the next step in hvac diagnostics n.
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The next step in HVAC diagnostics

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The next step in HVAC diagnostics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The next step in HVAC diagnostics. Fieldpiece. HVAC/R specialized (17 years) Needs are different Minor market for our competitors. Adolfo Wurts. BSME from Cal Poly Pomona Specializing in HVAC/R Fieldpiece Employee for 6 years Spoken with 100s of HVAC professionals

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The next step in HVAC diagnostics

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Presentation Transcript
  • HVAC/R specialized (17 years)
    • Needs are different
    • Minor market for our competitors
adolfo wurts
Adolfo Wurts
  • BSME from Cal Poly Pomona
    • Specializing in HVAC/R
  • Fieldpiece Employee for 6 years
  • Spoken with 100s of HVAC professionals
  • Developed Field Guide based on direct HVACR technician input
fieldpiece products
Fieldpiece Products
  • New product ideas come from HVAC technicians
  • Measure success: make the HVAC/R tech’s job easier, faster, safer, and/or better
  • Result: Fieldpiece is the leader in HVAC/R
fieldpiece parameters tested
Fieldpiece Parameters Tested
  • Test most HVAC/R parameters
modularity example superheat
Modularity Example: Superheat
  • ARH4 to get Target Superheat
  • ASX24 to get Actual Superheat
trends increased attention to conservation
Trends: Increased Attention to Conservation
  • Increased attention to conservation
  • Nobody wants another power plant
    • Not the government
    • NIMBY
    • Not the power companies
trends large portion of energy going to hvac
Trends: Large portion of Energy Going to HVAC
  • 11.1% of US electricity costs are for HVAC (residential and commercial, DOE 2001 data)
    • This doesn’t count combustion for heating
  • Huge energy savings potential
trends higher seer mandates
Trends: Higher SEER Mandates
  • High SEER equipment being installed
  • Most A/Cs running at 50-80% of rated efficiency
  • High SEER systems are more complicated
trends government s increased interest
Trends: Government’s Increased Interest
  • Title 24
    • CA standard for AC service
    • Superheat chart
    • Target evaporator exit temperature
new fieldpiece products to improve efficiency
New Fieldpiece Products to Improve Efficiency
  • Superheat and Subcooling heads
    • Evolution of products
  • AOX2 combustion check
benefits of modularity
Benefits of Modularity
  • One Display and many accessories
    • Use DMM functions (Hold, min/max, etc.)
  • Easy to inexpensively expand
  • Use it your way
    • Stick meter
    • Electronic handle
    • Data logger
    • Remote it
bright idea field guide
Bright Idea: Field Guide
  • Requires less technical competency
  • Easy to use, step by step direction
  • Fast, clear clean
  • More tests will actually be performed
tests currently available
Tests Currently Available
  • Target Evaporator Exit Temp
  • Superheat
  • Subcooling
  • Combustion Analysis
data management
Data Management
  • Real time displayed
  • Stores tests in memory
    • Stored with Customer ID:
    • Stored with time stamp
works with a pc
Works With A PC
  • Does not require a PC to work
  • Transfer files to and from a PC for customer tracking
    • Bring previous tests to a jobsite
    • Keep track of work at the office
  • Download updates from Fieldpiece
field guide manual
Field Guide Manual
  • Sections for each switch position
  • In Depth info on topics
  • Shows Input and Output Forms
  • Shows the best way to get accurate results
future switch positions
Future Switch Positions
  • Check Me!
  • Green Box
  • CFM
  • Mini Split
  • Compressor Check
  • Other?
field guide updating
Field Guide Updating
  • Connect to a PC via USB
  • Download update, simple instructions
  • More Switch positions
  • Expand Current Switch Positions
check me
Check Me!
  • Best one point in time diagnosis of an AC system
  • Looks at the system holistically
  • Developed from data of over 100,000 real world AC units
green box
Green Box
  • The best system for monitoring and diagnosing residential and light commercial HVAC
  • Continuously monitors ten system points
  • Wireless comm. between evaporator and condenser
  • Notifies residents of problems
  • Technician can decode the diagnosis of the AC via a Field Guide
  • Helps tech easily perform CFM measurements from current testing methods
  • Performs basic air balancing calcs
  • Helps technicians find % Duct Loss and Leaks through simple measurements
  • Mini Split?
  • Compressor Diagnosis?
  • ?
field guide
Field Guide
  • A greener America
  • More systems will run at better efficiency
    • Easier testing = more likely to happen
    • Easier service management
call to arms
Call to Arms
  • As educators you can make the biggest difference in the future
  • Save the earth for future generations
  • Ensure that students learn the proper techniques and procedures
benefits to educators
Benefits to Educators
  • Easy to teach
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Teacher deals (50% off direct credit card order)
  • Student deals (distributors get 10% off for student orders)
  • You can use the opman as a textbook/supplement