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Online Games and Online Lottery PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Games and Online Lottery

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Online Games and Online Lottery
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Online Games and Online Lottery

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  1. Online Casino Games & Sports Betting

  2. About Us We provide fast and easy way for our value customers to wage in Sports and Casino Games.

  3. World of Online Gaming Game played with the help of the Internet and other computer networks. A platform to connect the unknowns with similar interest in games. Popular among the younger generation. Can play with anyone anywhere. Competitive along with fun.

  4. Some stats in regards to gaming Industry As per various research companies, the year 2016 showed following numbers: Around 48 % of gamers are female and approx. 50% of gamers falls in the male category. Almost more than 60% of parents supports online games for their kids. Although 90% parents suggest that permission before buying or renting the game is necessary. 49% of games purchasing is dome by females whereas 51% is done by male population.

  5. Merits of Online gaming Can opt for any of the both multiplayer gaming and single player games. Vast variety of games to keep the players entertained Can be played anytime of the day Easy to learn, no need to be a computer geek Easy set-up for most of the games

  6. De-Merits of Online gaming Time-consuming, hence increase in wastage of quality time The increase in kids’ lies, in order to play games. Renting or purchase costs are high Gamers get gaming addiction Few games are aggressive and violent in nature

  7. Various Types of Online Games Board Games: All those board games we used to play in real, can now be played virtually as well. MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games: Games like World of Warcraft, Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies Ever quest, etc. has approx. millions of amazing players connected to it. First person shooters: Games like Counter Strike, Battlefield 2, etc. can be played by creating a LAN as well. These games are famous for their battle setting.

  8. Various Types of Online Games Arcade Games: Those childhood machine games like Pac-man and Q-Bert are also in the online medium. Action and adventure games:Games full of battles, fights, adventurous fantasies, etc. along with amazing animation and a strong storyline. Casino Games: The perfect replica of casino games on an online platform where you play with real money and can win loads of amazing prizes and deals. Card Games: Card games such as flash, poker, etc are also there on the online platform now.

  9. Various Types of Online Games Sports Games: Choose your favorite sport and boom you can play it online among friends or with the computer itself. Shooting Games: Think, choose and aim. That’s is the real shooting game which is getting popular among all the generations. Strategy games: Strategize before you play, a perfect way to make your brain work more than normal.

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