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ICT Enabled Youth Social Enterprises PowerPoint Presentation
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ICT Enabled Youth Social Enterprises

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ICT Enabled Youth Social Enterprises
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ICT Enabled Youth Social Enterprises

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    1. ICT Enabled Youth Social Enterprises Abdallah Diwan AYIN

    2. What is social enterprise? Social enterprises are organizations whose mission is to bridge social opportunities into sustainable reality innovatively, effectively and efficiently. Returns in economic, social and environmental return.

    3. What is the ICT Trust Fund? The Egyptian Information and Communication Technology Trust Fund was jointly established by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in January 2002. The Fund is a mechanism to foster socio-economic development by creating public-private partnerships to support the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

    4. ICT Trust Fund (cont.) The Fund currently sponsors five main projects, with the aim of furthering development in Egypt by increasing awareness of ICT and its benefits as well as making it more accessible and affordable to all citizens. By empowering communities with access to valuable tools, skills, training and information, the ICT Fund hopes to widen the horizons of Egyptian citizens and increase their competitive advantage in a modern technological society.

    5. Community Development Portal The main objective of the project is to help young Citizens in rural areas and suburbs to use ICT to improve: Skills Employment opportunities Income Health Education Agriculture General Knowledge Empowering Young Citizens to join the knowledge and Information Society

    6. Projects 4 stages 1. Creating the local and relevant content 2. Establishing partnerships with local NGOs, CSOs, IT Clubs, Religious institutions, to establish local Access points (Nodes) 3. Providing Internet Access and tools 4. Grassroots activities

    7. 1. Content global objectives Empower people through knowledge. Increase socio-economic standards. Raise awareness. Build capacities. Enhance decision making.

    8. Content Sources

    9. Content can be: Documents Links Books Applications (GIS, Library, School Management, etc.) Animation / Presentations Video, Audio streaming E-learning modules Forums, chat

    10. CDP project Mechanism

    11. Thank You Abdallah Diwan abdallahdiwan@gmail.com or adiwan@mcit.gov.eg www.kenanaonline.com www.ictfund.org.eg