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MOCK TEST 9 (2013-14)

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MOCK TEST 9 (2013-14). DETAILED ANALYSIS. INTRODUCTION. Mock Test 9 follows the NLU-D pattern wherein the students are subjected to the same level of difficulty both in terms of question type and level. The mock test comprises of five sections with a total of 150 questions.

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mock test 9 2013 14
MOCK TEST 9(2013-14)


  • Mock Test 9 follows the NLU-D pattern wherein the students are subjected to the same level of difficulty both in terms of question type and level.
  • The mock test comprises of five sections with a total of 150 questions.
  • A student is expected to attempt this test in an actual test like environment wherein he has 90 minutes to complete the test and thus need to schedule his/her time accordingly.
legal aptitude
Legal aptitude

This section had 35 questions on Legal Aptitude comprising of both Legal Reasoning as well as Legal Knowledge. The section consisted of:

Legal Reasoning (25 questions)

Legal Knowledge (10 questions)

Overall, the section was of Moderate difficulty level. The Legal Reasoning section specifically tested the ability of students to understand and interpret the legal principles and application of the same to factual matrix to reach the best answer.

And, in order to answer the questions based on Legal Knowledge, students were expected to have some basic knowledge of various concepts under Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law of Contracts, International Law and further to be acquainted with general legal principles.

An attempt of around 32 would be considered a good attempt for this section.


Legal Reasoning: The Legal Reasoning of Mock 9 was having a Moderate difficulty level. This section was dominated by questions from Criminal Law, Torts and Contracts Law, along with a couple of questions from Constitutional Law.

Legal Knowledge: The Legal Knowledge part of Mock 9 consisted of questions from Torts, Law of Contracts and Criminal Law. Apart from that, there were questions from Constitutional Law and General Principles of Law.


Question 9: This question has got 3 principles and a set of facts. The core concept dealt within this question is negligence. 4 set of statements have been provided from which, the option which consists of all true statements needs to be picked.

In this question, its important to apply the third principle carefully as the facts clearly establish there was negligence on part of Dr. Junaid. Whether the injury resulted due to the negligence of Dr. Junaid needs to be determined. Clearly, the injury would have happened if there was no negligence as there was no relation between negligence of Dr. Junaid and falling of boulders. Hence statements (ii), (iii) & (iv) are correct and option (d) is the right answer.


Question 12 is based on the concept of ‘deficiency’ in service which comes under the purview of contracts. It contains a principle and a lengthy set of facts.

In question 12, since the freight charges has been duly paid by Yash Limited to Kumar Roadways and the destruction of goods happened in the godown of Kumar Roadways, there is a deficiency in the services provided by Kumar Roadways.

The goods could not be transported to the requisite destination as they got destroyed due to inadequacy in the manner of performance by Kumar Roadways. Thus Kumar Roadways shall be liable to provide damages to Yash Limited. Hence, (C) is the correct option.

general knowledge
  • This section of MOCK TEST – 6 has 35 questions in all.
  • This test primarily focused on static GK. Out of total 35 questions, 24 questions were from static GK and 11 questions from current affairs.
  • Static GK was oriented towards geography , general science and technology, economy and history.
  • Overall difficulty level was moderate.
  • Current affairs were mainly based on personality; apart from it questions were also from misc. field.
  • The difficulty level of current affairs was easy to moderate.
  • Further, the final break-up summary can be analyzed with the help of following table:

Analytical Reasoning: This section of the test was of moderate level of difficulty. This section consisted of

  • 8 questions of Analytical Reasoning
  • 4 question of Series
  • 1 question of Direction
  • 2 questions of Coding Decoding
  • 1 question of Puzzle
  • 2 questions of Calendar
  • 2 questions of Analogy
  • Verbal Logic: The difficulty level of this section was moderate to difficult. The section consisted of:
  • 4 questions on Statement – Assumptions
  • 1 question on Analogy
  • 5 questions on Word Formations
  • 5 questions on Critical Reasoning

The various questions are now described in detail:


This section of the test was of Easy to Moderate level of difficulty. This section consisted of

8 questions of Arithmetic

1 question of Algebra

1 question of Number System


This section was of moderate level of difficulty. It consisted of:

1 Reading Comprehension of 6 questions

5 questions on Grammar- Identify the incorrect sentences

4 questions on Vocabulary-Synonyms

4 questions on Vocabulary-Antonyms

13 questions on Fill in the Blanks

3 questions on Para Jumbles (Five Sentence Type)

The various questions are now described in detail:

please note

Do note that there is an error in the answer key/explanation booklet. In Question 128, as can be seen from the booklet, the explanation clearly shows that option (a) is the right answer. However, the answer key says that (b) is the right answer. Kindly correct this (option (a) is indeed the right answer).

Further, the question stem is incomplete. The complete statement should read as:

“… is the tallest ___________ the children in the family.”