Localization Features within the Field of E-Learning As illustrated by NETg and Microsoft projects The Logrus Company Ma - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Localization Features within the Field of E-Learning As illustrated by NETg and Microsoft projects The Logrus Company Ma PowerPoint Presentation
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Localization Features within the Field of E-Learning As illustrated by NETg and Microsoft projects The Logrus Company Ma

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Localization Features within the Field of E-Learning As illustrated by NETg and Microsoft projects The Logrus Company Ma
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Localization Features within the Field of E-Learning As illustrated by NETg and Microsoft projects The Logrus Company Ma

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  1. Localization Features within the Field of E-LearningAs illustrated byNETg andMicrosoftprojectsThe Logrus CompanyMay2007

  2. New times mean greater demands

  3. The Features ofE-Learning • The complexity of technical tools and solutions • Technical: • Client-server applications • Usage of web protocols • Flash programming • Multimedia features • Different learning and testing modes • Branched logic for learning and testing • Organizational: • The majority of business administration elements • All the aspects of the joint work of a large team • An advanced system of user access • Role-based resources allocation • Enhanced user access system The following are needed to work with these kinds of materials: specialists in the areas of programming, engineering and software testing, established production processes, the ability to make decisions andestablished methodologies for working with complex software.

  4. The Features ofE-Learning • Complex content • Usage of multimedia materials • Sound recordings • Video clips • Graphic/visual materials • Significant volumes of reading and other material • Complex web programming, structural data • Need for methodological adaptation In addition to the specialists in the subject matters concerned, translators and programmers, work with such materials demands the skills of sound recording and mixing specialists, graphic artists and designers.

  5. The Two Kinds of CBT • Interactive (Off-line) learning(NETg) • The option for distance learning • An off-line learning course (without instructor) • Multimedia components • Instructor-Led Training,or ILT (MS) • Conventional realization • Non-multimedia components

  6. Thomson NETg Courses • The process of localization • Familiarization with theNETg media • Preparing a glossary • Methodological adaptation • Translation/adaptation • Editing and proofreading • Final verification/alignment • Dubbing, audio and video editing • Graphics and flash animation • Assembly and testing • Finalization

  7. MS Dynamics CRM 3.0 ILT Course • The process of localization • Preparing a glossary • Text translation • Editing and proofreading • Graphics localization • Make-up and layout • Virtual working environment creation and customization • Course assembly and testing • DVD shell development and finalization of the course

  8. Learning Material Delivery Learning process is multifaceted and rich in scenarios as to how learning material is delivered and learning process is organized: • Printed format • Interactive sessions with instructors • Interactive sessions according to the specific course • Reference material • Visual media (DVD, CD) • Electronic formats • LMS, LCMS, instructional portals • Practicum (completion of actual work)

  9. Organization of the Learning Process Organization of the learning process requires the creation of a single, one-stop solution for managing and co-ordinating the work of administration, the instructional staff, students, the instructional process and all activity of the educational institution. • A single media environment combining ERP, CRM elements, eLearning, information centre • Client-server web technology • A single informational centre for administration, teachers and students • Unified tools for cooperative work, storage of materials, scheduling, courses, news and directives distribution • The working environment for all participants in the learning process

  10. Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG)

  11. Microsoft Sharepoint Learning Kit • Learning materials management • Еducators can create an assignment out of any document of any type in a SharePoint Document Library • Enables students to self-assign content • Support for interactive branching, multimedia, and active content • Reports on students progress and test results analysis capabilities • SLK is a solution entirely built on the foundation of SharePoint Server • Support of learning materials in SCORM and IMSformats (Class Server)

  12. Unseen Obstacles • The choice of media determines the technology • The large quantity of diverse original materials • The need for thorough processing of materials for their adaptation to the market • The variety of qualifications among project participants • The need to attract experts in the course’s subject matter • The integration of solutions from various domains • Implementation of the complex solution within an enterprise

  13. Unseen Obstacles • Time-consumingandlabor-intensive testing • More difficult than normal maintenance of the client’s terminology; modifications possibly required • Noncompliant (is not compatible) with local standards for the original product • Implementation and adaptation of the solution are complex • Classifying and restricting internal access are complex • Compatibility and portability of the final product • The modularity of realization requires a uniform approach

  14. Assess the amount of work When one begins aneLearning project, it is a good idea first to assess one’s energies and capability and the amount of work. In the majority of cases, a professional localization company will be able to create a course in less time and for less money, while delivering higher quality. Successfully carrying out an adaptation project and introducing it into a course of instruction (and this is even more the case with Microsoft Learning Gateway) requires experience in managing complex projects and considerable resources.

  15. Microsoft eLearning Solutions • Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG) • Microsoft Sharepoint Learning Kit (SLK) • Microsoft Learning Essentials • Microsoft Learning Network Manager • Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit

  16. Logrus: What We Do • A full range of localization services (translation, adaptation, multimedia, engineering, porting, editing, testing) • Development and maintenance of web portals and editing of web-parts • Content development (text, sound, methodology) • Experience working with Russian clients of all sizes • Logrus is a partner of Microsoft in the field of adaptation and implementation of eLearning projects and Microsoft Corporation technology • Task organization and management • MLG adaptation for the needs of educational institutions

  17. We’re the ones you need if: • You want to convert your educational materials into electronic format • You want to start up your own electronic course and you need conversion, development, translation and adaptation • You would like to consider the possibility of introducing Microsoft Learning Gateway to an educational institution, but consultation, development and help with implementation are needed for this

  18. Logrus eLearning Projects • Localization and adaptation of Microsoft Class Server 3.0 и 4.0 • Localization of more than 20 interactive NETg courses • Localization of Oracle University ILT courses • Complete localization of the Microsoft CRM 3.0 course • Localization and testing of MLG, SLK 1.0 and LNM 1.0 portals • Сreation of the Microsoft Learning Gateway IT community: http://www.mlg-edu.ru • Сreation of web-parts and supplementary components for the expansion of the functionality of Microsoft technology in the execution of projects for Russian clients