mobile it taming the unruly toddler n.
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Mobile IT: Taming the unruly toddler PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile IT: Taming the unruly toddler

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Mobile IT: Taming the unruly toddler - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile IT: Taming the unruly toddler. Futures Café, 2 nd December 2009. Image courtesy of vermininc @ flickr. Nick Skelton Why is mobile important?. Image courtesy of nicosmos @ flickr. Mobile IT is in its infancy.

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mobile it taming the unruly toddler

Mobile IT: Taming the unruly toddler

Futures Café, 2nd December 2009

Image courtesy of vermininc @ flickr

Nick Skelton

why is mobile important
Why is mobile important?

Image courtesy of nicosmos @ flickr

mobile it is in its infancy
Mobile IT is in its infancy

IBM PC photo courtesy of mwichary @ flickr, Apple photo courtsey of spaceageboy @ flickr

why do people care about their phones so much
Why do people care about their phones so much?

Images from flickr: 2CV courtesy of St3f4n, Rolls Royce gentleman_rook, smartcar yourdon, & Range Rover kenjonbro

how do we support mobile it users at bristol
How do we support mobile IT users at Bristol?

Photo courtesy of liquene @ flickr

gartner managed diversity strategy
Gartner Managed Diversity Strategy

or alternatively restaurants…

menu du jour
Menu du jour

Photo courtesy of nicolasbal @ flickr

your choices from the menu
Your choices from the menu





Basic phone with calls & SMS


Messaging phone with email & calendar


Internet phone with web browser & app store


3G dongle

Secure encrypted USB stick

menu du jour gartner platform model
Menu du jour (Gartner platform model)
  • Limited choice of devices, in exchange user gets support
  • Tested to work with university services
  • User breaks it and the university fixes it
  • Device can be managed (encryption, remote wipe)   
  • Applications can be specially written for the platform
platform model suitable for
Platform model suitable for

People who

  • need guidance and don’t want to choose
  • want things to "just work" with someone else worrying about the details
  • use a paper diary or calendar to plan their personal life
  • aren’t necessarily tech-savvy
pick and mix
Pick and Mix

Photo courtesy of sean_hickin @ flickr

pick and mix gartner appliance model
Pick and mix (Gartner appliance model)
  • Typically employee owned and paid for
  • University provides self-support info
  • If it breaks, you fix it
  • If it doesn’t work, it is your problem
  • Limited to safe interactions with corporate systems
appliance model suitable for
Appliance model suitable for

People who:

  • are tech-savvy
  • already make heavy use of mobiles and may have a personal favourite
  • think personal tech is more important than work tech
  • don't want to carry two mobiles
which approach do we want
Which approach do we want?
  • set menu for UOB owned devices
  • pick and mix (for student and employee owned devices only)
bolt ons are ugly
Bolt-ons are ugly

Image courtesy of David Wright @

design in mobile from ground up
Design in mobile from ground up
  • Application and platform-independent
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Interoperable
  • Adaptable
  • Accessible

Good mobile services are good services in general

this is particularly important for mobile
This is particularly important for mobile
  • Market is segmented, no dominant platform
  • Native applications on each smartphone platform must understand the data
checklist for a new service
Checklist for a new service
  • Does it use widely deployed open standards or industry standards?
  • Is the data accessible in the native applications on all major mobile platforms?
  • Does it work in any web browser? (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • Does it work without plugins? Without javascript?
  • Does the web interface resizes nicely for different resolutions?
  • Can it be built-in to the portal? (Use Single Sign On?)
  • Is it extensible? (Does it have well-defined APIs?)
  • Can the data be imported and exported easily?
vision for mobile it
Vision for mobile IT
  • Staff and students can work anytime & anywhere
  • Services available as webapps within the portal, accessible from any web browser
  • Our data is in standard formats that can be accessed on any smartphone