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Online games PowerPoint Presentation
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Online games

Online games

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Online games

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  1. Online games

  2. Contents: • What are online games? • Types of online games -educational games -recreational games • Benefits of online games • How online games can be used in the classroom. • Research of online games. • References

  3. What are online games? Online games can be defined as 'computer games to designate digital applications that can be controlled by individuals or groups' ( Online games can be educational purpose games or recreational games.

  4. Educational games • An educational games, is an online game that is designed specifically for educational purposes. • Teachers can use educational games to support their lessons. • Educational games makes learning more exciting for the students. • Examples of educational games include: sesame street workshop, multiflyer (times table game) and roman numerals match up. Image obtained from: (

  5. Recreational games • Recreational games refer to games that are played for leisure or fun. • Recreational games can be of many forms, such as; sport games, adventure games, action games and many other types. • Recreational games can improve children's motor skills. • Research has shown that educational games can be beneficial to a child’s learning. Image obtained from:

  6. Benefits of online games • By playing online games young people are developing practical competencies and social practices that are equipping them for 21st century work places, communication and social lives. • Computer tasks also develop motor skills. • Games can be used as motivational strategies for the students and also as rewards for good behaviour.

  7. How online games can be used in the classroom • Online games can be used to assist lessons. • Can be used to improve motor skills of the students. • Can be used as part of a workstation for group activities. • Can be used as a math's task • Can be used as a comprehension task.

  8. Research on online games • In a survey of 1000 people performed by the BBC on online games on teachers, half of them believed they were a good motivational tool (BBConline). • A large majority of teachers believe there are educational benefits: 91% thought they developed motor and cognitive skills, and 60% believed they would develop thinking skills and acquire specific knowledge.

  9. References • • • •

  10. Summary • Online games can be either educational or recreational. • Educational games can be used to assist class tasks. • Online games can improve children's motor skills. • Online games are a fun way of learning. • Online games can suit a variety of lessons. • Research has shown many teachers view online games as beneficial to learning.