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  1. NEXT STEP! Now that you are registered or certified as a Small business, women- or minority-owned business enterprise, what is NEXT? Office of Business Services New Jersey Commerce, Economic Growth and Tourism Commission New Jersey Small Business Development Centers

  2. AGENDA • Introductions • Purpose of Workshops • Getting A Clear Perspective • Mark Your Calendar • Contacts & Mailing Lists • Types of Purchase Awards • Bid Evaluations

  3. AGENDA, Cont. • Continue Building Your Knowledge Base • Plan Performance Review • Wrap-up & Questions

  4. Purpose of Workshops • Next Step I and Next Step II • Set Reasonable Expectations • Share Information & “Learning” • Get YOU Pointed In The Right Direction

  5. Getting A Clear Perspective • Not every state agency is in a position to buy from outside vendors. • Many contracts have already been awarded and may not be up for renewal for one year or more • There are contracts out there that you won’t want to participate in! • Do business with the state just as you would with a private target account.

  6. First Things First - Mark Your Calendar • Registration Renewal (SBE) Renew your registration every year before the deadline on your registration. It is your responsibility to ensure that your status is renewed annually according to the process that applies at the time. • Certification Reapplication (MBE - WBE) Check the certificate for expiration date and mark your calendar to submit a new certification application to New Jersey Commerce. • Certification Annual Verification(MBE - WBE) Notarize and submit an Annual Verification Form updating NJ Commerce of any or no changes in your company’s status due on the anniversary of the issue date of a 5 year certificate . Mark your calendar to ensure you submit the form by your certification anniversary date but nor more than 45 days prior.

  7. Get Your Name on Public and Private Procurement Lists • Familiarize yourself with the requirements for doing business with the State. • Secure application with NJ Department of Treasury for the Bidder’s List Treasury’s Purchase Bureau buys for 17 state departments. There is no fee to get on the bidder’s list. Call 609-292-4700 or 609-292-7070, or click on

  8. Get Your Name on Public and Private Procurement Lists • Secure the NJ State Buyers List 40 colleges, commissions & authorities, outside of State departments, have independent purchasing authority. Use the list to contact State Buyers directly. Call 609-292-2146 or e-mail your request • Register with Treasury’s Division of Property Management & Construction For construction contracts you must be pre-qualified through this office. Call 609-984-3401 or go to • Contact NJ Schools Construction Corporation • Network with private supplier programs

  9. Learn “How” to Do Business With State Government • Secure “How To Do Business with the State of New Jersey” Guide • To learn more about the different types of contracts, how a vendor gets paid, etc. ask for your free copy by calling 609-292-4700 or click on • Contact your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) • Call the NJSBDC at 973-353-5950 to locate the SBDC nearest you. To obtain free counseling on how to do business with government and maximize your registration or certification status, contact Stephanie Burroughs, Director of Procurement, NJSBDC at

  10. NJ Purchasing Characteristics • Highly decentralized purchasing • 66 State Contracting Agencies • 15 State Departments • 12 Colleges & Universities • 16 Authorities • 13 Commissions • 10 Multi-state Agencies

  11. “The Big Picture for Big Business in Small Settings” State Contracts by Departments Dept. of Treasury Purchase Bureau [Contracts over $25,000] Yes Contract over $25,000? No Existing Contract for commodity or service? Department’s Purchasing Agent [Contracts up to $25,000] No Contract Awarded to Successful Bidders!! Yes State Contracts by Agencies, Authorities and Other State Entities [Cities, Counties, Schools, Colleges, Universities] ‣Up to $500 – No competition ‣$500 - $12,500 – Minimum 3 phone/fax quotes ‣$12,500 - $25,000 – Min 3 sealed written quotes Existing Contract for commodity or service? Direct Purchase Order END Yes No Purchasing Agent for the entity – Each has own procurement guidelines with dollar amount limitations like ‣ above

  12. Typical Purchasing Rules • Up to $500 – No competition, telephone quote • $501 to $12, 500 – 3 telephone quotes • $12,501 - $25,000 – 3 sealed quotes • Over $25,000 – formal RFP process (advertised, RFP, Bidders’ Conference(s), etc.)

  13. Additional Political Subdivisions • 21 Counties • 566 Municipalities • All with their own purchasing rules and regulations • Due to the broad scope of buyers, our focus will be on the Division of Purchase & Property under the Department of Treasury • Do business with the State of New Jersey just as you would with a large private sector target account (ex. J&J)

  14. Websites • Bid Opportunities from Treasury: • Commodity Code Search: • Recent Notices of Award Updates from Treasury: • Notices of Contracts Page Notices of Award by Title: • Notices of Award by Number: • Largest public and private companies, etc: • Local municipal government contacts (county/township):

  15. Websites (Cont’d) • School districts: • Colleges and universities: • Business Research Information: • School Construction New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) 609-292-1721 • South Jersey Light Rail Project (856) 914-5198

  16. Types of State Purchase Awards Term Contacts • Commodities or services needed on a consistent basis and are normally more than 1 year in duration. • Specifications, terms, conditions and price for the specific commodity or service are fixed for the duration of the contract. • Term contracts do not specify exact dollar amounts, but estimates are provided for purposes of the bids. • County and municipal governments and school districts may place orders under such contracts. • Purchase orders are issued against established contracts as needs dictate during the time the contracts are in effect.

  17. Types of State Purchase Awards (cont.) Line Item Contracts • One-time contracts for specific, defined items with prescribed delivery/installation schedules. • Apply to a stipulated commodity or service to be delivered/performed under specific conditions and requirements. • Contractor must receive a signed purchase order. Multi-Source Contracts • Awarded to more than the one vendor due to the variety/number of items required to fulfill the contract and/or the number of delivery/service locations. (automotive parts - multiple items needed by agencies throughout the State during the year.) • Enables State agencies to use the contractor most conveniently located to the requesting office • Not guaranteed all the contractors will receive purchase orders • Additional marketing of the specified goods/services may subsequently be required by the contractors in order to obtain State orders.

  18. Types of State Purchase Awards (cont.) Direct-Purchase Authorities (DPAs) • In cases where contracts are not in effect for the desired commodity or service and the commodity or service is not available through the Bureau of State Use Industries, is not sold by the State Distribution Center, and the amount does not exceed $25,000, the State using agency may make direct purchases as a result of informal competitive bidding. • Receive a fully executed and signed purchase order prior to undertaking efforts to deliver any goods or services. Purchase Orders • Purchase orders are issued for individual purchases for commodities or services purchased under a line-item contract or a DPA. • The purchase order correctly identifies the current contract number and the awarded vendor. • NOTE that all purchase orders reflect the price of the delivered or installed product; no additional costs (such as shipping) will be subsequently accepted or paid.

  19. COOPERATIVE PURCHASING State contracts are automatically extended to County and State colleges, independent institutions of higher education, and independent commissions and authorities, school districts, and volunteer fire departments and volunteer first-aid/rescue squads. • Not required to obtain additional bids and my contact the contract vendor directly. • Vendors are reminded that they can only sell commodities or services that are specifically awarded in their contracts.

  20. Bid Evaluations • Can take from a few days to several weeks • Complex professional service contracts reviewed by committee • Ties determined by past performance, delivery terms, convenience of facilities, etc. • Reasons for Rejection • Failure to sign in ink • Failure to reply on time • Failure to attend mandatory bid conference (if prime) • Failure to initial price alterations for one or more items. Failure to provide necessary documentation(stockholder disclosure, etc) • Telephone, fax or other forms of bids other than mailed or delivered, are not acceptable

  21. Office of Business Services • Small Business Registration (SBE) • Certification of Minority Owned Businesses (MBE) • Certification of Women Owned Businesses (WBE) • “One Stop Shop for Business Information” • Phone: 609-777-0885