car manufacturing company) has made 5 hydrogen fuel cell cars and has given them to the states of Florida, Michigan, and California for use. Where are hydrogen cars being used today?

  12. The hydrogen fuel cell truck is ready for sale in Europe. It will be intended for internal transportation in industries, warehouses, airports, etc.

  13. Plain electrical cars can be used instead of just hydrogen. What are other alternative fuels?

  14. We can also use fuel that isn’t as expensive as the fuel that we use today.

  15. If we had a hydrogen economy, it would allow us to fuel our cars, trucks, and aircraft with hydrogen. What would a hydrogen economy look like?

  16. Middle Eastern countries would probably pay us for exporting hydrogen to them if we had a hydrogen economy.

  17. Car manufacturing companies would make more hydrogen fueled cars if their was a hydrogen economy.

  18. We would have to depend less on fossil fuels if we started using a hydrogen economy.

  19. There are some disadvantages of petroleum fuel being used in cars. One being that one gallon of petroleum gas contains less energy than a standard gallon of gasoline. What are the disadvantages of petroleum fuels used in cars?

  20. Another disadvantage is that it is priced higher than standard gasoline.

  21. One other disadvantage is that there are many petroleum gas refueling sites (practically 4,000), but a lot of them are not available to consumers on a 24/7 basis. So, consumers may not be able to buy petroleum when they really need it.

  22. Fuel cells are using hydrogen by converting it from oxygen to produce electricity in the car to make it run. How are fuel cells using hydrogen?

  23. Fuel cells are also using hydrogen to make cars run on a more efficient fuel source other than gasoline.

  24. No, it cannot. It takes in hydrogen and oxygen, creates electricity, and produces byproducts such as water and heat. Can a fuel cell take in water and put out hydrogen and oxygen?

  25. Yes, it does. The fuel cell takes in the hydrogen and oxygen, creates electricity to power the fuel cell car, and puts out water and heat. Can a fuel cell take in hydrogen and oxygen and put out water?