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  1. General Information Session Rachel F. Blase, Associate Director Undergraduate Advising Services Mary Lynn Orr, Assistant Director Undergraduate Teacher Education Admissions Ms. Kellie Oxford, PTEU Certification Officer Ingrid Galinat Academic Advisor 6/03/08

  2. Bagwell College of Education Dr. William D. Impey TEACHER EDUCATION ADVISEMENT CENTER(TEAC) Kennesaw Hall Room 3018 1000 Chastain Road Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591 (770) 423-6105 www.kennesaw.edu/education/teac

  3. Bagwell College of Education Agenda • Programs Offered • GACE Basic Skills • Promise Teacher • T.E. Admission Criteria • Advisement • Resources

  4. Bagwell College of Education KSU Undergraduate Programsleading to Georgia Teacher Certification • Early Childhood (P-5) • Middle Grades (4-8) • P-12 • Art Education • Foreign Language Education Concentration, French or Spanish • Health and Physical Education • Music Education • Secondary 6-12 • Biology Education • Chemistry Education Track • English Education • Math Education • History Education

  5. Bagwell College of Education GACE Basic or EXEMPT!

  6. Bagwell College of Education Exemption from GACE Basic Skills Assessment • Present qualifying scores on one of the following tests: • SAT – Min. 1000 (Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) • ACT – Min. 43 (English + Math) • GRE – Min. 1030 (Verbal + Quantitative) Bring a copy of your scores (unofficial copy may be accepted) to the Advisement Center in KH 3018. ** SAT scores prior to April 1, 1995, and ACT scores prior to 1989, were “recentered,” typically adding points. See the certification officer for details.

  7. Bagwell College of Education Where might I find my exemption scores? • Original score report • Transcripts from first college • High school transcripts • Testing company ($$) • KSU online student records. (The KSU registrar’s office will NOT release copies of test scores.) If on student record, you will still need to BRING a copy to TEAC.

  8. Bagwell College of Education GACE Basic Skills Assessment • Test of basic competencies - Reading, Writing and Math • Similar to the Regents’ Test and the SAT • Writing section includes an impromptu essay • All other questions are multiple choice • Passing scores have been set at 220 for each and all GACE exams

  9. Paper based exam Given 5 times during 2007-08 school year Test locations vary Next test dates are June 14, 2008 & August 23, 2008 Online registration varies depending on exam date Scores report in 4-5 weeks $95.00 (3 exams taken on single test day) www.gace.nesinc.com Bagwell College of Education If you are not exempt, you must take GACE Basic

  10. Bagwell College of Education How do I prepare for GACE Basic? • Preparation guides are available on the GACE website (www.gace.nesinc.com) • Math Lab(Library 433) • Writing Lab(Humanities 242) • TRAC & Continuing Education: Workshops • PAGE & GAE: Workshops • CAPS Center

  11. Bagwell College of Education Hope Promise Teacher Scholarship • $1500 per term for up to 4 terms • Service Cancelable = 1 year of work in a GA Public School for every $1500 given • 3.0 gpa cumulative to all college courses taken at every institution attended • Junior (60 hours) and MUST be admitted to the Teacher Education Program • Awarded on first-come, first-serve basis beginning July 1stuntil funds are exhausted • See certification officer for other conditions • You CAN have HOPE and HOPE PROMISE at the same time

  12. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission

  13. Bagwell College of Education • Admission to Teacher Education is separate from admission to KSU. • Transfer students must be fully accepted to KSU and have a completed transcript evaluation by the Office of the Registrar in order to be considered for admission to teacher education.

  14. Bagwell College of Education Application Fee Applications must have a receipt attached for the $20.00 TE Admission Application fee. • payable at the Bursar’s Office in the Student Center

  15. Bagwell College of Education TE Application • Submit an application with requisite signatures • KSU Advisor Signature • ECE, MGE and History Education – signed by TEAC • All other programs, see your advisor for signature

  16. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education ApplicationDEADLINES Spring 2009: Sept. 15th Summer 2009: Feb. 15th Fall 2008: April 15th • You do NOT have to have completed all the requirements for admission to the teacher education program at the time of application

  17. Bagwell College of Education Matriculation Date: 1st term officially enrolled at KSU

  18. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission Criteria • Satisfied an employment criminal history clearance • If transferring EDUC 2110 or EDUC 2201, you will need to submit a background check authorization form with your application

  19. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission Criteria • Completed at least 45 semester hours of coursework from accredited institutions

  20. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission Criteria GPA Semester vs. Cumulative vs. Adjusted • GPA Requirements • Before Fall 1999 GPA = 2.50+ KSU Adj. GPA • Fall 1999 - Summer 2001 GPA = 2.75+ KSU Adj. GPA • Fall 2001 GPA = 2.75+ KSU Adj. GPA • AND Education Transfer GPA = 2.75+ • Education Transfer GPA includes core curriculum and lower division courses required for teacher education.

  21. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission Criteria • Passed or exempted the Regents’ Test • Entered into GACE Basic database as passed or exempt • Completed ENGL 1101 & 1102 with grades of C or higher

  22. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission Criteria: New Requirements beginning Fall 2008 EDUC 2110 (orEDUC 2201 if previously completed at KSU or transferred) with grade of C or higher

  23. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission Criteria Beginning Fall 2008 • Received one positive faculty recommendation: • EDUC 2110 (orEDUC 2201) • Supplemental recommendations are only required if you are substituting EDUC 2110 (or EDUC 2201) from another institution

  24. Bagwell College of Education Teacher Education Admission Criteria • Professional, responsible behavior in all classes, field experiences, and interactions with peers and faculty • Positive evaluation in EDUC 2110 field experience • Potential for success in the program • Satisfied any additional admission requirements specified by a major program

  25. Bagwell College of Education Apply to KSU Office of Undergraduate Admissions Applications and deadlines: www.kennesaw.edu/admissions

  26. Bagwell College of Education Transcript Evaluations • Transfer student transcripts are evaluated by the KSU Office of theRegistrar. • Once completed, you can view your transcript evaluation on Owl Express. www.kennesaw.edu

  27. Bagwell College of Education Transfer Evaluations Courses will be assigned KSU course numbers if they are determined to be equivalent. Elective credit will be assigned if a course cannot be deemed an exact equivalent. • 1T00 - 4T99 • EDUC/L/ELE or EDUC/U/ELE • EDUC 2290 or 4490

  28. Bagwell College of Education Transfer Evaluations • If you have been assigned Elective Credit • Bring a course description from your previous institution to your advisor for a potential substitution for a KSU course • • Original Catalog • •Registrar’s Office • •Web site

  29. Bagwell College of Education Transfer Equivalencies Database KSU Office of the Registrar www.kennesaw.edu/registrar KSU Transfer Course Equivalency Database: Database of courses offered at other colleges and universities that will transfer successfully to KSU

  30. Bagwell College of Education SECOND BACCALAUREATE INFORMATION Teacher education students who have received a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution are exempt from general education requirements with the exception of ENGL 1101 & ENGL 1102, the Georgia Legislative history and Constitution requirements, and prerequisites for courses in the major. Students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree and initial certification from the state of Georgia must fulfill all program and residency requirements.www.kennesaw.edu/education/teac/secondbac.html

  31. Bagwell College of Education TEAC Web site: Frequently Asked Questions www.kennesaw.edu/education/teac

  32. Bagwell College of Education Advisement See your advisor once per semester!

  33. Bagwell College of Education Advisement • Art Education – Dr. Diana Gregory (770) 423-6139 • Biology Education – Dr. Michael Dias – (770) 423-6158 • Chemistry Education – Dr. Greg Rushton – (678) 797-2046 • English Education – Dr. Katherine Mason – (678) 797-2359 • Foreign Language Education – Dr. Kristin Hoyt (770) 423-6449 • Health & Physical Education – Dr. Kandice Johnson (770) 423-6216 • Math Education – Dr. Angela Teachey – (770) 423-6167 • Music Education –Dr. Barbara Hammond (770) 423-6151

  34. Bagwell College of Education Advisement Early Childhood Education Middle Grades Education History Education • Advised in the Impey Teacher Education Advisement Center (TEAC) until admitted into the Teacher Education Program • Call for appointment (770) 423-6105

  35. Bagwell College of Education Graduate Programs in Education Ms. Alisha Bello Graduate Programs in Education (770) 423 – 6043 KH 3026 www.kennesaw.edu/education/grad

  36. Bagwell College of Education New Student Orientations Opportunity to register early! Call the Counseling, Advising and Program Services (CAPS)Center (770) 423 – 6600 www.kennesaw.edu/caps sign up through Owl Express

  37. Bagwell College of Education TEAC Website: Frequently Asked Questions www.kennesaw.edu/education/teac SECOND BACCALAUREATE INFORMATION www.kennesaw.edu/education/teac/secondbac

  38. Bagwell College of Education Forms Available on line: www.kennesaw.edu/education/teac • Applications for admission to teacher education (must be signed by a KSU academic advisor) • Employment criminal history background consent form • Supplemental recommendations form

  39. Bagwell College of EducationInformation Session Please Remember To: • Complete the information form • Complete an evaluation form • Email teac@kennesaw.edu to receive a copy of this powerpoint www.kennesaw.edu/education/teac