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MOCK TEST 9 (2012-13) Detailed Analysis

MOCK TEST 9 (2012-13) Detailed Analysis. INTRODUCTION.

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MOCK TEST 9 (2012-13) Detailed Analysis

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  1. MOCK TEST 9 (2012-13)Detailed Analysis

  2. INTRODUCTION Mock Test 9 follows the pattern of National Law University, Delhi (NLU-D) entrance test wherein the students are subjected to the same level of difficulty both in terms of question type and level. The mock test comprises of five sections with a total of 150 questions. A student is expected to attempt this test in an actual test like environment wherein he has 90 minutes to complete the test and thus need to schedule his/her time accordingly.

  3. LEGAL APTIUTUDE This section had 35 questions on Legal Aptitude comprising of both Legal Reasoning as well as Legal Knowledge. The section consisted of: Legal Reasoning (15 questions) Legal Knowledge (20 questions) Overall, the section was of Moderate difficulty level. The Legal Reasoning section specifically tested the ability of students to understand and interpret the legal principles and application of the same to factual matrix to reach the best answer. And, in order to answer the questions based on Legal Knowledge, students were expected to have some basic knowledge of various concepts under Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Law of Contracts and further to be acquainted with general legal principles.

  4. DETAILS Legal Reasoning: The Legal Reasoning of Mock 9 was very much attainable. This section was dominated by questions from Law of Contracts and Torts including but not limited to cluster questions. Few questions from Criminal Law and Constitutional Law were also spotted in the mock. A stalwart approach towards legal reasoning makes it a very scoring sub-section of the paper. Legal Knowledge: The Legal Knowledge part of mock 9 was dominated by questions from General Legal Principles and Constitutional Law. Pertinent topics from where the questions appeared were Legal affairs at National and International level, concepts under Constitutional Law and Criminal Law.


  6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE The GK section comprises of 35 questions in all and the overall difficulty level of the test is moderate. The test is divided into two sections: Static GK: Unlike the previous mocks here less emphasis has been given on Static GK. 11 questions are from Static GK. The difficulty level of the Static GK is easy to moderate. Current GK: Current GK section comprises 24 questions and while analysing the Current GK, we find that the highest no. of questions is from International events, personalities and awards. The general difficulty level of this section is moderate to difficult.


  8. REASONING This section of the test was of moderate level of difficulty. This section consisted of: 12 questions of Analytical reasoning 4 questions on Directions 2 questions on Calendar 6 questions on Coding-Decoding 4 questions on Logical Consistency and Syllogisms 2 questions on Statement-Argument 5 questions on Critical Reasoning



  11. MATHEMATICS This section of the test was of easy level of difficulty. It consisted of 8 questions of Arithmetic 2 questions of Logic based

  12. ENGLISH This section was of moderate level of difficulty. The section consisted of: 3 questions on Synonyms 3 questions on Antonyms 2 questions on Para jumbles (six sentence type) 6 questions on Fill in the Blanks. 3 questions on Grammar Spot error 1 Cloze Test (10 Blanks) 3 questions on Word Analogy 1 Reading Comprehension (5 questions)



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