e books and kindles and nooks oh my n.
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E-Books and Kindles and Nooks - Oh, My! PowerPoint Presentation
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E-Books and Kindles and Nooks - Oh, My!

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E-Books and Kindles and Nooks - Oh, My! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-Books and Kindles and Nooks - Oh, My!
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  1. E-Books and Kindles and Nooks - Oh, My! A Beginning Look at e-Books, e-Readers & Libraries Pam Goucher, School Library Technology Planning Coordinator

  2. Welcome! • For today’s webinar we are only using audio conferencing through the phone. • On the bottom left is “Status Options” • If you can hear, click the “check” - Agree • If you can’t hear, click the “x” - Disagree • If you need audio help, use the chat box. • Please type all questions into the chat window. • Questions will be answered half through the program and at the end. • Remind us to start RECORDING!

  3. Presenter & Guest • Pam Goucher, School Library Technology Planning Coordinator • pamela.goucher@maine.gov School Library Technology Planning Coordinator • Peggy Becksvoort, Falmouth Middle School, Librarian • pbecksvoort@falmouthschools.org

  4. Introduction Share your name, school, and position in the chat window  Poll – e-Reader/e-Book continuum “Beginnings are always messy.”

  5. Steps to Getting Started Do Some Research Gain support and funding Choose devices and vendors Develop policy Purchase books Deal with the details Good PR Keep usage statistics Assessment

  6. Step 1: Do Some Research Helpful free webinars you can replay Try some hands-on Join the “Library Group” on e-Book Educators Ning Communicate via MELIBS

  7. Step 2: Gain Support and Funding Portability & privacy Stores lots of books Options to search/bookmark/annotate Immediate and current Cost effectiveness Font size – Accessibility! Student response has been great! Go for grants

  8. Step 3: Choose Devices and Vendors Print or Pixels? eBooks & eReaders in the School Library http://prezi.com/vy0mpwvgb-ae/print-or-pixels-ebooks-ereaders-in-the-school-library/ Chamber Four E Reader comparison: http://chamberfour.com/ereader-comparison/ Kim Komando’s E-Book Readers Comparison Chart: http://www.komando.com/ereader/index-2.asp Poll: What devices are you using? Choose all that apply

  9. Step 4: Develop Policy – Sample 1 Student Responsibilities and Permission: I agree to take care of the XXXXX High School Media Center Kindle while it is in my possession. I will not throw, drop, or damage the Kindle in any way. I will not carry it in my book bag. I will not give the Kindle to another student for his/her use. I will use the Kindle in the appropriate manner. I will NOT download any content to the Kindle without written permission from the XXXXX High School Media Center I agree to return the Kindle in good condition at the conclusion of the one week loan period.

  10. Step 4: Policy – Sample 2 I, ____________________________, take full responsibility for the NOOK device I am checking out. The replacement cost of the NOOK, its protective case, its USB cord, and its charging plug will be $200.00 if the item is lost, stolen, or broken while in my care. I will pay the replacement fee of $200.00 if I fail to return the item at all, or in unusable condition (to be determined by the librarian). I agree that the device is in working order at the time I am checking it out. I agree to the XXXX Library’s Rules for Use of the NOOK E-Reader (on back of this form).

  11. Step 5: Purchase books How to purchase? Where? Credit cards? Gift cards? How do you keep users from downloading titles to library e-Reader? Maine Downloadable Library and schools Follett Shelf: http://www.aboutfollettebooks.com/shelf-features.cfm

  12. Questions?

  13. Step 6: Deal with the Details NookBag Borrowing and lending issues Barcodes & MARC records Protective cases Damage and warranties Cords and charge units School library issues

  14. Step 7: Good PR Get some good PR out of your new e- program Take some photos and/or videos of your students with e-readers Don’t forget to get permission to use photos Use stories

  15. Step 8: Keep Usage Statistics Try a readers’ survey that the students fill out when they return the Nook or Kindle. What did you like the best? Met your expectations? Recommend other titles?

  16. Step 9: Assessment Nook version versus hardcover version… Choice now exists Use data from student surveys Are more students checking out books? Use stories What do your teachers say? How much did your e-program cost?

  17. Questions? “I am very excited and a little confused.” Joyce Valenza. eBooks: Libraries @ the tipping point. Library Journal, 2010

  18. Resources E-book Educators Group, Webinar archive http://edukindle.ning.com/page/webinar-information-and Not so distant future: Technology, libraries and schoolshttp://futura.edublogs.org/ Print or Pixels? eBooks & eReaders in the School Libraryhttp://prezi.com/vy0mpwvgb-ae/print-or-pixels-ebooks-ereaders-in-the-school-library/ Google Reader. http://books.google.com/ E-book Educators: http://edukindle.ning.com/

  19. Resources Continued Maine State Library - eReaders/eBooks: http://www.maine.gov/msl/libs/tech/ereaders.htm Guides for Using Devices: Under Hot Topics at MSL: http://www.maine.gov/msl/topics/index.shtml No Shelf Required: E-Books in Libraries, edited by Sue Polanka, ALA, 2010. No Shelf Required: E-Books in Libraries (blog) http://www.libraries.wright.edu/noshelfrequired/ Follett Shelf: http://www.aboutfollettebooks.com/shelf-features.cfm In Pictures: Choosing the Right E-Reader for You.http://www.forbes.com/2010/12/01/kindle-nook-ipad-technology-ereaders_slide.html

  20. Contact Information Pam Goucher, pamela.goucher@Maine.gov Peggy Becksvoort pbecksvoort@falmouthschools.org