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connecting with students online is easy using voicethread l.
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Connecting with Students Online is Easy Using VoiceThread PowerPoint Presentation
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Connecting with Students Online is Easy Using VoiceThread

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Connecting with Students Online is Easy Using VoiceThread
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Connecting with Students Online is Easy Using VoiceThread

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  1. Connecting with Students Online is Easy Using VoiceThread CSLA Conference November 20, 2008 Jane Lofton Teacher Librarian Lindero Canyon Middle School Agoura Hills, CA

  2. What’s a ? An interactive, collaborative, online multimedia tool that that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to add oral, text, or video comments.

  3. Lots of media options… Media types Comment methods

  4. Some Great Uses • Booktalks • Tutorials • Presentations • Slideshows • Online conversations • Collaborative class projects • Telling a story • Practicing speaking

  5. Some Examples …Booktalks… Created by Jane Lofton & student Julia M.

  6. Tutorials or Presentations… created by Jane Lofton

  7. Online Conversations… by Bill Ferriter on his Digitally Speaking wiki at

  8. Another Online Conversation… by Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Art History Professor, Sierra College Embedded at

  9. What Equipment Do You Need?... Very Little! Important: A microphone (built in on many computers) Optional: • A better microphone • Camera • Scanner • Webcam • Audacity software Mike and camera clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on

  10. How to Create a VoiceThread • Set up an account (more on that later) • Click Create

  11. Click Upload

  12. Upload a file or files

  13. Sort files as needed and add titles Then, click Comment

  14. Click Comment

  15. Have VoiceThread call you Record with your webcam Record with your mike Type your comment Upload a file Choose a comment option, then record, check, and save the comment. Comment on as many screens as you like.

  16. Sharing Your VoiceThread Click Share. Choose sharing options.

  17. Embedding Your VoiceThread To embed, click here or here. Then…

  18. Embedding Your VoiceThread (cont’d) Choose any of these options.

  19. Finding VoiceThreads on the site Keyword search Browse Mouse over a thread for a description

  20. Account Options for Creating VoiceThreads: • Free • Free educator (that’s what I have) • Pro • Ed.voicethread

  21. Educators Get “Pro” Features Free of Charge Free

  22. Options for Students Adding Comments: • Use your identities • Create their own free account (if they are 13 or older, or their parents register) • Use an ed.voicethread account you set up

  23. Sharing a VoiceThread • Share with individuals (email from the voicethread) • Link to your VoiceThread from a website, email, etc. • Embed it in a website, blog, or wiki* • Make it public for browsing and keyword access at *Examples at,, and

  24. Creating a Free Educator Account Click Sign In

  25. Click Register.

  26. Enter your name, school email and a password. Click Register.

  27. Click Apply.

  28. Complete this form. For more explanation of how to get the free educator account, watch this VoiceThread: Click Apply.

  29. Now, you will see a message like this. Then, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click the link in your email, and your account will be active!

  30. Features Review… • Accepts many file types for uploads • Offers a variety of commenting options • Doodling option • Comment moderation option • Easy embedding in webpages, blogs, & wikis • Zoom option • Sharing options • No software to install

  31. Some Benefits Over Other Podcast Tools • You can record audio in segments • Both graphics & comments can be added & changed easily, at any time • You can easily pinpoint areas of the screen with the doodler • You don’t need fancy equipment • It’s asynchronous, allowing for participation at different times & from different places

  32. Some Tips for Uploading images… • .pdfs are recommended format for uploads of presentations • Images work best at a 4:3 ratio and 1024 X 768 or larger <…………4…………….> <…..…3….…>

  33. Tip for Embedding images… The embedded image can be any size. Adjust these figures, using a 4/3 ratio.

  34. For Presentations, Tweak These Options…

  35. Editing an Existing VoiceThread Or… In the MyVoice tab, click the Menu icon, then click Edit.

  36. Editing an Existing VoiceThread While viewing a VoiceThread, click the menu icon here, then click Edit.

  37. Resources from VoiceThread VoiceThread site: Ed.voicethread: VoiceThread Education Account Brochure: Explanation of how to get the free educator account and what the paid account offers:

  38. Other Resources VoiceThread 4 Education Wiki Be sure to check the “Best Practices” page Bill Ferriter’s “Digitally Speaking” wiki page about VoiceThreads Includes lots of good examples and best practices tips VoiceThread Ning Disruptive Technologies wiki page about VoiceThreads Delicious VoiceThread bookmarks

  39. Access This Handout Online I have uploaded this handout to: Also, please contact me with any questions. Email: or Work phone: 818/880-2134x8 Home phone: 818/865-8010