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  2. "... BankVision is a complete solution for Computerization of a bank of any size with any number of branches." "... BankVision uses state-of-the-art application technology. BankVision comprehensively brings every aspect of Bank management and operations into on-line computerization simultaneously."

  3. INTRODUCTION BankVision is an fully integrated online banking application on the leading edge of Financial System Technology. BankVision uses state-of-the-art application technology to simultaneously and comprehensively bring every aspect of Bank management and operations into on-line system. It combines the power ofASP.Net andanyRelational Database Management System (RDBMS)

  4. SALIENT FEATURES Sequential Audit Trial Auditor’s audit trial Single Window Concept Any Branch Banking Delivery channels – ATM, Internet/Tele/Mobile Banking Foreign Exchange Transactions (FOREX) Multi-lingual interface Multi Currency Payment Mechanisms- Debit/Credit/Smart cards, EFT, ECS, RTGS etc.

  5. ABOUT BANKVISION • Uses existing data infrastructure, and eliminates expensive and time consuming data repository duplication efforts. • Maintains a comprehensive audit-trail and fixes accountability by individual, for each transaction. • User definable generic reports • Infinitely expandable and can handle infinite branch expansion.

  6. ABOUT BANKVISION Give customers instant access to account information and provide the flexibility to carry out financial & non- financial transactions 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world in a highly secure environment. Provides Internet access & transaction capability to multiple products and services offered by a financial institution - Current & Savings Accounts, Loans, Time Deposits, Mutual Funds and Securities. Customers can also monitor their accounts through e-mail and SMS alerts that are triggered by a customer-managed set of events. BankVision also supports corporate accounts requiring complex access schemes and transaction privileges.

  7. Security Efficiency Ease of Operation Reporting Reconciliation of Accounts Online Help and Search/query operation Automatic reconciliation of inter branch transactions Soft locking of screen Accuracy of transactions

  8. Area wise reports for Deposits, Loans etc. Bank’s Book of Instructions made redundant Dynamic parameterisation/configuration. Export of data to any formats like .EXL, .DOC etc. Voucher printing Scheme based product definition Bi-lingual interface Email can be sent to customer’s mobile phone as alerts or to their POP servers there by bank can keep in touch with the customer more effectively.

  9. Customer worthiness – transaction wise • Exceptional transaction alerts – Triggering of events • Remote installation/support – saves man hours • Integration to latest delivery channels like ATM, SMS, Mobile, Internet Banking • Integration to Document Management • Designed to work on multi-platform like SQL, DB2, Oracle etc.

  10. Option to go for branch or any branch or centralized banking solution (distributed and centralized solution) Min. usage of infrastructure Money laundering compliance solution providing Know Your Customer, Regulatory reporting and Transaction scanning Easy addition of users and branches Target and Budgeting Productivity of staff Management cost analysis

  11. Account number as per customer’s wish/choice (Sankya Shastra- numerology) Personalized cheque book printing Smart card enabled Multi channel banking Single window concept Support for payment mechanisms like EFT, ECS, Debit Cards, Smart Cards, RTGS etc. Standing Instruction facility

  12. The key features of BankVision which makes the software the most comprehensive and efficient Banking System.

  13. Real integrated approach Rational approach towards transactions. On-line help and search utility Concurrent working on the same customer account on different terminals. Complete coverage of Banking requirements including comprehensive reports.

  14. Global Customer ID concept – write once use ‘n’ number of times System is designed to interact with any kind of external data like encoding of cheques, Pass sheets to customer through Smart Cards etc.

  15. Consolidated Financial Report generated from Head office. Monitor Branch Activities. Centralized and decentralized shareholding. Multi branch clearing operations Possibility of Inter-Branch instructions Remote Auditing All configuration/changes done at HO and no control of data at branches in case of CBS

  16. Trigger an event, when SB of defaulter got deposited with funds for recovery of the same On maturity of a Deposit, if any loan is pending against the deposit, the loan will be recovered automatically. e-Notice can be sent to overdue customers through Mobile and e-mail. Area wise list of default accounts to minimise the recovery process time

  17. Queries can be on Name, Address, Street, House No, Area, PIN, Date of birth, Age, Spouse name etc., Documents, Acknowledgment etc., can be printed Cheque discounting facilities. TDS forecasting at the time account opening

  18. Once the Pass Book transaction entries are printed and given to a customer, they are not repeated, when next requested by the customer, transactions are not repeated. The computer will print only the subsequent entries.???????? Issue of Cheque Books are properly maintained for each account. When a cheque is presented for withdrawal of clearance, the cheque number and the account number of the issuer is accordingly validated. ????????

  19. Availability of insufficient amount for recovery of a loan can be adjusted towards various components with appropriate priority. Provides tools for reconciliation of various accounts, which is otherwise a very tedious job. Automatic handling of Charges / surcharge and fines Facility to know incomplete transactions at the end of the day. Keeps track of multiple standing instructions for a given customer

  20. Context-sensitive on-line help by using Function keys, available where ever necessary. No need to remember codes. The menu is so user-friendly that training can be imparted in a few sessions. There are no lengthy day-begin or day-end procedure. User definable hot keys. Marking options

  21. Automatic renewal of Fixed Deposits possible. • Automatic crediting of FD interest in respective SB accounts. • Automatic recovery of loan. • Automatic subscription towards Recurring Deposits. • Facility for Stop Payment instructions. • Facility to know Standing Instructions carried out on a day. • Variety of other Standing Instructions.

  22. Facility of unique user number and password, eliminating unauthorized users. Operational rights for each user/terminal can be defined. Thus, a user can have access to specific terminals and specific options only. For each transaction, the system keeps track of both the Clerk and the Officer who were involved in it. This helps in identification of who initiated each entry, eliminating thereby the possibility of errors and deliberate fraud. Facility to print User log to know the history

  23. Implementation can be from manual to on line process from a legacy system to our on line process • The systems comes with a module wise Implementation of Software which makes it possible to computerize the branch in stages.

  24. Special facility to handle salary cheques received from different organization. Handles advanced communications received in respect of clearing cheques returned late. It is possible to monitor the activities of all terminals on remote terminal, by the Manager or the person in- charge. Any number of joint holders can be permitted in opening of an account.

  25. Disbursement of loans can be handled with multiple payments. Also, the scheduling of the loan amount sanctioned, over the entire period of repayment, is done automatically by the system. Facility to search for the accounts held by a person by giving his/her name or even part of the name. Facility to know all types of accounts held by a customer across all branches.

  26. Facility to issue a single or consolidated PO / DD for more than one purpose. Large number of otherwise complex returns and reports are easily available. Handles special instructions given by customers for operating their accounts.


  28. TBA MODULES FORCONVENTIONAL / ISLAMIC BANKSCash, Membership, Demand Deposits, Term Deposits, Other liabilities, Trade finance, OD & Cash Credit, Short term loans, Term Loans, Remittance, Other Assets, Profit & Loss account, General Ledger

  29. Telephone Banking gives you easy access to customer accounts, automatically updated information and user-friendly services--24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Pay bills, check account balances and transaction history, transfer between accounts and more. With helpful interactive voice prompts to guide you, Telephone Banking lets you complete your daily banking transactions within minutes

  30. FEATURES Data input by voice/keypad Data output by voice/fax/e-mail Encryption of input/output data Customer authentication by password/PIN

  31. In Internet Banking as with traditional banking methods, security is a primary concern. At Maintec our member banks have taken every precaution necessary to be sure your information is transmitted safely and securely. The latest methods in Internet banking system security are used to increase and monitor the integrity of the online banking application. Internet Banking offers for On-line account balance checking, fund transfers, utility payments (on the spot & scheduled) and consumer loan applications.

  32. This feature allows secure transmission of data, and information from the application to the customers mobile phone thereby not restricting the usage to only WAP phones. There is a seamless interface between the wireless infrastructure (networks, handsets, operators) and the banking application. Data can be sent to any type of mobile wireless devices using either GSM or WAP. Customers can check their account balances through their mobile phone using SMS. Bank can send email as an alert to customer’s mobile phones or to their POP servers.

  33. Customers are, in fact, becoming more insistent on this service from their banks, which enables them to make withdrawals and remittances at any branch of their bank, anywhere in the country. Customer-focused banks are therefore en-cashing this demand to not only sustain customer loyalty, but indeed, expand their customer base, using the service as a major selling point. And when it comes to realising the concept, they increasingly prefer ABB from Maintec attracted as much by the product's power and features as by Maintec's solid credentials in Banking Technology.

  34. Using Automatic Teller Machines makes 24 hours banking Possible. Customer can withdraw money using their ATM cards.

  35. INSTANT REPORTING BankVision's Reporting Suite differs from traditional business intelligence software in that it gathers data from messaging systems that are relaying transactional information between applications. It can generate reports from data warehouses as well. In addition, it supports instant messaging, e-mail and Short Message Service (SMS) technologies. This software also taps into historical data stored in existing relational data sources, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle. It then combines all the information and presents it to business users in various report formats which can be defined / customized by the user.

  36. BankVision incorporates an array of security procedures and devices to make certain that your confidential transactions remain private. Your BankVision Internet Banking and Bill Pay sessions are secure and private. BankVision uses secure web servers with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology at 128-bit encryption for Internet Banking transactions. BankVision use a combination of technologies to keep your account secure.

  37. ENCRYPTION This technology scrambles the data relating to your account to ensure that your information cannot be read by anyone else. Encryption is a process that involves changing a string of letters and numbers into a code that is unrecognisable to anybody else who should try to gain access to your personal details. Our decoding program is the only one that can decipher the code.

  38. DIGITAL CERTIFICATE Communications between our system and your PC use the latest 'digital certificate technology', which ensures that you communicate with us - and only us - when you sign on to Internet Banking. Verisign, the leader in 'Certification Authority‘, authenticates each visit.

  39. PERSONAL SECURITY When you sign on to Internet Banking you will be asked to enter Your Customer Number. This is the number we give you when you register (you cannot choose this number). • Your Memorable Data. This can be any one of the three items (date, place or name) that you provide us with when you register. • Your ID-number, given to you when registered.