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Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Project

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Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Project
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  1. Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Project Funded by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

  2. In-home visiting initiative • Phase I developed “fact sheet” – Why Spacing Pregnancies is a Healthy Choice • First implemented training of in-home visitors in 8 county HAPI region and then expanded statewide for Right from the Start and Partners in Community Outreach in-home visitation programs. • This part of project is currently being evaluated.

  3. Updated Teen Pregnancy Study • Contracted with WV Free to update study and develop recommendations • Study presented to broadly representative statewide audience via web conferencing • Recommendations included • Improvements in Medicaid coverage of contraception • Mandated insurance coverage of contraception of dependents’ pregnancy and contraception • Comprehensive sexuality education.

  4. Medicaid Improvements • Advocated increasing Medicaid coverage of contraception to 24 months postpartum • Participated in committee working on waiver necessary for expansion • Committee work was interrupted by 2012 legislative session.

  5. Insurance Coverage • Current law exempts dependent children from mandated insurance coverage of contraception and pregnancy • Presentations in support of SB 194 were given by Dr. Brenda Dawley and Nancy Tolliver to • Joint Meeting of Senate and House Health and Judiciary committees • House Education Committee • Women’s Caucus Breakfast Meeting

  6. Improvement of Sexuality Education in Public Schools • Currently working on possible update to study of sexuality education that was done in 2010 by Edvantia, Inc. That study looked at the counties with the best perinatal outcomes and what teaching and health resources were used. • Goal of new study will be to look at education practices in all counties and to be able to provide policy makers with better understanding of what makes the difference between counties with good perinatal outcomes and those with bad outcomes.

  7. Community College Initiative • Reducing Unplanned Pregnancy and Strengthening Academic Achievement • Joyce Daniels, Coordinator

  8. Background • Half of all pregnancies are unplanned and almost all pregnancies among older teens are unplanned. • 61% of community college students who have a child after enrolling do not finish their education. • Unplanned pregnancies are correlated to higher incidence of late access to prenatal care, infant mortality, and low birth weight.

  9. 10 Community and Technical Colleges with an additional 14 teaching sites • Over 25,000 students enrolled in 2010 • Serving all counties of West Virginia through assigned delivery districts

  10. Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Project Funded by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy